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Full text of "A catalogue of the library formed by Edward Arnold"

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0PART from the necessity, for many reasons, of having a catalogue 
of my father's library, just as my sister and I had a catalogue of his 
French furniture (so ably compiled by Mr. Frank Rutter), it has also 
been made as a souvenir of the happy hours we spent together looking at 
the books he loved so much. "Tell me," says a Spanish proverb, "what 
books a man reads, and I will tell you what he is"; and a perusal of the 
catalogue shows and reflects, more truly, his exquisite and refined taste and 
foresight, than anything I can write. My father always preferred quality to 
quantity, and therefore it is not what the world would call a large library. 

A good portion of the books were bought in the 'sixties : Bohn, Quaritch, 
Ellis, Rimell, Toovey and Sotheran, are the names most frequently found 
on them at that time, and the prices given, often only a few shillings (as for 
example, the Prayer Book signed by Pepys' niece, that was sold at Christie's 
in June, 1920, for twenty-one guineas, cost twelve shillings), seem strahge in 
these days. One knows nothing about the 'sixties, but in the 'seventies, as a 
lad, one remembers well how often I used to go with him to Mr. Quaritch's 
old shop in Piccadilly. In some cases, from his wonderful eye for beauty, 
as the catalogue shows, my father often bought a bobk of the fifteenth or 
sixteenth century for its beautiful binding alone, such as those with the arms 
and the crown of a French king, blended into the design, or those of some 
duke or a famous cardinal. Though in some cases these are not merely 
Breviaries, etc., but the record of some great fete, or a State entry of one of 
the kings into a town. To the lovers of Froissart or Philippe de Comines, 
this gives a romance to them, and recalls all the pomp and circumstance of 
those mediaeval days, and one thinks of how Sir Walter or a Dumas would 
have prized them, and perhaps have weaved them into their romances. In a 
sense they are what we should call programmes in these days. 

It was more in the 'eighties that my father first began to collect the 
French books containing the lovely engravings of seventeenth and eighteenth 
centuries, and, without doubt, there were few private collectors in this 
country who had finer examples of Moreau le Jeune, Berquin, Dorat, Oudry, 
etc., whether in their original bindings, or in the more modern masterpieces 



of Trautz-Bauzonnet, Duru, etc., among famous French binders, or our 
English Bedford, Riviere, etc. Some of these were bought in England — in 
fact, there are some bought of Mr. Quaritch from the first Hamilton Palace 
sale — but the bulk, I remember well, he got from Morgand, Fontaine and 
Madame Belin in Paris. 

Of all in the library, I am told, the rarest, are the old Venetian lace 
books. Altogether, as the catalogue shows, there are eighteen of these old 
lace books. It is difficult to estimate their rarity as there are some that are 
not to be found in the Catalogue of the British Museum, Bibliotheque 
Nationale, nor in Berlin. But, as a true bibliophile, there were few of his 
books my father loved and found more interesting than the wonderful 
collection of old French Almanacks, with the very beautiful engravings of 
Moreau, Gravelot, etc., published by Jubert. They range from 1757 
up to the French Revolution; in fact even later. Some years are not 
quite complete. In many instances he has several copies of a single 
year, while some years may be missing. These he would always 
exchange if he could, as the French booksellers might just be wanting 
a copy for a client to make up a year. Thus there was always a certain 
interesting excitement in calling on them in Paris, as they might have what 
my father wanted, or he might have what they wanted. As far as I know, 
none of these little iconologues was ever bought in England ; as the designs 
are far too graceful and beautiful to appeal to the English taste. 

Remembering as he did, when David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby 
and others came out in their original green covers, and the eagerness with 
which he read them, I often wonder that my father had not more first 
editions of Dickens, and so, strangely enough, as far as Dickens is concerned, 
a little book given to me one Christmas by the late Mr. George Gurney, of 
Eastbourne, and bought by him at the Gad's Hill sale, is the rarest of all ; 
for this is the very book Dickens carried about with him when he gave his 
readings of Bardell v. Pickwick, etc. It is very interesting to note his altera- 
tions, so that in many cases the wording is totally different from what Dickens 
ever wrote in any edition. To ninety-nine out of a hundred ordinary people, 
this little book, I have found, will excite more real interest than the most 
lovely edition of La Fontaine's Fables, Chansons de Laborde, or " Les 
Baisers " of Dorat, etc. 

To his family, at any rate, the collection of Chap-books is very 
interesting, for my father, so far as I know, never bought any. He inherited 
them in the same way as some of the French furniture, Sevres an<^ Dresden 


china. He always set great store on these little books, as in many cases they 
have the names of his brothers and his sister, who all pre-deceased him, in 

It was only natural, with his fine taste, that my father should very soon 
have seen the Beauties of Meryon, and when he bought them in the 
'seventies, he seems to have bought even first states for a very few pounds ; 
in fact he never gave more than ;^i2 12s. for the very finest first state. 
The bulk of these, quite forty, he bought of the late Mr. Marsalle Holloway, 
but as regards the examples of Watteau, Boucher, Lancret, they were mostly 
from Madame Noseda, who was in the Strand in those far-off days. While 
what few English prints he had, came from Harvey, in St. James's Street. 

The credit in the first place of forming such a beautiful library from his 
innate taste and judgment is due to my father, but his kind heart and genial 
courtesy always made him a welcome client ; and to the famous booksellers, 
both in London and Paris, thanks are due for the way they told him of 
books that they had, or might be able to get, and for the way they kept 
them for him. 

It is to be feared that the old-fashioned type of book-lover, to which 
my father belonged, viz : those who bought a book from its own intrinsic 
beauty, is fast passing away. Deathj' robberies, and the unfair incidence of 
the taxation of only a small portion, and that the best and most indus- 
trious portion of the community, prevents them from buying old books ; and 
the parvenues and the war profiteers, who can hardly read and write their 
own language, are hardly likely to care about them, apart from buying them 
as investments. This, to a certain extent, is what they are doing, not that 
they know or care anything about them, but they argue that the number of 
valuable books must grow less in course of time, and moreover, that unlike 
old masters, etc., old missals cannot be forged, and the same applies 
to first editions, etc. 

The Grove, Dorking, ANDREW W. ARNOLD. 


N.B.-I should have said that the little •' Bardell v 
Pickwick" stands in quite a different category from 
any of the other books. It was not in my father's 
Library. It was not inherited. Had I not written, and 
by the advice of my kind friend and master, the late 
Archibald Forbes, published "The Attack on the 
Farm," I should never have got it. Mr. Gurney gave 
it to me because he was so pleased with what I had 
written ; for from his kind heart he was always willing 
to help young artists and writers, &c. Therefore, as it 
was a personal gift, it will not be sold. 

.i V* %# 

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1. A. (H.) Partheneia Sacra, or Mysterious & Delicious Garden of the Sacred 

Parthenes, symbolically enriched with pious Devices and Emblems by 
H. A., curious cuts of emblems, etc., 8vo, morocco extra, gilt edges 

(Paris) Printed by John Cousturier, 1633 

2. ABRAHAM A ST. CLARA (Father) [Werken] Narrinnen - Spiegel, 

2 vols. ; De Gekhuydt der Vereldt, 2 vols. ; Jets voor Allen, in 't Neder- 
duyts door J. de Long; numerous copper cuts of trades, emblems, 
morals, etc., in all 8 vols., 12mo, modern vellum gilt 

Amsterdam, 1718-34-36 

3. ADELPHUS (Joannes) Sequetiarum luculeta Interpretatio, woodcut title, 

136 11., 1513 ; Hymni de tempore et de Sanctis, woodcut title, 80 U., 
Argent. 1513 ; Computus Nonnus Ecclesiasticus Elaboratus ac utihbus, 
additionib. Principia Astronomic no vulgaria edoces (cum Tabulae 
atquae Figura indicat anni littera lune et solis circulum), bordered title, 
12 II. 1515 ; 3 books in 1 vol. original stamped vellum, clasps intact 
[At end of 2nd book] Imp. per Joannem Knoblauch, Argentinorum, 1513 

4. .<EGINETA (Paulus) Pauli eginetae praecepta salubria Guilielmo Capo 

Basiliensi interprete, woodcut title and initial letters, sm. 4to, contem- 
porary limp parchment Paris. N. Stephani, 1510 

5. ./ESOP. Esope en Belle Humeur, ou Dernier Traduction et Augmentation 

de ses Fables en Prose et en Vers, numerous copper vignettes, 2 vols., 
12mo, orange morocco extra, edges gilt, by David Brussels, 1700 

6. AIKIN (J.) Essays on Song Writing, with Supplement by R. H. Evans, 

post 8vo, russia gilt 1810 

7. AINSWORTH'S LATIN DICTIONARY (abridged), by T. Morell and 

J. Carey, stout roy. 8vo, calf neat 1828 

8. ALAMANNI (LuiGi) Giorone il Cortese, woodcuts and initials, sm. 4to, 

old French red morocco extra (Derome) Venetia, 1549 


( 2 ) 

9. ALBORGHETTI (F. M.) H Creso Dramma per Musica da Rappresentarsi 
in Roma nel Nobil. Teatro di Torre Argentina, 1757, sm. 8vo, inserted 
in earlier Venetian morocco, richly tooled in gold and colours (red, 
yellow, green and white) (Grolieresque), end leaves of white flowers 
and grapes on rich gold ground, arms of a former owner in gold and 
colours Roma, 0. Puccinelli, 1757 

10. ALBUM AMICORUM, habitibus mulierum, omniv nationfl Europae, turn 

tabulis ac Scutis vacvis in aes incisis adornatum, plates of costumes, 
ornament, etc., oblong 12mo, calf Lovanni, 1608 

11. ALCIATI (Andrew) Emblemata Libellus, fine woodcuts with Latin text, 

post 8vo, green morocco gilt extra, beautiful designed sides of lace 
pattern borders and centre ornament with oval red inlay, by Riviere 

Parisns, ex officina C. Wecheli, 1536 

12. Emblematum Libri Duo, woodcuts, 18mo, red morocco gilt 

Lugduni, 1549 

13. Diverse Imprese Accomodate a diverse moralitd, con versi, nella 

lingua Italiana tradotte, bordered pages throughout with many wood- 
cuts, 8vo, mottled calf extra, by Bedford Lione, 1557 

14. ALKEN (Hy.) Illustrations to Popular Songs, 42 coloured plates, oblong 

folio, original hf. morocco McLean, 1823 

15. ALMANACK. L'Abrege du grand tout ou I'heureuse reunion. Almanach 

orni de jolies gravures, plates, 32mo, red morocco extra, elaborate gilt 
sides Paris, Jubert, 1790 

16. Les Agremens du Spectacle, ou Recueil d'ariettes les plus nouvelles, 

plates, 32mo, red morocco extra Paris, Janet (1800) 

17. Almanach de la Cour, de la Ville, et des Departements pour I'annee 

1813, ornes de Jolies Gravures, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra 

Paris, Janet, 1813 

18. Almanach des Folies de I'Amour ou le tribut de I'amitie au beau 

scxe, plates, 24mo, cream morocco gilt, with centre ornament in red 
(worn) Paris, Jubert, 1786 

19. ' ' Another copy, olive morocco gilt extra, chain borders on sides n. d. 

20. Almanach des Gourmands, servant de Guide dans les Moyens de 

Faire Excellente Chere, par un Vieil Amateur, frontispieces, 8 vols., 
16mo, calf gilt Paris, 1804-10 

21. Almanach des Heroides, contes, fables, theatres, etc., plates, 24mo, 

red morocco extra, cream borders and back, with metal holder, the 
sides having charming coloured painted miniatures let in, glazed, with 
gilt borders Amsterdam, M agents, 1772 

22. Almanach des Heroides, Contes, Fables, Theatres, Poesies, etc., 

avec des tres-belles Figures pour 1781, folding plates, 24mo, red 
morocco gilt Amsterdam (1781) 

( 3 ) 

23. ALMANACK. Almanach des Spectacles, par K. et Z., coloured plates of 

full-length Dramatic Costumes, 24mo, pink paper boards with gilt 
borders, gilt edges Paris, Janet, 1818 

24. Almanach des Spectacles, par K. Y. Z. (2^ Annee), plates, 24mo, 

modern calf extra Paris, Janet, 1819 

25. Almanach Iconologique, pour 1' annee 1765 et les annees suivantes 

jusqu'a 1779, plates by H. Gravelot and Cochin, ISmo Paris, chez Lattri 

1765, mottled calf gilt, with arms on sides 

1766, mottled calf gilt, with arms on sides 
Another, in red morocco extra 

1767, mottled calf gilt, with arms on sides 
Another, in red morocco extra 

1768, red morocco extra, with monogram G.D. couronnee 
Two others, in red morocco extra 

Another, in red morocco, key pattern border, with title cut 

1769, mottled calf gilt, with arms on sides 
Another, in red morocco extra 

1770, mottled calf gilt, with arms on sides 

1771, mottled calf gilt, with arms on sides 
Two others, red morocco extra 

1772, mottled calf gilt, with arms on sides 
Three others, red morocco extra 

1773, mottled calf extra, arms on sides 
Another, red morocco extra 
Another, green morocco extra 

1774, red morocco extra 
Another, red morocco extra 

1775, mottled calf gilt, arms on sides 
Two others, red morocco extra 

1776, red morocco extra 
Another, red morocco extra 

1777, mottled calf gilt, arms on sides 
Another, red morocco extra 

1778, mottled calf gilt, arms on sides 

1779, mottled calf gilt, arms on sides 

*^^.* These described in mottled calf are of uniform pattern and bear the 
arms of the same former owner. 

26. Almanach Pacifique ou I'Ecole de la Vertu, tires des plus Beaux 

Endroits de I'Ecriture Sainte, coloured plates, cream morocco gilt 
extra, red inlay on sides Paris, Janet, 1793 

27. Almanach pour cette Annee 1783, suppute par M. Laensbergh, 

Math., quaint woodcuts at end with Zodiac signs, etc., sq. 24mo, red 
morocco extra, arms on sides Liege (1783) 

B 2 

( i ) 

28. ALMANACH. Almanach pour I'annee 1799, charming plates, green 
morocco extra Amsterdam, 1799 

29 Almanach Utile et agreable de la coterie de I'Ecole royale militaire 

pour I'annee 1759 oil Ton voit son origine, son progres, son etablisse- 
ment en France, plates, 18mo, red morocco gilt extra, edges gilt 
(modern) Amsterdam, Prault, etc., 1759 

30. L' Amour en bonnes fortunes. Etrennes chantantes avec figures 

et Tablettes economiques, Perte et Gain, a I'usage de I'un et I'autre 
sexe, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra Paris, Desnos, 1784 

31. L' Amour Hermite ou le Jou-Jou de I'amour, plates, 24mo, red 

morocco extra Paris, chez I'auteur, n. d. (1784) 

32. Anacreon en belle humeur, ou le plus Joli Chansonnier fran^ois, 

plates, 24mo, red morocco extra Paris, Desnos, 1789 

33. Anacreon en belle humeur, ou les Matinees de Paphos, chansonnier 

Francois ; Elite des chansons, romances, vaudevilles, etc., par Voltaire, 
J. B. Rousseau, Fenelon, Regnard, Colle, etc., plates, 24mo, red morocco 
extra, book-stamp inside cover, with monogram "E.H." 

Paris, Desnos, 178S 

34. Les Avantages de la Constance, Varietes Lyriques, plates, 24mo, 

red morocco extra Paris, Janet, 1806 

35. Les Aventures de Don Quichotte, ornes de jolies gravures, plates, 

24mo, red morocco extra Paris, Marcilly (1800) 

36. Les Aventures Parisiennes, Almanach nouveau, galant, historique, 

moral et chantant, sur les plus jolis airs, melange de nouvelles chansons, 
d'anecdotes plaisantes, de contes, d'epigrammes, de bon mots, etc., 
plates, 24mo, red morocco extra Paris, Jubert, 1784 

37. Bon Mots et Anecdotes a Henri IV, portrait and plates, 24mo, red 

morocco extra Paris, Desnos, n. d. (179-) 

38. Les Bords rians de la Seine ou les Environs de Paris, plates, 32mo, 

cream silk, green tinsel border stitched over gold wire, similar bordered 
oval in centre of each cover enclosing coloured painted figures (Pas- 
toral scenes), with the original red morocco slip-in case, extra gilt and 
lined blu« silk Paris, Jubert, 1788 

39. Les Bygarrures de Cythere ou les Caprices de I'amour, Etrennes 

galantes sur les airs connus et choisie, plates, 24mo, cream silk, design 
on sides in silver and coloured thread Paris, Jubert, 1787 

40. Le Charmant Petit Confidant, Etrennes aux Coeurs honnetes et 

sensibles (2nd title — Calendrier pour I'an XII de la Republique Fran- 
?aise), plates, 48mo, modern russia Paris, Janet (1803) 

41. Les CoHfichets lyrico-galants, ou la Folic amoureuse d'un peintre, 

almanach orne de jolis gravures, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra 

Paris, Jubert (1790) 

( 5 ) 

42. ALMANACH. Collection Complette des Romances d'Estelle par M. 

Florian, mises en Musique par les plus Celebres Compositeurs modernes, 
coloured plates, 18mo, red morocco extra Paris, Desnos, n. rf. (179-) 

43. LalCorbeille de Glycere, bouquetiere a la porte du Temple de 

Venus a Athenes. Chansons choisies sur les airs les plus agreables, 
plates, 24mo, red morocco extra Paris, Desnos, 1784 

44. Les Dangers de I' Amour, ses peines, ses tourmens, etrennes aux 

amans malheureux et rebutes avec Tablettes Economiques, Perte et 
Gain, engraved throughout, plates, 24mo, modern red calf extra 

Paris, Desnos, n. d. 

45. Les Delices de Ceres, de Pomone et de Flore, ou la Campagne 

utile et agreable, avec un precis des travaux de I'agriculteur, du jar- 
diniere et du fleuriste, contenant les temps des semailles, etc., plates, 
folding Plan de Paris at end, 24mo, red morocco extra 

Paris, Desnos, n. d. (179-) 

46. Les Delices de la Mode et du bon Gout, plates, green morocco 

extra Paris, Janet, 1806 

47. Les Delices de Paris, coloured plates, 24mo, green morocco extra, 

full gilt sides Paris, Janet, 1796 

48 . Les Delices des Spectacles ou Choix d'ariettes Nouvelles, plates, 

18mo, red morocco extra Paris, Janet, 1790 

49. Diversites Galantes ou Journal de I'Amour. Petit Chansonnier 

Francois, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra Paris, Desnos, n. d. 

Sp. Les Dons de I'Amour et de I'Amitie, Almanach Nouvelle sur les 

plus jolis Airs, plates, red morocco extra, full gilt designed sides 

Paris, Janet, 1799 

-51. Les Doux Loisirs de la Ville et de la Campagne, plates, 24mo, 

green morocco extra Paris, Janet, 1807 

51.* Another copy, red morocco extra h. d. 

.52. L' Esprit des Amans ou les Amours de siecle. Almanach orne des 

jolies gravures, plates, 32mo, green morocco extra, elaborately gilt 
sides Paris, Janet, 1793 

53. Etat Actuel de la Musique du Roi et des trois Spectacles de Paris, 

plates, l8mo, red morocco extra Paris, Vente, 1771 

53* The same for 1772, 1773, 1774 (uniform) 

54. Etrennes aux Dames. Almanach utile et agreable, enrichie de 

douze Gravures, accompagneesde jolis couplets relatifsaux sujets, etc., 
pour 1778, pretty plates, 24mo, original silk binding covered with gold 
thread, with panels of flowers on either cover, worked in silk threads 
of various colours Amsterdam, 1778 

( 6 ) 

55. ALMANACK. Etrennes de I'Amour, des ris, des jeux et des plaisirs. 

Almaaach chantant orne de gravures faites par un celebre artiste^ 
plates, 18mo, red morocco gilt Paris, Boulanger, 1786 

56. Etrennes du Sentiment dediees aux aines bienfaisantes, plates by 

Queverdo, 24mo, cream silk with needlework design on sides 

Paris, Boulanger, 1784 

57. Etrennes Galantes, ou tableau de I'hymen et de I'amour chanson- 

nier fran9ais. Elite des meilleures chansons, romances, vaudevilles, 
etc., des auteursles plus estimes de ce genre, plates, 16mo, red morocco 
extra Paris, Desnos (1791) 

58. Etrennes Galantes des Promenades et Amusemens de Paris et de 

ses Environs, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra, elaborate gilt sides, the 
front cover with two hearts and a wreath, the back with the words 
" Toujours Constant " Paris, Boulanger, 1782 

58.* Another copy, marbled paper boards 1782 

59. Etrennes mignonnes, pour I'annee 1772, frontispiece, 32mo, red 

morocco extra, full gilt sides Paris, 1772 

60. Etrennes mignonnes, pour I'annee 1776, frontispiece, maps of 

France and Paris at end, 32mo, red morocco extra Paris, m^ 

61. Le Fond du Sac ou Ce qui reste des Productions d'un Bel Esprit, 

Bons Mots, Chansons ; et tout ce qu'on voudra, plates, 24mo, red 
morocco extra Paris, Desnos (1786) 

62. Le Gage d'Amitie, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra 

Paris, Marcilly, 1813 

63. Galatee, pastorale. A vous que j'aime, plates, 32mo, red morocco 

extra, with the pencil Paris, Boulanger, 1790 

64. La Galerie Lyrique des Spectacles, plates, 24mo, red morocco- 
extra Paris, Janet, 1808 

65. Genealogischer Calender auf das Jahr 1783, portrait of Rousseau,. 

map and plates, 24m o, original blue parchment gilt Berlin, 1783 

56. La Minerve des Dames, charming coloured emblems, pink boards^ 

gilt, grape-vine border, gilt edges, back missing Paris, Le Fuel, 1822 

67. Le Microscope des visionnaires ou le hochet des incredules. Al- 

manach orne de jolies gravures, engraved throughout, plates, 18mo„ 
red morocco extra Paris, Jubert, 1789 

67.* Another copy, green morocco extra 1795 

68. Miroir des Modes Parisiennes, coloured plates of full-length cos- 
tumes, 24mo, pink figured boards Paris, Janet, 1824 

69. Les Noeuds de 1' Hymen serres par la tendresse, ou les epreuves 

du sentiment, plates, 32mo, red morocco extra, gilt borders 

Paris, Janet, 180& 

( 7 ) 

70. ALMANACK. Panorame de Momus, coloured plates, 24mo, red morocco 

extra Paris, Janet, 1808 

71. Petit Almanach Hollandois, pour 1748, charming plates, 36mo, 

red morocco extra, gilt borders on sides Amsterdam, 1748 

72. Petit Chansonnier, Calcas moderne, diseur de bons mots, prophete 

veridique, oracle divertissant en societe, plates, 24mo, red morocco 
extra, book stamp inside cover with monogram " E. H." (wants 3 plates) 

Paris, Desnos (1787) 

73. Le Petit Gesner, ou le Chantre des Pasteurs et des Campagnes. 

Etrennes aux Ames sensibles et honnetes, plates, 24mo, red morocco 
extra, full gilt designed sides Paris, Janet, 1803 

74. Le Petit CEdipe ou le Jeu des Enigmas, almanach de Societe, 

chantant, recreatif et divertissant, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra 

Paris, Desnos, 1789 
*^t* Contains " eclipses de la 2^ annee de I'ere fran^ais, et Instructions sur 
le Nouveau Calendrier." 

75. Petit Manuel mythologique, ou Almanach moral et poetique de la 

fable, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra Paris, Desnos (1785) 

76. Le Petit Theatre de I'Univers, etrennes Naturelles, Precieuses, 

Instructives, et Amusantes, avec figures pour I'annee 1787, woodcuts, 
24mo, red morocco extra, romantic design on sides Paris, Langlois (1787) 

77. Phedre et Hypolite, plates, 18mo, red boards gilt 

Paris, Marcilty, 1812 

78. Les Plaisirs de la Villc et de la Campagne, nouvel almanach dedie 

aux deux sexes, plates by Queverdo, 32mo, red morocco extra 

Paris, Boulanger, 1777 

79. Les Plus courtes Folies sont les meilleures ou le Passe-temps des 

Dames, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra Paris, Desnos, 1783 

80. Les Plus courtes Folies sont les meilleures ou le Passe-temps des 

Dames, plates, 24mo, red morocco (soiled) Paris, Desnos, n. d. (178-) 

81. [" Prix de I'amour "], plates, 24mo, red morocco extra (wants title- 
page, descriptive MS. slip inserted) Paris, Desnos (1790) 

82. La Pythonisse de Lutece ou les secrets decouverts. Almanach orne 

de figures, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra Paris, fubert, 1789 

83. Le Quart d'heure des jolies Fran^aises, etrennes aux dames, melees 

de couplets sur les airs les plus agreables, avec tablettes perte et gain, 
plates, 12mo, red morocco extra Paris, Desnos (1784) 

84. Le8 Quatre Saisons et les Quatre Heures du jour, almanach pour 

la presente annee, ou petit recueil d'estampes, plates, 24mo, old calf 
(repaired) Paris, Desnos, 1773 

( 8 ) 

85. ALMANACH. Les Soirees de Celie ou recueil de chansons en vaudevilles 

et ariettes erne de jolies gravures, plates, 24mo, green morocco extra, 
with the pencil Paris, Janet, n. d. 

86. Souvenir a I'anglaise et recueil de coiffures, dedie aux dames de 

bon gout, avec tablettes perte et gain, plates, 24mo, red morocco extra 

Paris, Desnos, 1788 

87. Les Tableaux de I'Experience au Gymnase des Adolescens. 

Almanach orne de Jolies Gravures, plates, 48mo, green morocco extra 

Paris, Janet, 1793 

88. Le Triomphe des Muses, ou les Objets du Suffrage Universe!. 

Almanach Lyrique-Galant, plates, 24mo, modern green calf extra 

Paris, chez L'Auteur, 1785 

€9. Les Varietes Amusantes. Almanach Chantant, plates, 24mo, red 

morocco extra Paris, Janet, 1813 

90. Les Varietes Amusantes, etrennes aux Gens de bon Gout, folding 

Calendar 1783, and 4 coloured plates of pretty scenes with costume 
figures, with folding transformation pieces to each, sq. 12mo, unbound, 
in original picture cover Paris (1783) 

91. ALPHABET. A complete Alphabet of very ornate design and flourish, 

each letter decorated with figures in various occupations illustrating 
the letter, anonymous, probably English late 17th century, 4to, modern 
vellum gilt 

92. AMBIGU COMIQUE. Le Serail a I'Eneau, Petite Piece Turque en I Acte, 

Representee au Theatre de I'Ambigu Comique, charming designed title 
and 4 plates, each having a double folding " transformation " piece, the 
scenes exhibiting the most charming costume figures of French 18th 
century, thin sq. 12mo, original green paper cover, with the original 
paste-board slip, in thumb case, with gilt bordered sides and lettered 

circa 1760 

93. AMMAN (Jost) Charta Lusoria, Tetrastichis lUustrata per J. H. Scroterum 

de Gustrow, 47 (should be 55 ?) cuts, quaintly coloured by a contem- 
porary hand, 12mo, modern paper boards Nuremberg, 1588 

94. Im Frauwenzimmer Wirt vermeldt von AUerlen Schonen Klei- 

dungen und Trachten der Weiber (Theatrum Mulierum), woodcuts, 
sm. 4to, full red morocco gilt, by Niedree, 1842 Frankfurt, 1586 

95. Insignia Sacrae Caesareae Maiestatis, Principum Elector um, addito 

cuiq ; peculiari Symbolo et Carmine octasticho, fine woodcuts of por- 
traits, emblems, and very decorative arms, sm. 4to, brown stamped 
morocco extra, by HoUoway Francofurti, S. Feyerabend, 1579 

96. Kunstliche Wolgeri Dene New Figuren von AUerdat Jagt und 

Weiderwerck, allern Liebhabern der Maler Kunst auch Goltschmieden 
Bildthawern, woodcuts, 4to, calf gilt, by Bedford Frankfurt, 1592 

( 9 ) 

97. ANACREON (Odes of), translated into English Verse, with Notes, by 

T. Moore, portrait, 2 vols, in 1, post 8vo, full calf, marbled edges 1820 

98. ANDERSEN (Hans C.) Danish Fairy Legends and Tales, 12mo, green 

morocco extra Pickering, 1846 

99. Danish Fairy Legends and Tales, translated by Caroline Peachey, 

120 illustrations, cr. 8vo, hf. marone morocco gilt Bohn, 1861 

100. Tales and Fairy Stories, translated by Madame de Chatelain, 

illustrations, cr. 8vo, hf. morocco gilt Dai>y, 1860 

101. ANDERSON (William) Pictorial Arts of Japan, and some remarks on 

Pictorial Art of the Chinese and Koreans, coloured and other plates, 
stout roy. folio, original hf, morocco extra 1886 

102. ANDREINI (Gio. B.) L' Adamo, Sacra Rapresentatione, portrait and 40 

copper-plate vignettes (dedicated to Marie de Medici), 4to, old French 
red morocco extra (Derome), edges gilt Milano, Bodoni, 1613 

%* Beckford copy, ex " Bibl. de la Valliere." 

103. ANEAU (Barth.) Picta Poesis, ut Pictura Poesis erit, woodcuts, 12mo, 

calf gilt, by Bauzonnet Lugduni, 1552 

104. ANNE DE BRETAGNE (Reine) Vie de, suivie des lettres inedites et de 

documens originaux par Le Roux de Lincy, photographs, etc., 4 vols., 
post 8vo, red morocco extra, by HoUoway Paris, 1860 

105. ANTHONY A BURGUNDY. Lingua Vitia et Remedia Emblematice 

expressa per Illustrium ac Rever. D. Anthonium a Burgundia, copper- 
plates of emblems, oblong 16mo, old calf, red edges Antwerp, 1631 

106. ANTITHESIS Christi et Antichristi videlicet Papze (studio Sim. Rosario), 

neat woodcuts, 16mo, red morocco extra, by Duru Geneva;, 1578 

107. APULEIUS. L' Amour de Cupido et de Psiche, Mere de Volupte, prise 

des cinq et sixieme livres de la Metamorphose de Lucius Apuleius, 
woodcuts, 12mo, red morocco gilt Paris, 1546 

108. Cupid and Psyche. L'amour de Cupido et de Psiche mere de 

Volupte, prise des cinq et sixieme livres de la Metamorphose de lucius 
Apuleius, nouvellement Exposee en vers Francois, engraved title and 
32 plates from Raphael's designs (with text engraved beneath), by 
Leonar, Gaiter, 12mo, green morocco gilt extra, by Pratt 16^ 

109. AQUINO (DoMENico d') Givoco d'armi de I Sovrani, e Stati d'europa, 

Poema, plates of armorials designed as playing cards, 4 parts in 1 vol., 
16mo, red morocco Napoli, 1678 

110. ARISTOPHANES' COMEDIES, new and literal translation, by W. J. 

Hickie, portrait, 2 vols., post 8vo, hf. morocco extra, edges gilt 

Bohn, 1859 

( 10 ) 

111. ARNOLD (Andrew W.) The Attack on the Farm, and other Stories, illus- 

trations by Stanley L. Wood and R. E. Arnold, cr. 8vo, cloth gilt 1899 

112. Another copy, morocco extra 1899 

113. Lucille, contributed to Blackwood's Magazine, imp. 8vo, morocco 

extra 1896 

114. Various contributions to Chambers' Magazine, 1900-1917, in 15 

vols., imp. 8vo, hf. morocco (1 in cloth) 1900-1917 

115. ASCHAM (Roger) The Scholemaster, edited by J. E. B. Mayor, 12mo, 

calf antique 1863 

116. ASTOLFI (Don Felice) Le Cosi Piu Memorabili de S. Giosefo, sposo 

delle Beat. Virgine Maria, Madri di Dio, copper cuts, 18mo, modern 
vellum Venetia, 1640 

117. AULNOY (M. C. Comtesse d') Fairy Tales, translated by J. R. Planche, 

illustrations by J. Gilbert, cr. 8vo, hf. marone morocco gilt 1855 

118. Ingenious and Diverting Letters of a Lady's Travels into Spain, 

frontispieces, 2 vols., post 8vo, calf gilt 1722 

119. AURATI (J.) Magnificentissimi Spectaculi, a Regina Regem Matri in 

hortis suburbanis editi, in Henrici Regis Polonia, invictissima nuper 
renunciati gratulationem descriptio, woodcuts, sm. 4to, old red morocco 

Paris, 1573 
%* British Museum dupHcate, ex White Knights, ex Bibliotheca Heberiana, 
ex Beckford, with MS. note in latter's hand, " No other copy can be 
traced except the one in the British Museum." 

120. AUSONIUS. D. Magni Ausonii Burdigalensis Opera, 32mo., old red 

morocco gilt, panelled line sides, with monogramme couronnee com- 
posed of 2 A's and 2 M's Amsterdam, G. Jansso, 1621 
%* Companion volume to Juvenal, q. v. 

121. BACCHUS. [Les Louanges de Bacchus, decores de 22 Joliez Figureie {sic} 

en Taille douce] (MS. title, on 18th century vignette, inserted) 22 copper 
plates of Bacchanalian scenes, oblong 18mo, old calf 16 — 

122. BACKMEISTERO (Luco) Formae Precationum Piarum, ex Scriptis Ph. 

Malanthonis, woodcuts, 16mo, blue morocco extra^ by Duru, 1847 

Witebergce, 1560 

123. BALBINO (P. B.) Vita B. Joannis Nepomuceni Martyris, portrait and 32 

plates by J. A. Pfeffel, 4to, old vellurai Augustae Vindelicorum, 1725 
Another copy, old calf 

124. BALDINUS (C.) Pinax Iconicus, seu veterum sepeliendi ritus, delicate 

plates by P. Woeriot, oblong 12mo, morocco extra 

Lugduni, C. Baldinum, 1556 

125. BAL MASQUE (The), by Count Chicard, woodcuts by Cham and 

Henning, 12mo, coloured wrapper Bogue, 1848 

125.* Another copy 

( n ) 

126. BALZAC (Honore de) Contes Drolatiques, CoUigez ez Abbays de Tour- 

raine, 125 illustrations by G. Dore, cr. 8vo, hf. morocco gilt Paris, n. d. 

127. BAPST (Germain) Les Germain, Orfevres-Sculpteurs du Roy, portrait 

and illustrations, roy. 8vo, hf. morocco extra Paris, 1887 

128. BARING-GOULD (S.) A Book of Brittany, 69 illustrations, cr. 8vo, cloth 


129. BARRON (L.) La Loire, 134 illustrations, by A. Chapon, large 8vo, hf. 

morocco gilt Paris (1888) 

130. BARRY (Sir Ed.) Observations on the Wines of the Ancients, 4to, calf 

gilt 1775 

131. BARTSCH (Adam) Le Peinteur-Graveur, 21 vols, and atlas (unbound), old 

calf, contents lettered Vienna, 1803 

132. BASILE (G. B.) The Pentamerone, translated by J. E. Taylor, illustrated 

by G. Cruikshank, small 4to, hf. green morocco London, 1848 

133. BATTY (Lt.-Col. R.) Select Views of some of the Principal Cities of 

Europe, numerous plates, special copy on large paper with plates in 
three states, outline, unfinished etchings and proofs on india paper, 
folio, full morocco gilt extra, bordered sides by Mackenzie 1832 

134. BEHAM (Hans Sebald) Collection of Engravings, comprising Labours 

of Hercules, 14 plates (2 duplicates). The small Goddesses, 8 plates, and 
The Dancers, 10 plates, fine early impressions, in all 32 small engravings 
hinged and bound into roy. 8vo, full morocco, gilt extra 1542-46 

135. BELL'S BRITISH THEATRE, Collection of 71 plates of portraits and 

scenes, large paper, some proofs before letters, in 1 vol., post 8vo, old 
hf. calf 1776, etc. 

136. BELLINI (Gio.) by Roger E. Fry, plates, sm. 4to, boards, cloth back 

Unicorn Press, 1899 

137. BERAIN (Jean) Decorations Interieures, style Louis XIV, lithographiees 

par Arnold Pere, 32 plates, roy. folio, hf. morocco Paris, 1864 

138. Ornemens Peints dans les Appartemens du Tuilcries, 19 plates, 

folio, hf. roan Paris (1690) rep. Quariich, 1888 

139. BERGAMASCO (J. A.) Vita, e Miracoli della B. Chiara detta della Croces 

de Montefalco, dell' ordine Eremitano di St. Agostino, quaint woodcuts, 
sm. 4to, calf gilt Roma, 1610 

140. BERGERAT (Emile) L'EspagnoIe, illustrations by D. Vierge, post 8vo, 

hf. morocco extra (one of 500 copies) Paris, 1891 

141. BERNARD ( — ) Das Leben wie auch Furnembste Wunderzeichen 

des heilige Abbts und furstreffliche honighfusze Lehren Bernardi 
(Joann. Bapt, Jexl. fecit), title, portrait and 56 small subjects on 14 
plates, 16mo, modern vellum Inszprilgg, 1855 

( 12 ) 

142. BERNARD ( — ) Tableau du Spectacle Fran?ais, ou Annales Theatrales 

de la Ville de Mastrigt, 16 plates of the French 18th century inserted 
by way of illustration, post 8vo, brown morocco extra, edges gilt, by 
Claessens Mastrigt, 1731 

143. BERNARD (Le Pere) Histoire Miraculeuse de Notre Dame de Siene, avec 

r Instruction pour les Pelerins qui vout rendre leur voeux dans sa 
Sainte Chapelle, ensemble du Pere Bernard, plates by Du Val, 12mo, 
old calf Paris, 1657 

144. BERQUIN (Arnaud) Idylles, engraved title and plates designed by 

Marillier, first issue before the numbers, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo, purple 
morocco extra, yellow morocco doublures, by Thierry «. d. (1774) 

145. Another copy, large paper, sm. 4to, contemporary red morocco 

gilt, edges gilt Paris, 1774-5 

146. Another copy, ornee de Nouvelles Gravures, 12mo, hf. red 

levant morocco extra (Claessens) 

a Paris, cliez J. E. G. Dufour, an X (1801) 

147. Pygmalion, Scene Lyrique de J. J. Rousseau, mise en Vers par 

M, Berquin, Texte grave par Droiiet, vignettes after Moreau le Jeune, 
8vo, full red morocco by Marius Michel Pans, 1775 

148. Romances, engraved title and 6 charming plates after Marillier, 

and 6 leaves of music, 18mo, purple morocco extra, doublures of 
yellow morocco, full gilt, by Thierry {Paris), 1776 

149. Romances, suivies de Pygmalion, Scene Lyrique, ornees de 

Nouvelles Gravures, charming plates by De Longueil, de Lignon, etc., 
after designs by Borel, 12mo, hf. red morocco, gilt top 

a Paris, chez Dufour, 1801 

150. BERWICK ET ALBE (Due de) Collection : Tableaux, Tapisseries, Gra- 

vures ; Illustrated Sale Catalogue, roy. 4to, wrappers 1877 

151. BEWICK (J.) Blossoms of Morality intended for Amusement and In- 

■ struction of Young Ladies and Gentlemen, 47 cuts by J. Bewick, 
12mo, full calf gilt 1814 

152. Looking-Glass for the Mind, 74 cuts engraved on wood by J. 

Bewick, post 8vo, contemporary calf 1814 

153. BEWICK (Thomas) Series of 25 Woodcuts, proofs on China paper, of 

the Cries of the City of York, with woodcut portrait of the artist and 
facsimile signature, mounted in sq. post 8vo album of old armorial red 
morocco gilt extra, with scroll borders and corner ornaments of en- 
twined strawberries, and centre device of lion rampant in ornamental 
shield, surmounted by a coronet 18 — 

( 13 ) 

154. BIBLE. Biblia Sacra Latina, Manuscript on 425 leaves of very fine 

vellum, double columns in minute characters, with Prologue of St. 
Jerome, Initials in various coloured inks, or painted in red and blue 
and decorated with pen flourishes, very stout 8vo, original stamped 
pigskin covers over bevelled boards, portions of original clasps re- 
maining, the " Books" marked with original silk-thread thumb-marks 
attached to fore-edges Scec. XIII 

♦^^* At end, on fly-leaf : " Anno dm." 

155. Biblia Sacra ad optima quaeque veteris, ut vocant, 200 woodcuts, 

very thick post 8vo, old stamped vellum over bevelled boards, original 
metal clasps intact Lugduni Torncesum, 1558 

156. Notes by Rev. Isaac Saunders, plates designed by Marillier, etc., 

very stout imp. 4to, diced russia extra 1811 

157. Biblia Veteris Testamenti et Historic, artificiosis picturis effigiati. 

[Biblische Historien Kunstlich furgemalet], title within woodcut, very 
numerous woodcuts (by Hans Sebani), with Latin and German text, 
12mo, green morocco extra, by Cape Frankfurt, 1552 

158. Bibliorum Utriusque Testamenti Icones, summo artificio ex- 

pressas, Historias Sacras ad vivum exhibentes, numerous woodcuts in 
style of Jost Amman, 12mo, black morocco extra, edges gilt over 
marble, by Bauzonnet-Trautz Frankfurt, 1571 

159. Biblischer Engel-u. Kunst Werck alles das jenige, das in Heiliger 

Gottlicher Scrifft, getragen in Kupffer gestochern und verlegt von 
Johann Ulrich Krause, long elaborate script title, 30 plates of Bible 
Illustrations in architectural settings, each with a vignette of decora- 
tive emblematic design, folio, hf. morocco Augsburg, 1694 

160. Figure del Vecchio (e del Nuovo) Testament© con versi Toscani 

per Damian Maraffi, series of fine woodcut vignettes (style of Jost 
Amman), 2 vols, in 1, post 8vo, crimson morocco extra, edges gilt over 
marble, by Hardy-Mennil Lione, 1554 

161. (Virgil Solis Figuris) — Biblische Figuren des Alten und Newen 

Testaments, first edition, magnificent impressions of the 147 woodcuts, 
sm. 4to, crimson morocco extra, edges gilt, by Cape Franck/urt, 1560 

162. " Figures de la Bible," collection of 228 small copper-plate 

vignettes, proofs printed " tirage a part," on large paper, without title 
or number, thick sm. 4to, brown morocco, red edges Scec. XVIII 

163. Schone ausserlesen Figuren und hohe Lehren von der Begnaditen 

Jesu Christo . . . Schrifften gezogen und in Teutsche Reymen versaast 
alles mit H, Schrifft Concordierent nach dem Vralten S. Jerom. text, 
Durch D. S. engraved throughout on 86 copper-plates, chiefly by H. 
E. W.(ierix), sm. folio, morocco «. p. n. d. 

( H ) 

164. BIBLE. Wolgerissnen unci geschnidten figuren aiisz der Bibel, 49 wood- 

cuts with verses beneath, 12mo, brown morocco extra, by Bedford 

Lyoti, 1554 

165. Historical Parts of the Old and New Testament, in verse, with 

120 cuts, being the best use of Poetry and Sculpture, frontispiece and 
copper-plates (2 on a page), also curious leaf of advertisement of Some 
bookes printed for Samuel Keble at ye Turk's Head in Fleet-street, 
18mo, brown morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf 1694 

166. Testamenti Novi, edit. Vulgata, woodcuts, tliick 18mo, crimson 

morocco extra, edges gilt, by Thompson (Paris), with label 

Lugduni, S. Gryphium, 1547 

167. BINDING. Pocket Book (blank), green silk covers, in the original red 

morocco (18th century) case, with flap, elaborate gilt filigree borders, 
with clasp and lock, green silk linings and pockets, 16mo 

168. Two old Italian morocco covers, elaborately gilt and tooled with 

large centre arms of a Cardinal, probably late 17th century, used as 
common-place books at a much later period, sm. 4to Scec. XVII 

*^* Note inside one volume : " This and a book similar to it is in this 
house, they belonged to my Angel Mother (Charlotte M. Bury), and 
the contents were written in her hand-writing, and the matter com- 
posed by her." — Blaxxhe A. Bury. 

169. (Scotch). Dalzell (Robt.)Disputatio JuridicaadTit.VI. Lib.XLI 

Digest. Pro Donate quam Favente Numine d. Henrici Dundas, 4to, 
old red morocco, gilt extra, sides elaborately gilt, floral border with 
diced ornamental centre filled with leafy sprays, rosettes and stars, 
gilt end-leaves with large coloured floral design Edinburgh, 1776 

170. (Scotch). Laing (Malcolm) Disputatio Juridica, ad Tit. I. 

Lib. XLV. Digest de Verborum Obligationibus quam D. H. Dundas, 
sm. 4to, red morocco gilt extra, sides elaborately gilt, large centre 
circular fan ornament and designed border, gilt and coloured end- 
leaves Edinburgh, 1785 

171. (Scotch). Sinison (G.) Disputatio Juridica, ad Tit. XX. Lib. 

XLVIII Digest, de Bonis Daranatorum, quam D. H. Erskine, sm. 4to, 
red morocco gilt extra, sides elaborately gilt, bordered design with 
looped chains of flowers, fan ornaments, etc. Edinburgh, 1791 

172. BINET (Estiesne) Meditations a£fectueuses sur la Vie de la Tres sainte 

Vierge Mere de Dieu, plates by C. de Mallerij, after Theodore Galle, 
16mo, morocco neat Anvers, 1632 

173. BIVERO (Petro) Sacrum Oratorium Piarum Imaginum Immaculatae 

Mariae et Animae Creatae, plates, thick sm. 4to, red morocco extra, by 
Holloway Antwerp. Plantin. 1634 

174. BLACKWOOD (TALES FROM), New Series, I-VIII, 8 vols., thick or. 

8vo, hf. calf neat n, d. (1877, etc.) 

( 15 ) 

175. BLONDEL (S.) Histoire des Eventails chez tous les Peuples et a toutes 

les Epoques, 50 illustrations, imp. 8vo, hf. red morocco extra 

Paris, 1875 

176. BOORD (Andrew) Scogin's Jests, full of Witty Mirth and Pleasant 

Shifts, being a Preservative against Melancholy, post 8vo, hf. morocco 


177. BOCCACCIO (Giovanni de) II Decamerone di M. Giovanni Boccaccio, 

plates and vignettes designed by Gravelot, 5 vols., 8vo, modern hf . green 
morocco extra, gilt edges Londra (Paris), 1757 

178. The Decameron, or Ten Days' Entertainment, translated by 

W. K. Kelly (Bohn's Extra Volumes), cr. 8vo, hf. morocco gilt, edges 
gilt Bohn, 1861 

179. BOHN (H. G.) Guide to the Knowledge of Pottery, Porcelain and other 

Objects of Vertu, comprising an Illustrated Catalogue of the Bernal 
Collection, cr. 8vo, hf. blue morocco extra 1857 

180. BOILLON (MoKs. de) Les CEuvres de — Pieces Galantes, 16mo, red 

morocco extra, by Bedford Paris, 1663 

181. BOISSARD (I. J.) Emblematum Liber, title, portrait and 52 copper-cuts 

by Theo. de Bry, sm, 4to, mottled calf extra by Bedford 

Francofurti, 1594 

182. BOLDONI (Oct.) Theatrum Temporaneum, .^Eternitati Cassaris Montii, 

plates of emblems, etc., sm. folio, blue morocco gilt extra, bordered 
sides with blind-tooled centre panel, edges gilt (Kalthoeber) 

Mediolani, 1636 
%* White Knights copy. 

183. BONAVENTURA (St.) Legenda Major beati francisi a sancto bona- 

ventura edita et ab ecclesia approbata (mark of Simon Vostre), 65 
numbered leaves, woodcut initials, large 8vo, calf gilt, red edges (at 
end) ad gloriam dei . . . finitur hie legenda maior . . . cum miraculis 
multi . . . que coimpressa sunt pro Symone Vostre, Anno . . . Millesimo 
quingetesimo septimo : secundu calculum parisieii. ad idus videlicet 
januarias 1507 

184. BOURGESIUS (P. Joannem) In Quindecim Hysteria Sacri Rosarii dei- 

parae Virginis Mariae Exercitationes, fine impressions of plates by 
C, Mallerij, post 8vo, plain morocco Antwerp, 1622 

185. ^ BOVERUS (Zach.) De Vera Habitas Forma a Seraphico B. P. Francisco 

Instituta, Demonstratione XI, many plates, 18mo, brown morocco extra, 
by Zaehnsdorf Colonia:, 1643 

186. BRADY (John) Clavis Calendaria, an Analysis of theCalendar, illustrations, 

2 vols., 8vo, calf gilt, by J. Clarke 1815 

( 16 ) 

187. BRANTEGHEM (G. de) La Vie de Nostre Seigneur J. C. par figures, 

selon le texte des quatre evangelistes, avec epitres et oraisons, woodcuts, 
16mo, old French olive morocco gilt extra, edges gilt 

Paris, Neobar, 1540 
♦^^* Beckford copy. 

188. BRATHWAYT (R.) Barnabae Itinerarium, or Drunken Barnaby's Four 

Journeys to the North of England ; also Bessy Bell, and the Ballad of 
Chevy Chase, frontispiece, 12mo, tree-calf gilt extra, by Riviere 

York, T. Gent, 1852 

189. BRAYLEY (E. W.) Londiniana, or Reminiscences of the British Metro- 

poHs, folding and other plates, 4 vols., 12mo, calf gilt 1829 

190. Topographical History of Surrey, numerous plates, 5 vols., roy. 

4to, cloth gilt 1850 

191. BREVIARIUM Pataviensis ecclesie cu quotationibus in margine Psal- 

morum, hymnorum, suisquae passim aptissime figuris cura solertis viri 
P. Liechtenstein, in red and black, large and small woodcuts, very thick 
16mo, old hf. vellum Venetiis, 1508 

192. BREVIARIUM Romanum ex decreto SS. Cone. Trident. Rest., cum 

Officii Sanctorum, 4 vols., stout 16mo, full crimson morocco gilt extra, 
broad dentelle sides, watered silk end-leaves, gilt edges, bound by 
Simier Parisii, 1853 

193. BRIGGS (R. A.) Bungalows and Country Residences, numerous plates, 

4to, cloth gilt 1895 

194. BRILLAT-SAVARIN (J. A.) Physiologie de Gout, preface par C. Monselet, 

eaux- fortes par A. Lalauze, 2 vols., post 8vo, morocco extra, by Zaehns- 
dorf Paris, 1879 

195. BRITISH ESSAYISTS (The), with Prefaces, Historical and Biographical, 

by A. Chambers, portraits, 38 vols., 12mo, calf gilt extra, marbled edges 


196. BROWNE (Sir T.) Christian Morals, portrait, sm. 4to, brown morocco 

extra, by Holloway 1863 

197. BRUNET (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire et de 1' Amateur de Livres, 6 vols., 

morocco extra, tops gilt, by Holloway, with atlas of 36 specimens 
of bindings, hf. brown morocco gilt, in all 7 vols., roy. 8vo 

Paris, 1860, etc. 

198. BRYAN (M.) Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, edited by G. Stanley, 

portrait, imp. 8vo, morocco extra, by Holloway 1865 

199. BURY (C. M.) Common Place Books, 2 vols., see Binding 

( 17 ) 

200. BUTLER (S.) Hudibras, written in the Time of the late Wars, portrait, 

3 vols., 16mo, old panelled calf rebacked 1710 

201. BURGMAIER (Hans) Images de Saints et Saintes issus de la Famille 

de Maximilien I, 119 woodcuts, roy. folio, calf antique 

Vienne, chez StockL, 1799 

202. BYRON (G., Lord) Works, portrait, 4 vols., 16mo, blue calf extra gilt, 

decorative backs with red inlay, edges gilt Murray, 1830 

203. Works, with Letters and Journals and his Life, by T. Moore, fron- 
tispieces and vignette titles, 17 vols., post 8vo, full calf gilt, marbled 
edges, by Riviere . 1833 

204. C — (CoMTE de) Les Contes Remois, par le Comte de C . . . , dessins 

de E. Meissonier, portrait and vignettes, roy. 8vo, hf. green morocco, 
by Zaehnsdorf Paris, 1858 

205. CABINET DU ROY. Tapisseries du Roy (no title), plates of four 

Seasons, etc., by Le Brun, roy. folio, old red morocco extra, arms of 
Louis XIV on sides Pans, n. d. 

206. C^SAR. Imperatorum et Czesarum Vitae, cum Imaginibus ad Vivum 

Effigium Expressis, Libellus Auctus cum elencho et Iconiis Consulum 
ab Authore, sm. 4to, old rough calf 1534 

207. CALLOT (J.) Balli di Sfessania, set of 24 etchings, hinged in 8vo album, 

brown morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf Israel Sylvestre, excud. 16 — 

208. Capricci di Varie Figure, title, dedication and 42 plates, original 

impressions before the numbers and with Florence imprint, large 
margins, oblong 12mo, brown morocco gilt extra, edges gilt, by Bed- 
ford In Fior<*,, n. d. [16 — ] 

209. Emblesmes de la Vie Religieuse (Lux Claustri), title and 26 

etchings, large margins, oblong 8vo, morocco extra Paris, Audran, n. d. 

210. Les Fantasies, mises en lumiere par Israel, title and 12 small 

plates, first states before the numbers, hinged on cards and bound in 
sm. oblong 4to, morocco extra, by HoUoway 1635 

211. Les Images de Tous les Saincts et Saintes de I'Annee suivant le 

Martyrologe Romain, title, frontispiece and 122 plates, nearly all proofs 
before quotations (each containing 4 figures), MS. index at end, folio, 
original hf. sheep Paris, I. Henriet, 1636 

212. Vita et Historia Beatae Mariae Virginis Matris Dei, 14 etchings ; 

Lives of Apostles, 16 etchings ; Passion, 14 etchings ; in all 44 plates, 
by Callot, 16mo, old calf n. d. 

213. Collection of 27 small Etchings, illustrating " L'Enfant Prodigue " 

(11) and " Martyrdom of the Apostles" (16), mounted on stout boards 
in roy. 8vo album, full dark green morocco, by HoUoway Paris, 1635, etc. 


( 18 ) 

214. CALLOT (J.) Recherches sur la Vie et les Ouvrages de (Catalogue 

Raisonne), par Edouard Meaume, 2 vols, in 1, stout 8vo, hf. morocco 

Paris, 1860 

215. CAMERARI (G.) Emblemata Amatoria, numerous copper-plates, oblong 

18mo, original vellum Venetiis, sump. P. P. Tozzii (1626) 

216. CAMILLI (Camillo) Imprese lUustri di diversi, con discorsi, con le figure 

intagliate in Rame da G. Porro, many copper cuts of emblems, 8vo, 
old vellum Veneiia, 1586 

217. CAMPEGIUS (Thomas) De Coe Libatu Sacerdotum non abrogando, 

16mo, old red morocco VenetiiSj, 1554 

218. CAMSTRUP (Nicolaas Jausy) Rampspoedige Reys-Beschryving ofte 

Journal van 'Sed Oostindische Compagnies Schip Blydorp, zynde 
gestrand op de Guineese ofte Moorse kust in Afrika (1733), plates of 
savage encounters, 4to, calf gilt Amsterdam, 1735 

^ %* Beckford copy. 

219. CANISIUS (Pktrus) Catechismus oder Romisch Catholische glaubeus : 

auf gnadigstes versangen eines hochen gevurverten guten Hirtens in 
Bildern vorgestellt — gestochen und verlegt von Joseph und Johann 
Klaiiber, 31 curious plates, 16mo, modern vellum Ingoldstadii, 1751 

220. Institutiones Christianas feu Paruus Catechismus Catholicorum, 

plates, portrait inserted, old French morocco^ g. e. 

Antverpice, C. Planiin. 1589 
%* Beckford copy. 

221. CARON (Fr.) and SCHORTEN (Joost) True Description of the Mighty 

Kingdoms of Japan and Siam, rendered into EngUsh by Capt. R. 
Manley, folding map and plates, 16mo, red morocco gilt extra (Roger 
Payne) 1663 

*^* Beckford copy. 

222. CASSIANUS (Johannes) Incipit Venerabilis Cassiani in decem coUationes 

sanctorum Patrium, Manuscript on vellum, 132 11., double columns, 
11 small illuminations and a large number of ornamental initial letters, 
sm. 8vo, stamped brown morocco extra, edges gilt, by Thibaron Sac. XIV 

223. CATALOGUES (Art Collections) Numerous Catalogues of Public Gal- 

leries and Private Collections dispersed by Christie and others, some 
foreign, bound in 7 vols., 8vo, etc., roxburghe bindings, contents fully 
lettered v. y. 

224. Illustrated Sale Catalogues, Tableaux, Meubles, Objets d'Art, etc., 

collections of L. Double, Baron Lepic, C. Stein and Ph. Sichel, in 
1 vol., thick toy. 4to, hf. morocco 1881-1899 

225. Objets d'Art, et de Vitrine, illustrated Sale Catalogues of Collec- 
tions Marquis de Thuisy, Mons. Autokolsky and M. T. P., plates, 3 in 
1 vol., sm. folio, hf. brown morocco 1901, etc. 

( 19 ) 

226. CATALOGUES. Objets d'Arts, Faiences et Porcelaines, Collections of 

Beurdeley and A. Gerard, plates, in 1 vol., imp. 8vo, hf. morocco 

Paris, 1900 

227. CAYLUS (A. C. P. du Tubiere, Comte de) Feeries Nouvelles, 2 vols., 

12mo, contemporary French red morocco gilt, edges gilt La Haye, 1741 

228. CAYLUS (Madame M, M.) Souvenirs de, Nouvelle Edition, avec Intro- 

duction et des Notes par M. Charles Asselineau, portrait and plates, 
sm. Svo, white vellum, gilt tooled, back and sides decorated with panels 
and interlaced border, leafy sprays and flowers, painted in red, blue 
and green, edges gilt over marble Paris, J. Techener, 1860 

229. CAZOTTE (Jac.) Ollivier, Poeme, plates engraved by Godefroy, after 

Lefebure, 2 vols., 12mo, crimson levant morocco gilt extra, edges gilt, 
by Chambolle-Duru Paris, An. VI (1798) 

230. CELLINI (Bexvenuto) Life, translated by J. A. Symonds, portrait and 

16 plates, post Svo, cloth gilt Nivtmo, 1896 

231. Recherches sur la Vie, son OEuvre, et sur les Pieces qui lui sont 

attribuees, par E. Plon, eaux-fortes par P. le Rat, etc. (avec Supple- 
ment), thick foHo, hf. red morocco Paris, 1883 

232. CERVANTES (M. de) Aventures de Don Quichotte, figures par Coypel, 

Pi cart, et autres, roy. 4to, russia gilt extra La Hate, 1746 

233. CHALON (Christina) Zinspelende Gedigjes, op de Geestige Printje 

ge-etst door Pieter dc Marc, na de Teekeningen, berijmt door J. le 
Francy van Berkhey, 32 etchings, post 8vo, vellum Leyden, 1779 

234. CHAMBERLAIN (B. H.) Things Japanese, Notes on Various Subjects 

for the Use of Travellers and others, map, 8vo, cloth gilt 1891 

235. CHAMPEAUX (A. de) L'Art Decoratif dans le Vieux Paris, plates and 

woodcuts, imp. Svo, hf. red morocco gilt Paris, 1898 

236. CHAMPFLEURY ( — ) Histoire de la Caricature, Antique et Moderne, 

many illustrations, 2 vols., post Svo, hf, red morocco neat Paris, n. d. 

287. Le Violon de Faience, dessins en couleur par E. Renard, eaux- 
fortes par M. J. Adeline, Svo, original wrappers, uncut Paris, 1877 

238. CHAMPIER (Symphoriani) Philosophi ac Medici Ingenio conditione q. 

summi viri libri VII de Dialectica, Rhetorica, etc., atquae haec omnia 
sunt tractata ex Aristotelis et Platonis sententia, post Svo, dark green 
morocco extra, by Trautz-Bauzonnet 

BasiUce, apud Henricum Petriim (1537) 

239. CHANTS et Chansons Populaires de la France, Notices par Dumersan, 

accompagnement par H. Colet, very numerous illustrations, 2 vols., large 
imp. Svo, hf. calf Paris, n. d. 

240. Populaires du Languedoc, publics sous la direction de MM. 

Montcl et Lambert, avec Musique, roy. Svo, wrappers Paris, 18S0 

C 2 

( 20 ) 

241. CHAP-BOOK. Adventures of Goody Two Shoes and her Brother Thomas^ 

coloured illustrations, post 8vo, wrapper Mark's juvenile Library, n. d. 

242. Adventures of my Grandmother's Cat, or Puss in Boots, numerous 

copperplates, sq. 16rao, original wrappers W. Darton Junr. 1818^ 

243. Agreeable Story-Teller for Amusement and Instruction of Youth 

of Both Sexes, woodcuts, sq. ISmo, original wrapper 

y. Hawkins, circa ISOO 

244. Anecdotes and Adventures of Fifteen Gentlemen, embellished with 

IS laughable engravings, coloured woodcuts, post 8vo, original boards 

E. Marshall, Clerkenwell, n. d. 

245. Authentic Memoirs of the Little Man and the Little Maid, coloured 

engravings and music, sq. 12mo, original wrapper Tabart, 1808 

246. (Book II) " Behold with Crown and Robe array' d. True Majesty is 

here display'd," etc., 4 quaint coloured scenes with costume figures, 
each with double folding transformation pieces and descriptive verses, 
narrow 8vo, unbound Jf?. Sayer, 1767 

247. The Bible, a Poem, by T. Prattent, coloured woodcuts, 18mo, 

orig. limp boards J^. Fairburn, n. d. 

248. Bunyan (J.) Scenes from the Pilgrim's Progress, 12 coloured 

etchings, sq. 18mo, original wrappers with printed label 

B. Blake, 13, Bell Yard, n. rf. 
248*. Another copy, similar 

249. (Book XV). The Chimney Sweeper, a Simile, 4 quaint coloured 

scenes, each having double folding transformations, with descriptive 
verses, narrow 8vo, unbound R. Sayer, 1772 

250. Chrysallina, or the Butterfly's Gala, in 6 parts, by R. C. Barton^ 

clever woodcuts, sq. 12mo, original wrappers T. Boys, 1820 

251. Clark (Rev. T.) English Mother's Catechism for her Children, 

100 woodcuts, 12mo, orig. wrappers J. Souter, School Library, 1822 

252. Comical Tricks of Jack the Piper (uncoloured), 4 quaint scenes, 

each with double folding transformations and descriptive verses, narrow 
8vo, unbound, in the original blue paper wrapper 

H. Roberts and J. Tomlinson, 1772 

253. Courtship and Marriage of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren, with 

the Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin, 30 coloured woodcuts, 12mo, 
original wrappers Newman & Co., 1823 

254. Cooper (William) History of Johnny Gilpin, quaint coloured 

woodcuts, 12mo, orig. wrappers London, For the Booksellers, 1829 

255. Curious little oval woodcuts (two on a page), illustrating popular 

proverbs and morals, printed round each, without title, publisher or 
date, sq. 18mo, old paper wrappers 

( 21 ) 

:256. CHAP-BOOK. The Dandies' Ball ; or High Life in the City, 16 coloured 
illustrations, post 8vo, wrappers y. Marshall, 1820 

257. Dr. Watts' Divine Songs in Easy Language for Instruction of 

Christian Children, numerous woodcuts, 16mo, original hmp boards 

W. Mason, Clerkenwdl Green, n. d. 

"258. Elmina, or the Flower that Never Fades, woodcuts, 24mo, 

original wrappers J. Harris, 1815 

259. Famous and Pleasant History of Parismus the Valiant and Re- 
nowned Prince of Bohemia, curious cuts, 12mo, old calf 

H. Woodgate & S. Brooks, n. d. {circa 1790) 
*^* Contains 3 pp. Catalogue of Chapmen's Books. 

:260. Felissa; or the Life and Opinions of a Kitten of Sentiment, 12 

full page coloured plates, post 8vo (131 pp.), original boards, uncut, 
with paper label y. Harris, 1811 

261. Female Triumph, or the Defeat of an Orange, coloured plates, 

sq. 12mo, original wrappers G. Blackman (1816) 

262. Forty Thieves, or the Story of Ali Baba and his Female Slave 

Morgiana, sm. 12mo, original wrappers S. Carvalho, n. d. 

1263. The Gamut and Time- Table, in Verse, for the Instruction of 

Children, by C. Finch, 12 coloured illustrations, 12mo, original picture 
wrappers Newman & Co., n. d. 

264. The Gamut and Time-Table, in Verse, by C. Finch, 12 coloured 

illustrations, 12mo, original wrappers Dean & Munday, n. d. 

265. Another copy, similar A. K.Newman, n.d. 

266. A Gift from London (Souvenir Instruction Book), numerous 

coloured illustrations of figures and events of everyday life, including 
a Pack of Bold Figures, in original pictorial stiff folder with flap (en- 
velope style), 12mo W. & T. Barton (1810) 

267. (Book XII) Harlequin Cherokee, or the Indian Chief in London, 

4 quaint coloured scenes, including Views of Temple Bar and Charing 
Cross, each scene with double folding transformation pieces, with 
descriptive verses, narrow 8vo, unbound R. Sayer, 1772 

J268. Harris' Juvenile Library : Robin Goodfellow ; Virtue and Vice, 

The History of Charles Careful ; and Elmina, the Flower that never 
Fades, 3 in 1 vol., 24mo, hf. morocco by Chatelin, original wrappers, 
bound in J. Harris, 1815 

269. Harris' Juvenile Library: Tom Thumb's Exhibition; History of 

Tommy Titmouse; Visits of Tommy Lovebook; and Little King Pippin, 
woodcuts, 4 in 1 vol., 48mo, hf. morocco extra by Chatelin, wrappers 
bound in J. Harris, 1815 

( 22 ) 

270. CHAP-BOOK. History of Dick Whittington and his Cat, engraved title 

and folding frontispiece coloured, 16mo, original wrappers 

Hodgson & Co., (1822) 

271. History of Gog and Magog, the Champions of London, the Origin 

of many things relative to the City, by Robin Goodfellow, 12mo, 
plates, hf. roan y. Souter, 1819 

272. The Infant's Alphabet, 30 coloured woodcuts, 12mo, original 

wrappers Dean & Munday, 1823 

273. The Infant's Tutor, coloured woodcuts, sq. l6mo, original 

wrappers, with paper label J. Bysh, n, d. 

274. Another, similar 

275. Instructive Lessons conveyed to the Youthful Mind through the 

Medium of Tale and Dialogue, by Lilliputius Gulliver, sq. 16mo, original 
coloured paper boards Newbery, 1800 

276. Jemmy Jumps, or the Misfortunes of Playing Truant, coloured 

illustrations, post 8vo, wrappers Hodgson & Co., 1822 

277. Johnny Gilpin's Diverting Journey to Ware, coloured woodcuts, 

12mo, original wrappers Dean & Munday, n. d. {circa 1830) 

278. Juvenile Stories, coloured bordered woodcuts, sq. 16mo, original 

wrappers J. Marshall, 1821 

279. Knife-Grinder's Budget, or Pictures and Poetry for Boys and 

Girls, woodcuts, 32mo, original wrappers T. & J. Alltnan, 1829 

280. Langley's Robinson Crusoe, Shipwreck, coloured illustrations, 

post 8vo, wrappers E. Langley, 173, Borough, n. d. {circa 181-) 

281. Life and Wonderful Adventures of Jack the Giant-Killer, coloured 

illustrations, 12mo, original wrappers W. Mason, n. rf. 

282. Little William, or the Picture-Book, by Sabina Cecil, coloured 

copper-plates, sq. 12mo, original wrappers J. Marshall, 1820 

283. Marshall's Abridgment of EngUsh History, embellished with a 

variety of Historical Engravings, 30 plates, sq. 16mo, original boards 

J. Marshall (1801> 

284. The Masquerade, or Jubilee for Youth, Characters in Pantomime 

Emblematically Described, woodcuts, sq. 18mo, original coloured 
paper boards W. Nicholl, n. d. {circa 1800) 

285. The Monkey's Frolic, a Humorous Tale, coloured illustrations, 

12mo, hf. morocco Harris, n.d. {circa 1810) 

%* Bound up at end : " Dream of Eugene Aram." 

286. (Book VII) first part. Mother Shipton, or Harlequin in Despair, 4 

quaint coloured Scenes, with double folding transformation pieces- 
and descriptive verses, narrow 8vo, unbound R. Sayer, 1771 

( 23 ) 

287. CHAPBOOK. New London Reading made Easy, or an Introduction to 

Reading the Bible, woodcuts, 16mo, original paper boards 

Dean & Munday, n. d. 

288. New Tom Thumb, with an Account of his Wonderful Exploits 

as related by Margery Meanwell, woodcuts, 18mo, original wrappers 

J. Harris, 1815 

289. Nursery Ditties from the Lips of Mrs. Lullaby, illustrations by 

J. Leech, post 8vo, original limp boards Grant & Griffith, 1844 

290. Old Mother Hubbard and her Comical Dog, part II, coloured 

illustrations, post 8vo, original limp boards J. Bysh, n. d. 

291. Penny Folded Sheets, published by J. Evans, 42, Long Lane, 

quaint woodcuts, 32mo, as new 1802 to 1813 

*^* Tom the Piper's Son, Tragical Death of A Apple Pie, Pretty ABC, 
Children in the Wood, Bartholomew Fair, Raree Show, Cinderella, 
Jenny Wren, Jack and Jill, Riddles, House that Jack built, Jenny 
Jingle, Dame Trot, Cock Robin. 

292. Popular Story of Blue Beard, coloured woodcuts, sq. 18mo, 

original wrappers J. Marshall, 1819 

293. Popular Story of Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper, coloured 

woodcuts, sq. 18mo, original wrappers J. Marshall, 1819 

294. Popular Story of the Forty Thieves, coloured woodcuts, sq. 18mo, 

original wrappers J. Marshall, 1820 

295. Popular Story of the Forty Thieves, coloured copper-plates, 

sq. 16mo, original wrappers E. Marshall, n. d. 

296. Pretty Stories with Pretty Pictures to Instruct and Amuse, by J. 

Smith, 16 coloured woodcuts, 12mo, original wrappers 

A. K. Newman, n. d. 

297. (Book XIV). Punch's Puppet Show, or the Humours of Bar- 
tholomew Fair, 4 quaint coloured scenes depicting Life at the Fair, 
the Booths, etc., each scene having double folding transformation 
pieces, with descriptive verses, narrow 8vo, unbound R. Sayer, 1792 

298. Punctuation Personified, or Pointing made Easy, by Mr. Stops, 

coloured illustrations, post 8vo, wrappers Harris, 1826 

299. (Book VI). Queen Mab, or Tricks of Harlequin, series of 4 quaint 

coloured scenes, with costume figures in rural settings, each scene 
has double folding transformation pieces, with descriptive verses, 
narrow 8vo, unbound Sayer, 1771 

300. Seventy-eight Quizzical Characters for the Amusemeut of Children, 

by Dame Pastime (in 12 coloured engravings), sq. 16mo, original 
wrappers with paper label B. Blake n. d. 

300.* Another, similar 

( 24 ) 

301. CHAPBOOK. Sindbad the Sailor, an account of his Seven Wonderful 

Voyages, and his Immense Fortune, 8 coloured woodcuts, 12mo, original 
wrappers Bysh, Cloth Fair, n.d. 

302. Sir Harry Herald's Graphic Representation of the Dignitaries of 

England, shewing Costume of different Ranks, with Regalia used at 
the Coronation, coloured illustrations, post 8vo, wrappers Harris, 1820 

303. Sixteen Puzzles for Boys and Girls, coloured illustrations, sq. 

18mo, original wrappers W. Darton (1824) 

304. The Sugar Plumb, curious woodcuts, frontispiece coloured, 

18mo, original coloured paper boards E. Newbery, 1788 

305. Surprising History of Jack and the Bean Stalk, to which is added 

The Danger of Disobedience, long folding front with 6 coloured 
woodcuts, 16mo, original wrappers J. Fairburn, n. d. 

306. Tales for Young Children, Amusing and Instructive, in words of 

One, Two or Three Syllables, curious woodcuts, 16mo, original boards 

Mason, Clerkenwell Green, n. d. 

307. Tom and his Dog, or the Reward of Humanity, woodcuts, 18mo, 

original wrappers Dean & Munday, n. d. 

308. Travels and Adventures of John Bull the Younger, coloured 

illustrations, post 8vo, original wrappers Harris & Son, 1824 

309. Voyages of La Perouse, and the Life of Hatem Tai, the 

Generosity of an Arabian Prince, 8 coloured illustrations, 12mo, original 

^^ wrappers J. Bysh, 1829 

310. The Witches, or Harlequin's Trip to Naples (uncoloured), 4 

quaint scenes, Witches' Cauldron, etc., full of figures, each scene with 
double folding transformations, with verses beneath, narrow 8vo, 
unbound, in original blue paper cover H. Roberts & L. Tomlinson, 1772 

311. Wonderful History of Little Thumb and the Ogre, with Old 

Robin and his Dog, folding coloured frontispiece, 16mo, original 
wrappers Dean & Munday, n. d. 

312. OF EMBLEMS (no title), 18 plates, each with 4 coloured illustra- 
tions in the form of human figures, post 8vo, hf . green morocco 

Harris, 1830 

313. (Derby). Entertaining Fables for Instruction of Children, wood- 
cuts, original folded sheet, 32mo, unbound, as new 

J. Drewry, Derby, n. d. {circa 1810) 

314. (Derby). Robin Hood's Garland, and all the Clever and Merry 

Exploits of him and his Men, woodcuts, 12mo, original wrappers 

T. Richardson, Derby, n. d. 

( 25 ) 

315. CHAPBOOK (Glasgow). Abridgment of the New Testament, copper- 

plates (in sanguine), 24mo, original wrappers Glasgow, J. Lumsden, n. d. 

316. (Glasgow). Holiday Entertainment ; Child's Instructor or Picture 

Alphabet ; Tommy Thumb's Song Book ; Gammer Gurton's Nursery 
Songs and Toby Tickle's Riddles ; Captain Gulliver ; Cottage Tales ; 
and Divine Songs ; cuts by Bewick, in 1 vol., 24mo, tree-calf gilt, tops 
gilt, wrappers bound-in, lettered " Bewick Toy Books" 

Glasgow, Lumsden, 1814-5 

317. (Glasgow). Nurse Dandlem's Little Repository of Great In- 
struction for the Sole Amusement of the Chickabiddy Generation, 
embellished with copper-plates (printed in sanguine), 24mo, original 
wrappers Glasgow, J. Lumsden, n. d. 

318. (Glasgow). Two Sisters, Fisherman, the King, and Fairy Ring ; 

Mother Bunch's Fairy Tales ; and Christmas Tales by Solomon Sober- 
sides ; cuts by Bewick, etc. (some printed in green), in 1 vol., sq. 18mo, 
hf. morocco Glasgow, Lumsden, n. d. 

319. (Shropshire). Gentleman and Basket-Maker, and Androcles and 

the Lion, woodcuts, sq. 24mo, original wrappers 

F. Houlston, Wellington, Salop, n. d. 

320. (Shropshire), The Pious Apprentice, or the Life of James 

Douglas, frontispiece, 16mo, original wrappers 

F. Houlston, Wellington, Salop, 1826 

321. (Shropshire). To-Morrow, by M — B — , 16mo, original wrappers 

F. Houlston, Wellington, Salop, 1824 

322. (Taunton). The Juvenile Scrap Book, upwards of 150 quaint 

Uttle woodcuts, several to a page, illustrating things and events of 
every-day life and nature, sq. 16mo, original wrappers 

Taunton, J . Bishop, n. d. 

323. (York). British Champion, or Honour Rewarded, woodcuts (by 

T. Bewick), 32mo, original coloured paper boards 

Wilson, Spence & Mawnian, York, 18 — 

324. (York). Collection of Kendrew's Penny Books, including Cries of 

York, Robinson Crusoe, Silver Penny, Fables, Cock Robin, and other 
Fairy Tales, illustrated with quaint woodcuts, each with original wrap- 
pers, in 3 vols., 24mo, new boards York, J. Kcndrew, n. d. 

See also Children's Books 

325. CHAPPELL (W.) Popular Music of the Olden Time, Ancient Songs, 

Ballads and Dance Tunes, illustrative of the National Music of England, 
frontispieces, etc., 2 vols., roy. 8vo, hf. calf gilt n. d. 

326. CHAPPUZEAU (S.) Figures Historiques du Vieux et du Nouveau Testa- 

ment, text in French and Latin, about 360 woodcuts, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, 
green morocco extra, by Bedford Genevce, 1681 

( 26 ) 

327. CHILDREN'S BOOK. Puss in Boots, iUustrated by Otto Speckter, sm. 

4to, wrappers Murray, 1856 

328. Les Jeux de la Poupee, ou les Etrennes des Demoiselles, charming 

coloured engravings, oblong 8vo, original picture boards 

Paris, chez L, de Bure, n. d. 

329. (Dutch). Proeve van Kleine Gedigten voor Kinderen, 24 plates ; 

Vervolg der Kleine Gedigten voor Kinderen van Hier. van Alphen, 
22 plates ; in all 46 charming little plates of children at play, school, 
devotions, etc., by J. Punt, after J. Buys, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo, old hf. calf 

Utregt, 1778 

330. CHINESE TALES. Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, translated 

and annotated by H. A. Giles, 2 vols., cr. 8vo, cloth extra 1880 

331. CHOQUETIUS (F. H.) Sancti Belgi ordinis Praedicatorum, many plates, 

12mo, sprinkled calf gilt Duaci, 1618 

332. CHOUL (S. Guglielmo) Discorso, sopra la Castramentatione et Bagni 

antichi dei Greci et Romani, very curious woodcuts, 12mo, old vellum 

«./)., M. A. Olmo, 1559 

333. CHURCH (R. W.) The Oxford Movement, 1833-1845, roy. 8vo, cloth 1891 

334. CHODOWIECKI (D.) Sammtliche Kupferstiche, beschrieben (mit Nach- 

trage und Berichtigungen) von W. Engelmann, 3 plates of facsimiles, 
LARGE PAPER, roy. 4to, cloth (supplement loosely enclosed) 

Leipzig, 1857-60 

335. Genealogischer Calender auf das Jahr 1781, etc., 71 etchings by 

Chodowiecki, 12mo, green morocco, by Riviere 1781, etc. 

336. Collection of 48 (4 sets of 12 each) Plates, designed and engraved 

by D. Chodowiecki, of the most minute dimensions, of costume figures,, 
male and female, illustrations of Fables, rural German Life, etc., neatly 
inlaid to sq. 12mo, green morocco extra, edges gilt, by Riviere (1792) 

337. [Coiffures]. Collection of 82 charming little Plates from Conti- 
nental Almanacs of the 18th century, displaying upwards of 270 coiffures 
and head-dresses, also a few Almanac title-pages, etc., lightly mounted 
in sq. 8vo album, old green morocco gilt extra, bordered sides 178- 

338. Collection of 61 Engravings, illustrating English Novels and 

Romances of the 18th century, inlaid to 12mo, morocco extra, inlaid 
sides 17 — 

339. Collection of 48 Plates by and after (in 4 sets of 12 each) to illus- 
trate Gil Bias, Gellaert's Fables, and Huon de Bordeaux, hinged on 
boards, and bound in sm. 4to album, crimson morocco extra, by 
Hollo way circa 1780 

( 27 ) 

340. CHODOWIECKI (D.) Collection of 54 little Engravings, illustrating the 

Life of Frederick the Great ; Camilla ; series of Domestic Scenes, etc., 
lightly mounted in 12mo album, smooth crimson morocco extra, gilt 
edges 178- 

341. Collection of 58 charming Engravings, emblematic of the times 

of day, the arts, costumes and anecdotes, lightly mounted in 12mo 
album, smooth blue morocco extra, red doublures covered with fleur- 
de-lys design, by L. Broca 179- 

342. Collection of 68 small Engravings, including the months of the 

year, portraits, emblems and classical illustrations, inlaid to 12mo, 
crimson levant morocco gilt extra 179- 

343. Collection of 75 Etchings to illustrate Almanacs, Romances, etc., 

12mo, marone morocco, by L. Broca 

344. Collection of 80 Plates, many fine proofs, including a few classical 

and fancy subjects, but chiefly full-length male and female costumes, 
exhibiting in all some hundreds of very small figures, lightly mounted 
in sq. 8vo album, old green morocco gilt extra, bordered sides 178- 

345. Collection of 84 Etchings, comprising portraits and illustrations, 

French and German stories, costumes, etc., all inlaid, sq. 12mo album, 
full morocco (1783, etc.) 

346. Collection of 144 small Engravings, illustrating Mariage du Figaro, 

Cecilia, Virgil, Nouvelle Heloise, " Mode Thorheiten," Russian Tales, 
etc., lightly mounted in 3 albums, 12mo, red morocco, edges gilt 1783, etc. 

347. Collection of 182 small Engravings, comprising several series of 

illustrations for Romances and Historical Works, inlaid in 2 vols., post 
8vo, crimson morocco extra, gilt back and sides, by L. Broca 179- 

348. CICERO (M. Tullii) Cato Major ad T. Pomponium Atticum, portrait after 

Rubens (Barbou Diamond Type), 48mo, contemporary red morocco 
extra, edges gilt (Derome) Paris, Barbou, 1758 

349. De Amicitia Dialogus ad T. P. Atticum, ex Recensione J. G. 

Grasvii, frontispiece by Robert and title printed " en sanguine," 48mo, 
old red morocco gilt extra, back and sides (Derome) Paris, Bauche, 1750 

*^* " BibHotheque de M. Justin Henri Lallier de Joigny (Yonne)," with 

350. De Amicitia Dialogus, ad T. P. Atticum, portrait after Rubens 

(Barbou Diamond Type), large p.\per, sq. 24mo, red morocco gilt 
extra, ornamental border sides (Derome) Lutetice, Barbou, 1771 

351. Orationum Marci Tul. Cicero, nis Volumen Primum (et Secundum) 

a J. M. Bruto emendatum — De Officiis, M. T. C. nis Libri tres, 3 in 
2 vols., thick 24mo, uniform brown morocco gilt extra, inlays on back 
and sides of green and pale blue leather, with borders and ribbon de- 
sign in black inlay, initials I.A. in centre panel (Reliure Lyonnais) 

Lugduni, Antouium Gryphium, 1571 

( 28 ) 

352. CLARK (A., ed.) Colleges of Oxford, their History and Traditions, con- 

tributed by Members of the Colleges, 8vo, cloth extra 1892 

353. CLEMENT (S.) et GUITARD (A.) Vitraux de Bourges (Xllle Siecle), 

54 plates, 8vo, hf. morocco extra Bourges, 1900 

354. CLIO AND EUTERPE, or British Harmony, a Collection of Cele- 

brated Songs, etc. (1 vol. only), engraved throughout, with design at 
the top of each song, roy. 8vo, old calf, rebacked H. Roberts, 1759 

355. COHEN (Hy.) Guide de I'Amateur de Livres a Vignettes (et a figures) 

du XVnie Siecle, 4th edition, imp. 8vo, hf. red morocco gilt, by 
Zaehnsdorf 1880 

356. COIFFURES (Fran^aises et Etrangeres) Collection of 58 charming little 

Plates, each exhibiting several figures and displaying wonderful coiffures 
and head-dresses, by Rosmasler, Chodowiecki, etc., neatly inlaid to 8vo, 
blue morocco extra, by Riviere (1780-90) 

357. (a vol. so lettered) of the 18th Century, 33 small engravings, care- 
fully cut out to the figure, showing Coifs, Hats, Veils, etc., carefully 
mounted to post 8vo, three-quarter brown morocco extra, by Riviere n.d. 

See also Costumes. 

358. COLLAERT (A.) Virginis Mariae Vita, title and 18 plates (should be 19, 

no. 7 wanting), by Adrian CoUaert, 16mo, modern vellum 

«. p. n. d. (16 — ) 

359. Vita (et Passio, et Triumphus) Jesu Salvatoris variis iconibus, 95 

little copperplates by A. Collaert and H. Wierx, 24mo, blue morocco 
neat, gilt gauffred edges A. Collaert, n. d. 

360. Vita Jesu Salvatoris, variis iconibus, 35 plates — Passio et Resurrectio 

Dom. Nostri Jesu Christi (cum) Septem Ecclesias Catolica Sacramenta, 
30 plates by Le Clerc ; in all 65 plates in 1 vol., sq. 18mo, old calf 16 — 

361. COLLINS (J.) Dictionary of Spanish Proverbs, post 8vo, hf. green 

morocco, by Broca 1823 

362. COLPORTEURS (L'Academie des) Memoires de, plates, 12mo, calf gilt 

(Paris) rimprimerie Ordinaire de 1' Academic, 1748 

363. COLTON (C. C.) Lacon; or Many Things in Few Words, 2 vols., 8vo, 

original boards, uncut 1829 

364. COLUMNA (Fabius) Minus cognitarum rariorumque Stirpium Ecphrasis. 

Item de Aquatihbus aliisque nonnuUis Animalibus Tibellus et Purpura, 
many plates of plants, 4 vols, in 2, old French red morocco extra, 
edges gilt (Derome) Roma;, 1616 

*^* Beckford copy. 

365. COMBE (W.) Dr. Syntax in Paris : a Tour in Search of the Grotesque, 

18 coloured plates by C. Williams, 8vo, calf extra, by Riviere, edges 
gilt 1820 

( 29 ) 

367. COMBE (W.) English Dance of Death, 2 vols., 1815 ; Dance of Life, 1817 ; 

coloured plates by Rowlandson, first editions, 3 vols., calf extra, by 
Riviere, edges gilt 1815-7 

368. Grand Master, or Adventures of Qui Hi ? in Hindostan, coloured 

plates by Rowlandson, 8vo, calf extra, by Riviere, gilt edges 1816 

369. History of Johnny Quae Genus, 24 coloured plates by Rowlandson, 

8vo, calf extra, by Riviere, edges gilt 1822 

370. Tour of Dr. Syntax through London, coloured plates, 8vo, full 

calf extra, by Riviere, edges gilt 1820 

371. Tours of Doctor Syntax — In Search of the Picturesque (eighth 

edition), 1819; In Search of Consolation (third edition), 1820; In 
Search of a Wife (first edition) (1820); coloured plates by Rowland- 
son, 3 vols., 8vo, uniform calf extra, by Riviere, gilt edges 1819-20 

372. CONTEMPTU (De) Mundi, Libri tres, carmine Rhythmico, 12mo, old 

vellum, arms on sides Studio N. Chytrcei, Brenncc, 1597 

373. CONTES. Recueil des Meilleurs Contes en Vers (La Fontaine, Voltaire, 

Perrault, St. Lambert, Dorat, etc.), numerous charming vignette illus- 
trations, 4 vols., 18mo, full crimson morocco gilt extra, edges gilt, by 
Bedford A Londres {Cazin), 1778 

374. Another copy, 4 vols., 18mo, old French calf gilt, edges gilt 1778 

375. CORALLI (Eugene, dc V Academic de Musique) La Polka enseignee sans 

Maitre, son Origine, etc., 20 vignettes par Geoff roy, 12mo, original 
wrappers Paris, chez Aubert, circa 1840 

376. CORONATION. View of the Coronation of H.M. King George IV, 

with Delineation of the Procession, etc., two folding plates of the pro- 
cession and two others, coloured, 12mo, sewn J. Marshall, 1821 

377. Another copy, in original wrappers 

378. CORROYER (Ed.) Gothic Architecture, edited by W. Armstrong, 236 

illustrations, cr. 8vo, cloth 1893 

379. COSTUME of the Lower Orders of Paris, 28 coloured plates, supple- 

ment to Leigh's "Picture of Paris," 12mo, cloth London 

380. Beytrag zur Unterhaltung beym Rachttische fur Frauenzimmer 

vom Stande (Costumes, Head-dress, etc.), 108 plates, 8vo, full morocco 
gilt, by Zaehnsdorf Prague, 1782 

381. Collection of 27 charming small line Engravings of English 

Costume, 1765-1790, from Ladies' Pocket Books of the Period, etc., 
lightly mounted in 12mo album, red morocco extra, edges gilt 1765-90 

382. Collection of 55 Plates of male and female costumes, coiffures„ 

etc., by Watteau, Hollar, and others, lightly mounted in 12mo album, 
red morocco extra, edges gilt S<xc X VII -X VIII 

( 30 ) 

383. COSTUME. Collection of 140 small Engravings of Costumes (male and 

female), Head-dresses, etc., principally by E, Riepenhausen, from 18th 
century almanacs, lightly mounted 4 on a page, in roy. 4to vol., hf. 
morocco 178- 

384. Diversarum Gentium Armatura Equestris, ubi sere Europae, Asiae 

atque Africae equitandi ratio propria expressa, 86 plates, showing eques- 
trian costumes of all countries, sm. folio, old vellum n.p. n. d. 

*^(.* Bound-up with De Jode (G.) Emblems, and Lampson (D.) Pictorum 
Celeb. Germ. Inf. Effigies. 

385. Le Petit Modiste Frangais, redige par une Societe de Dames, 24 

very charming little coloured plates of full-length male and female 
costumes, 18mo, hf. brown morocco Paris (1819) 

386. COSTUMES ET COIFFURES. Collection of 41 charming little etched 

plates by Chodowiecki, Chatelain, etc., from 18th century almanacs, 
neatly inlaid in 8vo album, full brown morocco, by Riviere [circa 1790) 

387. Collection of 63 plates, each containing four or more charming 

figures of English, French and German Costumes, male and female, 
coiffures and head-dresses, drawn by D. Chodowiecki, E. Riepenhausen, 
etc., neatly inlaid to post 8vo, full crimson levant morocco extra, edges 
gilt, by Riviere (1781-1789) 

388. Collection of 44 charming Httle Etchings from 18th century 

almanacs, etc., mounted in an album, roy. 8vo, red morocco, by Riviere 

{circa 1790) 

389. 1779-1802, a vol. so lettered, containing a collection of about 100 

charming little plates, exhibiting in all some hundreds of figures of 
costumes, head-dresses, wigs, etc., from the various rare "Almanacs- 
du-Poches " of the period, designed and engraved by Chodowiecki, 
Rosmasler, Riepenhausen, etc., bound in 18mo, red morocco extra, by 
Petit (1779-1802) 

390. COSTUMES (Dutch) Nineteen full-length figures of Dutch Costumes, 

male and female, showing occupations and amusements, post 8vo, hf, 
morocco 17 — 

391\ (German) Collection of 37 plates, each containing four or more 

charming figures of male and female costume, designed or etched by 
Chodowiecki, Rosmasler, Riepenhausen, etc.; Habillemens de Berlin, 
Goettingen, Dresden, Leipzig, etc., inlaid to 12mo, green morocco extra, 
by Riviere (179-) 

392. Collection of 24 plates, without title, of full-length figures, male 

and female, with costumes of all stations and states of Germany, by 
Weis, sm. 4to, hf. morocco, by Duru 1740 

393. A Collection of 26 Coloured Engravings of German Costumes, 

with Views as backgrounds, 12mo, old black morocco 

J. Wolff, Augsburg {circa 1700) 

( 31 ) 

394. COSTUMES (Milan) Raccolta di 30 Costumi con altretante Vedute le piu 

interese anti della citta di Milano, title and 30 charming plates in 
colours of city cries, 4to, original boards 

Milan, F. Betialli, n.d. {circa 1810) 

395. COUCY (Raoul de) Memoires Historiques, avec Recueil de ses Chansons 

en vieux langage, portraits, etc., 2 vols, in l,post 8vo, old red morocco 
gilt (Derome) Paris, 1781 

396. CRIES OF LONDON. Collection of 26 coloured plates of the Cries of 

London, sm. 4to, hf. morocco gilt R. Phillips, 1804 

397. The New Cries of London, or Itinerant Trades of the British 

Metropolis, 11 plates, each containing 4 scenes, post 8vo, mottled calf 

Harvey and Barton, 1823 

398. Sam Syntax's Description of the Cries of London as they are Daily 

Exhibited in the Streets, with appropriate engravings, 17 coloured 
woodcuts, post 8vo, hf. calf J. Harris, circa 1805 

399. ORIS DE PARIS. Jeu des Nouveaux Cris de Paris (anon.), 32 coloured 

playing cards in original cardboard box, with figured title on lid, post 
8vo size Early 19th Century 

400. CRIPPS (W. J.) Old English Plate, its Makers and Marks, illustrations, 

8vo, cloth gilt 1878 

401. Old French Plate, with Tables of Paris Date-letters, etc., 8vo, 

cloth gilt 1880 

402. CROWQUILL (A.) Absurdities in Prose and Verse, coloured plates, post 

8vo, full calf gilt, top edge gilt 1827 

403. CRUDEN (Alexander) Concordance to the Bible, with Apocrypha, with 

a Life by A. Chalmers, portrait, thick roy. 4to, tree calf extra, by 
Riviere 1855 

404. CRUIKSHANK (G.) Diverting History of John Gilpin, 6 illustrations, 12mo, 

hf. morocco 1828 

405. Fairy Library. Cinderella, Jack and the Bean Stalk, and Hop-o'- 

my-Thumb, in 1 vol., etchings by G. C, sq. post 8vo, hf. morocco gilt 

Bogue, n. d. 

406. Gentleman in Black, and Tales of Other Days, illustrations by 

G. C. and others, 12mo, cloth gilt Daly, n. d. 

407. The Humourist, a Collection of Entertaining Tales, Anecdotes, 

Epigrams, etc., 40 coloured etchings by G. C, 4 vols., sq. 8vo, hf. red 
levant, limited to 260 copies Nimmo, 1892 

408. Illustrations of Scott's Demonology and Witchcraft, 12 etchings, 

12mo, limp boards Tilt, 1835 

409. Illustrations (Novelists), 41 plates, post 8vo, hf. calf Tilt, 1836 

( 32 ) 

410. CRUIKSHANK (G.) Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman, etchings by George 

Cruikshank, 12mo, green cloth gilt Bogiie, 1851 

411. (R.) Popular Poems from Goldsmith, Cowper and Bloomfield, 

56 woodcuts by R. Cruikshank, 12mo, wrappers Bell & Co., 1834 

412. CULZ (Frai de) Senluyt de Sermo de Frappe Culz nouveau et fort 

joyeulx, avec la response de la Dame sur la chason. Je me repens de 
vous avoir aymee (woodcut), blark letter, 4 leaves, un-numbered, uncut, 
thin 18mo, crimson morocco extra, by Trautz-Bauzonnet 

n.p. n.d. (circa 1520) 

413. DALZELL (R.) Disputatio Juridica. See Binding (Scotch) 

414. DANCE OF DEATH. Icones Mortis, aliquot Imaginibus praeter priores, 

totidemque inscriptionibus cumulatae, text in Latin, French and Ger- 
man, 60 copperplates of the " Dance of Death," fine impressions, 12mo, 
brown morocco extra, edges gilt by Duru Frankfurt, 1623 

415. DARLY (M.) Macaronis, a collection of 143 plates, arranged and Hghtly 

mounted, in 2 vols., imp. 4to, mottled calf extra, edges gilt 1771-3 

416. DAVID (Joanne) Duodecim Specula Deum aliquando videre desideranti 

concinnata, 12 plates, by Theodor Galle, 12mo, red morocco extra 

Antverpicc, Plantin Moretiis, 1610 

417. Pancarpium Marianum, 50 plates of emblems, etc., 8vo, old calf 

gilt Antwerp. Plantin Moretus, 1618 

418. Paradisus Sponsi et Sponsae in Quo Messis Myrrhae et Aromatum 

ex Instrumentis ac Mysteriis Passionis Christi, et Pancarpium Marianum 
Sept, Titulorum serie distinctum, 2 vols, in 1, 100 plates, thick sm. 8vo, 
old red morocco extra, stamp on sides Antwerp. Plantin Moretus, 1607 

*^* Contemporary Benedictine book-plate of the Monastery of Udalrici 
et Affras inside cover, the arms and Benedictine figure stamped on 
either side. 

418.* Veridicus Christianus, copperplates of emblems, stout sm. 4to, 

red morocco extra, edges gilt Antwerp. Plantin Moretus, 1601 

419. DE BRY (J. T.) Nova Alphati Efifictio Historiis ad singulas literas corre- 

spondentibus, et toreumate Bryanaeo artificiose in aes incisis illustrata, 
versibus insuper Latinis et Rithmis Germanicis, title and 24 plates, 4to, 
modern vellum Frankfurt, 1595 

420. (J. T. and J. L) David, Virtutis Exercitatissimae probatum Deo 

Spectaculum, nova editioni, a C. Rittershusio, many plates, 4to, sprinkled 
calf extra Francofurti, 1597 

421. Emblemata Saecularia, mira et jucunda Varietate Saeculi Hujus 

Mores Ita Experimentia, numerous plates of emblems and escutcheons 
(somewhat imperfect), sm. 4to, old vellum Frankfurt, 1596 

( 33 ) 

422. DE JODE (Gerardus excudebat) Chorus Septem Liberalium [atque 

Virtutes, atque Planetaj Iconibus Elegantissimis Expressae, atque Pec- 
cata Moralia, atque Pictura Poetica], 40 plates, with titles of emblematic 
figures, sm. folio, old vellum n. p., n. d. 

*^* Bound up with J. de Bosscher, Diversarum Gentium, and Lampson 
(D.) Pictorum Celebrium Germania? Inf. Effigies. 

423. DE LA RUE (Caroli) Idyllia, emblems and vignettes, 18mo, hf. morocco 

Paris, 1572 

424. DELAUNE (Etienne, Stephanas) [Ornemens Divers,] no title, collection 

of 30 most charming little designs of ornament for jewellery, etc, fine 
early impressions (un-numbered) with good margins, 24mo, brown 
morocco gilt extra, edges gilt, by Bedford 

Cum Privilegio, n. p., n. d. {circa 1570) 

425. DELGADO (Josef, Vulgo Hillo) Tauromaquia o Arte de Torear, 30 

coloured plates, 12mo, full red morocco, by Jenkins & Cecil 

Madrid, 1804 

427. DELLA BELLA (S.) Cartes des Rois de France, designs for cards, by S. 

Delia Bella, 12mo, contemporary calf H. le Gras, Paris (circa 1730) 

428. DELVAN (Alfred) Histoire Anecdotique des Barrieres de Paris, 10 etch- 

ings, by Therond, post 8vo, mottled calf extra Paris, 1865 

429. DENIS (J. B.) Memoires, Anecdotes de la Cour et du Clerge de France, et 

les Jesuites^ portraits, etc., 12mo, calf extra, by Pratt Londres, 1712 

430. DE PARNY (Chevalier) Opuscules, illustrated, 2 vols., 18mo, contem- 

porary green morocco 1784 

431. DESMAREST (J.) Jeux Historiques des Rois de France et des Reines 

Renommees, graves par De la Bella (title in MS.), 90 plates of designs 
for playing cards, exhibiting costume figures, 16mo, full crimson levant 
morocco extra, edges gilt Paris, 1698 

432. DICK (R.) Derangements of the Organs of Digestion, post 8vo, hf. russia 

Edinb. 1843 

433. Diet and Regimen, Physical, Intellectual and Moral, sm. 8vo, hf . 

russia Glasgow, 1839 

434. DICKENS (Charles) Adventures of Oliver Twist, or the Parish Boy's 

Progress, 24 etchings by Cruikshank, first 8vo edition, full red 
morocco gilt extra, edges gilt 1846 

435. Christmas Books, viz., A Christmas Carol (coloured plates), 1844; 

The Chimes, 1845 ; Battle of Life, 1846; Cricket on the Hearth, 1846; 
and Haunted Man, 1848, in all 5 vols., original cloth gilt 1844-8 


( 34 ) 

436. DICKENS. Bardell and Pickwick ; Mr. Chops the Dwarf ; Mr. Bob 

Sawyer's Party ; three readings, each in one chapter, author's owx 
COPY, with profuse MS. deletions, corrections and scorings in his hand- 
writing, in blue ink, to the two later readings, much thumbed 
throughout, particularly in the lower folds, being his own reading 
copy. With book-plate and library label of C. Dickens, thence to G. 
Gurney with his book-plate, and his letter presenting it to the present 
collection, Deer., 1901, 8vo, hf. bound Privately printed, n. d. 

437. Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, portrait and plates 

by Phiz, 8vo, marone morocco extra, edges gilt n. d. 

438. Our Mutual Friend, illustrations by Marcus Stone, first edition, 

2 vols, in 1, 8vo, hf. red morocco gilt 1865 

439. Personal History of David Copperfield, plates by H. K. Browne, 

FIRST EDITION, 8vo, polished calf extra, top gilt, by Zaehnsdorf 1850 

440. Pictures from Italy, first edition, woodcuts by S. Palmer, 8vo, 

original blue cloth 1846 

441. Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, 43 plates by Seymour 

and Phiz, first edition, 8vo, polished calf extra, top gilt, other edges 
uncut, by Zaehnsdorf 1837 

442. Another copy, with the two Buss plates, 8vo, hf. bound 1837 

443. DIDEROT (Denis) Pensees Philosophiques: Piscis hie non est omnium, 

18mo, calf a Londres chez Porhyre a S. Thomas, 1757 

444. DOLBY (R.) Cook's Dictionary and Housekeeper's Directory, frontispiece, 

etc., post 8vo, calf gilt 1832 

445. DOLCE (Ludovico, ei d'aliri) Impresse Nobili et Ingeniose di diversi 

Prencipi et d'altri Personaggi illustri nell' arme et nelle lettere . . . 
dimostrano I'animo, et la buona, o mala fortuna degli Autori loro, con 
dichiarationi in versi, title and 50 plates of curious designs for crests, 
with ornamental borders and emblematic figures, 4to, original vellum 

Veneiia, Porro, 1578 

446. DOLLING (R. R.) Ten Years in a Portsmouth Slum, portrait, cr. 8vo, 

cloth 1896 

447. DORAT (Claude Joseph) Fables Nouvelles, plates by Marillier, first 

edition, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, full citron morocco gilt, gilt sides in imitation 
of Derome, by Bedford, edges gilt La Haye, 1773 

448. Anoiher copy, large paper, 8vo, old calf gilt, red edges 

La Haye, Monory, 1773 

449. Another copy, 2 vols, in 1, full blue morocco gilt, edges gilt, 

by Zaehnsdorf Paris, 1773 

( 35 ) 

450. DORAT. Lcs Baiscrs, precedes du mois de Mai, Poeme, illustrated by 

Eisen, ],arge paper, with the title in red and black, 8vo, blue morocco, 
by Zaehnsdorf La Haye, 1770 

451. Les Baisers, precedes du Mois de Mai, 3™« edition, plates and 

vignettes by Eisen, post 8vo, calf gilt, edges gilt La Haye, 1770 

452. DORKING. Thorne (W.) Garden of Surrey, a Sketch of Dorking and 

Surrounding Country ; Timbs (J.) Picturesque Promenade round 
Dorking ; 2 vols, in 1, plates, etc., 12mo, calf gilt 1829-1823 

453. (The Grove Collection, E. Arnold, Esq.) Collection of 26 

Photographs of Exteriors and Interiors, including displays of furniture^ 
objets d'art, etc., mounted in oblong folio album, hf. red morocco gilt 

454. DOYLE (R.) Foreign Tour of Brown, Jones and Robinson, hundreds of 

illustrations, 4to, cloth extra 1855 

455. Manners and Customs of ye Englyshe, drawn from ye quick, with 

Extracts from Mr, Pips hys Diary, by Percival Leigh, oblong 4to, 
original hf. morocco Bradbury & Evans, n. d. 

456. DRAPERS' HALL. Catalogue of Pictures and Statuary in Drapers' 

Hall, post 8vo, morocco gilt (1870) 

457. Reports of Deputations who visited the Estates in the County of 

Londonderry, 1817 to 1827, illustrations, 4to, green morocco extra 1829 

458. DRESS AND ADDRESS, by the Author of ♦' The Greeks," etc., dedicated 

to the Merveilleux of Either Sex, 6 coloured plates by Williams, post 
8vo, hf. calf, gilt top 1819 

459. DRESSER (Chr.) Japan, its Architecture, Art and Manufactures, numerous 

illustrations, 8vo, cloth extra 1882 

460. DUBOIS (Mr.) Principes d'AUemandes, engraved throughout (par Mme. 

Auereau) with dancing scenes, music, diagrams, etc., cr. 8vo, hf. 
morocco extra Paris, dies I'Auteur (1769) 

461. DU CAMP (Maxime) Une Histoire d' Amour, illustrated, 12mo, brown 

morocco double, gilt tops, by Zaehnsdorf Paris, 1888 

462. DU CERCEAU (J. A.) Lcctoribus, collection of 51 charming plates of 

ornamental decoration, arabesques, etc., post 8vo, crimson morocco, by 
Hardy-Mennil 1550 

463. DU MOLINET (P. C.) Figures des Differents Habits des Chanoines 

Reguliers de ce Sieclc, avec un discours sur les habits anciens et 
modernes, full-length plates of ecclesiastical costume, imp. 8vo, hf. 
morocco Paris, 1666 

464. DUPLESSIS-BERTAUX. Trades and Customs of France Portrayed, 16 

coloured plates, sq. 18mo, calf gilt, original wrappers bound-in 

J. Harris, 1818 

D 2 

( 56 ) 

465. DURAND (Wm.) Symbolism of Churches' and Church Ornaments, trans- 

lated, with notes and illustrations, by J. M. Neale and B. Webb, 8vo^ 
morocco extra, by HoUoway 1843 

466. DURANTE (G.) Del Pasto della Vergine, Libri Tre, con Argomenti di 

leronimo Pallantier, curious plates, Svo, old calf Roma, 1573 

467. DURER (Aluert) Passio Christi, Norimbergensi Efifigiata (Smaller Pas- 

sion), original impressions of the 18 plates, carefully hinged on boards^ 
4to, brown morocco antique, by HoUoway 1509-1512 

468. DUTENS (M.) Des Pierres Precieuses et des Pierres Fines, ruled in red„ 

12mo, red morocco gilt, ornamental sides and silk end-leaves 

Didoi, Paris, 1776 
*^^* From the Hamilton Palace Library. 

469. EFFIGIES Regum Anglorum, 30 small portraits in ovals of Kings and 

Queens from William the Conqueror to Charles II, sq. 16mo, sprinkled 
calf Are to be sould by Robt. Peakc, n. d. 

470. ELEGIDIA et Poematia Epidictica Praecipuas praecipuorum et maxime 

clarorum virorum, Virtutes et Actiones ac totius Europaj praesentem et 
futurum statum instantia, oval portraits of Princes of the Reigning 
Houses, by Moncornet, etc., line impressions, 12mo, red morocco extra^ 
by Bedford Upsalicv, 1631 

471. EMBLEMS, Idea^ Vitae Teresianae, Iconibus Symbolicus Expressa, in 

quinque partes divisa, 101 copper-plates, some proofs, with verses in 
MS., 4to, calf gilt Antwerp. J. Mesevs, ». d. 

472. [Vitae Religiosa Compendium, Aug. Vind. circa 1760], 20 plates of 

saints and emblems, engraved by P. A. Kilian and J. G. Pintz, after 
C. T. Schessler, sm. 4to, old vellum circa 1760 

473. ENGEL (M.) Idees sur la Geste et I'Action Theatrale et sur la Peinturc 

Musicale, tra^uite de I'AUemand, 34 plates, 2 vols., 8vo, hf. morocco 

Paris, 1788 

474. ENGELBACH (Lewis) Letters from Naples and the Campagna Felice,. 

18 coloured plates by Rowlandson, Svo, calf extra,, by Riviere, edges 
gilt 1815 

475. ENGRAVINGS. Assemblage of miscellaneous Engravings and Etchings, 

by Old and Later Masters, including Rembrandt, Goltzius, Sadeler, 
Callot, Hollar (fine series of Ships) and others ; in all 117 pieces, lightly 
mounted on stout paper, and hinged as an album in oblong folio/inserted 
in old (17th century) red morocco, very richly tooled and gilt v. y. 

476. Assemblage of miscellaneous small Engravings, of all Schools, 

chiefly book-illustrations, designed by Gravelot, Marillier, Moreau,, 
Chodowiecki, Gribelin, Callot, etc., some " little masters," anonymous, 
ornament, etc. ; in all 134 pieces, lightly mounted in album, sm. 4to^ 
half green morocco, edges gilt v. y. 

( 37 ) 

477. ENGRAVINGS (Frkkch). Collection of 46 French Book-illustrations 

to Dorat, Cabinet des Fees, etc., from designs of Marillier, Eisen and 
others, fine early impressions, lightly mounted in sm. 4to album, 
modern pink morocco extra, edges gilt, by Zaehnsdorf Scvc. XVIII 

478. (Little Masters). Collection of 33 copper-plate Etchings, by 

Aldegrever, including The Birth of Eve, Expulsion from the Garden, 
Labours of Hercules, Dives and Lazarus, The Guillotine, Little Fortune, 
Old Testament subjects, etc., and 22 similar, by Lucas van Leyden, 
including The Twelve Apostles, Virgin with the Tree, Virgin with 
the Apple, and many Biblical subjects ; in all 45 etchings, original 
impressions, hinged in 8vo album, full red morocco gilt extra, sides 
richly gilt with interlaced ribbon and floral design, edges gilt, by 
Zaehnsdorf 1520-1540 

479. EPISTRE du Roy de France, envoyee aux Elccteurs de I'Empereur 

assemblez a Nuremberg, traslatee de latin en Francoys nouvellement 
imprimee (woodcut device), black letter, 8 II., with rough edges, thin 
12mo, crimson morocco extra, by Trautz-Bauzonnet n.p., n. d. {circal530) 

480. EUDEL (Paul) Catalogue de I'Argenterie Ancienne, plates, imp. 8vo, lif. 

red morocco Paris, 1884 

481. EUROPEAN SCENERY, by R. Batty, F. Nash and James Cockburn : 

Switzerland, France, Italy, Sicily, Germany and the Rhine, very many 
steel plates, 7 vols., uniform red morocco gilt extra, edges gilt 1820-26 

482. EVELYN (JoHx) Diary and Correspondence, edited from Original MSS. 

by Wm. Bray, illustrated edition, 4 vols., cr. 8vo, hf. marone morocco 
gilt, edges gilt, by Zaehnsdorf Bohn, 1859 

483. FABLES OF PILPAY, woodcuts, 12mo, hf. green morocco extra 1818 

484. FABLES. Collection of 48 (in 4 sets of 12 each) charming miniature 

engravings drawn and etched by E. Riepenhausen to illustrate various 
fables, neatly inlaid to square post 8vo, levant morocco extra, by 
Zaehnsdorf circa 1800 

485. FABRI (Alessandro, Padouano) Diversarum Nationum Ornatus cum suis 

iconibus in as incisis longe accui'atius quam antea cumquai suis duobus 
ordinibus quotquai unus Summi Pontificis alter Nero, 2 vols. ; Additio 
ad duos superiores libros de Habitibus, etc., the three volumes bound 
in 1, sm, 8vo, 262 copperplates of Costumes of all Nations (including 
America), many very curious, with the rare attached piece with the 
" hood " for the " Sponsa Turca," full brown levant morocco extra, 
ed^es gilt Padova, 1593 

486. FACETI^. Brighton, Margate, Steamer, High Mettled Racer, Snuff Box, 

and Old Booty, illustrations by R. Cruikshank, 12mo, hf. calf gilt 1830 

( 38 ) 

487. FACETI^. Devil's Visit, Devil's Walk, Devil's Progress, Real Devil's 

Walk, and Satan in Search of a Wife, illustrations by Cruikshank, etc., 
12mo, hf. morocco gilt 1830 

488. Monsieur Tonson, Monsieur Mallet, Monsieur Nongtongpaw, Walk 

about Town, and March of Intellect, illustrations by R. Cruikshank, 
12mo, hf. morocco gilt 1830 

489. Show Folks, Yorkshire Hunt, Elder Brother, Mayor of Garratt, 

and Blue Devils, illustrations by R, Cruikshank, 12mo, hf. morocco 
gilt 1831 

490. Tom Thumb, and Bombastes Furioso, illustrated by G. Cruik- 
shank, 12mo, hf. morocco 1830 

491. FAERNI (Gabriele) Fabulae ex Antiquis auctoribus delectae, many 

woodcuts, 18mo, old French red morocco gilt, edges gilt (Derome) 

Antwerpiiv, C. Plantiiii, 1567 

492. FAIRHOLT (F. W.) Miscellanea Graphica, Representations of Ancient, 

Mediaeval, and Renaissance Remains in the Possession of Lord Londes- 
borough, introduction by T. Wright, numerous plates, 4to, cloth 1857 

493. FAITS. L'Arrivee de la Royne, a Sainct Jean du Lud, et ce qui s'est 

Passe de plus remarquable tant a I'eschange des Infantes de Frace et 
d'Espagne, que des Pompes et Magnificences faites de part et d'autre, 
6 pp., post 8vo, crimson morocco extra, stamp on sides, by Masson- 

a Paris, pour Sylvesirc Moreau, en la Cour du Palais pres la Chambre 

des Comptes, 1615 

494. La Reception Faicte par les Deputez du Roy d'Espagne de la 

Royne leur Soveraine Dame, a la Deliverance qui leur en a este faicte 
en laVille de Ronceuauxet les Triomphes, Honneurs et Solennitez qui 
y furent faictes et Observees, tant d'une part que d'autre, 16 pp., 12mo, 
crimson morocco, by Motte Paris, n. d. 

495. FALDA (Gio. B.) Li Giardini di Roma, con direttione di G. G. de San- 

drart, 18 double-page plates, folio, old calf, arms on sides, rebacked 

Nuremberg, n.d. 

496. FARLEY (Robert) Kalender of Man's Life, engraved title and woodcut 

emblems, 16mo, purple morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf 1638 

497. FASTI MARIANI, cum illustrium Divorum Imaginib. et Elogiis DC. in 

singulos, Anni, Menses, Diesq. SS. Natales, 192 plates of emblems of 
Saints, 2 vol., thick 18mo, old vellum gilt, with metal clasps intact 

Monachi, 1630 {Novum Privilcgium, 1648) 

498. FAUQUEL (Anthoine, Prebstre, naiif d Amiens) Le Discours de Testa- 

ment de la prise de la Ville de Guines, avec les deux chansons nouvelles 
faicte sur la Prinse (woodcut portrait on title), 8 pp., un-numbered, 
post 8vo, red morocco extra, by Trautz-Bauzonnet 

Paris, Imp. d'Oliviere deHarsy, 1558 

( 39 ) 

499. FIALETTI (Odoardo) De Gli Habiti delle Religioni, con le armi e breve 

Descrittio loro, engraved throughout, 74 plates of religious costumes 
with the arms of each, sq. 8vo, old vellum Venetia, 1626 

500. FINE (C. Orange) Jeu d'Armoiries des Souverains et estats d'Europe, 

pour apprendre le Blazon, la Geographic, etl'Histoire curieuse, nume- 
rous coats-of-arms, 18mo, old calf Lyon, 1665 

501. FLEURY (M. 1'Abbe) Moeurs des Chretiens, post 8vo, red morocco extra, 

tooled and gilt back and sides, arms (diamond shield with three bees 
and laurel spray) on sides, edges gilt over red (Derome) Paris, 1754 

502. FORSTER (G.) Fasciculus Myrrhae seu Memoriale SS. Passionis Domini- 

cas et Augustissimorum v. Vulnerum Christi, little copper-cuts, thick 
24mo, modern calf gilt Straubingoe, 1660 

503. FORTUNY (Mariano) Sa Vie, son CEuvre, sa Correspondance, par 

Baron Davillier, 2 original etchings and 5 other illustrations, imp. 8vo, 
morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf, " Tire a Petit Nombre " Paris, 1875 

504. FOURNIERS (Ed.) Chronique et Legendes des Rues de Paris, 12mo, 

hf. morocco gilt Paris, 1864 

505. FRAGONARD (Honore) Sa Vie et son CEuvre, par Baron Roger Por- 

talis, 210 plates and vignettes, one of 100 copies "sur papier velin du 
Marais," with duplicate set of plates, 2 vols., stout x-oy. 4to, hf. green 
morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf Paris, J. Rothschild, 1889 

506. FRANCIS I. Edit du Roy (Francoys) nostre Sire, sur les Victuailles qui 

seront menez et coduictz en les Camps et Armees de Picardie et Cham- 
paigne, 4 leaves, un-numbered, large black itiitx, 16mo, blue morocco 
extra, by Trautz-Bauzonnet 

Imprime p. Jehd Ihome. Public a Paris a son de trope le Mardy 
cinquiesme Jour de Juing, Van de Grace mil cinq, centz. Quarantc 

troys [1543] 
*^* Ex-libris Quentin Bauchart. 

507. FRANCK (W.) Traite sur les Vins du Medoc et les autres Vins rouges et 

blancs du Gironde, illustrations, 8vo, hf . green morocco Bordeaux, 1864 

508. FRANEAU (J.) Jardin d'Hyver, ou Cabinet des Fleurs, en 26 Elegies, en- 

graved title and plates of plants, engraved by A. Serrurier, sm. 4to, 
green morocco gilt Douay, 1616 

%* Beckford copy, " ex Bibliotheca Colbertina." 

509. FRANKLIN (B.) Poor Richard's Almanack, the Way to Wealth, and the 

Whistle, portrait on title, narrow 16mo chap-book, paper covers 

Champante & Co.,'n. d. 

510. FRERE (W. H.) Pontifical Services, illustrated from Miniatures of the 

XV and XVI Centuries, beautiful reproductions, 2 vols., folio, hf. cloth 

For Members of the Alcuin Club, 1899-1900 

511. FROUDE (R. H.) Remains, two series, 4 vols., 8vo, hf. calf gilt 1838-9 

< 40 ) 

512. GAILLARD (J.) Recherches Historiques sur la Chapelle du Saint-Sang a 

Bruges, 35 plates, etc., roy. 8vo, hf. morocco Bruges, 1846 

513. GALLE (P.) De Deis Gentium Imagines Aliquot Iconicas, 30 plates, sm. 

4to Antwerp, 15S1 

%* Bound with other works by Galle and Passe. 

514. Nimpharum Oceanitidum, Ephydridum Potamidum, Naiadum, 

Lynadumque Icones, 18 plates, sm. 4to Antwerp, 1587 

*^* Bound up with other works by Galle and C. de Passe. 

515. Semideorum Marinorum Amnicorumque Sigillarias Imagines Pet" 

elegantes in Picturae Statuarisque artis tyronum usum, 4to, hf . calf 

Antwerp, 1586 
*^^♦ Bound up with two other similar works by Galle, and one by C. de Passe. 

516. GALLONIO (Antonio) Tratato de gli Instrumenti^ di Martirio, e delle 

Varie Maniere di Martoriare usate da Gentili contro Christiani, large 
plates of all manner of tortures, 4to, full morocco extra (repaired), the 
sides completely covered with most elaborate gilt tooling, surrounding 
small oval centre panel with the three fleurs-de-lys (Marguerite de Valois), 
bound by Eve Roma, Presso Ascanio, 1591 

517. GAMBAILE (Laurentii) Rerum Sacrarum Liber, cum Argumentis 

J. Pasti Siculi Mamertini, copper-cuts of Saints, etc., in decorative 
borders, sm. 4to, modern boards Antverpia, C. Plantin. 1577 

518. GARNIER (Ed.) Soft Porcelain of Sevres, with Historical Introduction, 

50 plates m colours, roy. folio, lif. blue morocco extra Nimmo, 1892 

519. GAULTIER (Leonard) CoUection of 87 charming little Etchings to 

illustrate the New Testament, lightly mounted in 12mo album, morocco, 
by Duru (1576) 

520. GERARDINI (Melchiore) Capricci di Varie Figure, engraved title, 

dedication and 46 etchings, un-numbered, oblong 16mo, crimson 
morocco extra, edges gilt, by Chambolle-Duru, 1865 «. p., n. d., 16 — 

521. GERMAIN (Pierre) Elements d'Orfevrerie, divises en deux parties, 100 

plates of beautiful designs, engraved by Pasquier, 4to, contemporary 
calf gilt Paris, chez I'auteur, 1748 

522. GESSNER (S.) Contes Moraux et Nouvelles Idylles, 10 plates, vignettes 

and culs-de-lampes, 4to, contemporary red morocco extra, edges gill 
(Beckford copy) a Zuric,chez I'auteur, 1773 

523. GILBEIRT (Davies) Ancient Christmas Carols, with Tunes, collected in the 

West of England, 8vo, calf gilt 1822 

524. GILES (H. A.) Gems of Chinese Literature, post 8vo, cloth extra 

Qvaritch, 1884 

( 41 ) 

525. GILLOT (M.) Nouveaux Dessins d'Habillements a 1' Usage des Balets, 

Operas et Comedies, graves par JouUain, title and 72 plates, 8vo, green 
morocco extra, by Riviere Paris (circa 1780) 

526. GILLRAY (James) Caricatures, with descriptive text (no title), 81 coloured 

plates, some folding, sm. oblong folio, calf gilt 'J. Miller, n.d, (1824) 

527. GLEN (Jkax de, Liegeois) Des Habits, Moeurs, Ceremonies, Fagons de 

Faire, anciennes et modernes du Monde, avec les Pourtraicts des 
Habits, partie premiere (et derniere ?), woodcuts of full-length costume 
figures, 12mo, dark green morocco extra, edges gilt, by Niedree 

a Liege, chez Jean de Glen, 1601 

528. GOETHE (J. W.) Faust, a Tragedy, Part II as completed in 1831, translated 

into English Verse, post 8vo, full tree-calf gilt, by Riviere Pickering, 1842 

529. GOLDSMITH (O.) Poetical Works, with Life, cuts by T. Bewick, 18mo, 

calf gilt, by Bedford Hereford, 1799 

530. Vicar of Wakefield, coloured plates by Rowlandson, first edi- 
tion, 8vo, calf extra, by Riviere, edges gilt 1817 

531. AND PARNELL (T.) Poems, woodcuts by Bewick, roy. 8vo, 

morocco extra Buhner, 1804 

532. GONCOURT COLLECTION. Dessins, Aquarelles, et Pastels du XVIII 

Siecle, many plates, 4to, wrappers Paris (1897) 

533. GONSE (Louis) L'Art Japonais, fine plates in colours, and numerous 

illustrations in the text, 2 vols., folio, figured silk Paris, Quantin, 1883 

534. GOSPELS. MS. on vellum, 36 11., within gilt line borders, commencing 

" Initium Sancti evangelii secundum joannem," in Latin [? Italian, 
16th Century], 6 full-page illuminated Miniatures illustrating the Life 
of Christ, 18mo, contemporary brown morocco gilt, elaborately gilt sides 
with interlaced centre design, ornamental corners and covered with 
stars Sax. XVI 

535. Collection of Twenty Illustrations on copper, by Leonard Gal- 

ther (?), illustrating the four Gospels, beautiful impressions, inlaid to 
sm. 8vo, on 20 sheets, trown morocco extra, by Petit, lettered " Figures 
Diverses" 1550-1580 

536. (with Prayers). (1) t'Ghulde Ghebedeboeck met alle sijn figueren 

des levens Jesu, seer devoot, vierich enve jairch, alien menschen ; (2) 
Het Gheesteliick Roosecransken der gelooviger sielen met vustich 
artiickelen van het gheheel leven en liiden ons Heeren Jesu Christi 
door J. Lanspergium int latijn, maer nuwt in de Nederlandtsche door 
J. Sweerts, veiy numerous woodcuts throughout, in 1 vol., 16mo, con- 
temporary stamped and fully-gilt Dutch calf, gauffred edges 

Hantwerpen, 1613-1602 

( 42 ) 

537. GOYA Y LUCIENTES (Francesco) Caprichos de (no title), 80 plates, 

including portrait, very fine original impressions, sm. folio, old Spanish 
calf gilt area 1780 

538. Another set (no title), original impressions, with MS. descriptive 

list in Spanish (early 19th Century), folio, full green morocco extra, 
edges gilt circa 1780 

539. Caprichos de, grabadas al Agua Fuerte con Agnadas de Resina 

per el Mismo, 80 plates, including portrait, fine impressions with full 
margins, large 4to, three-quarter brown morocco extra, tops gilt, other 
edges uncut, wrapper (title) bound-in Madrid, Calcogra/ia Nacional, 1868 

540. Los Desastres de la Guerra, collection de ochenta laminas inventadas 

y grabadas al agua fuerte, 80 plates, oblong folio, hf. red morocco 
extra Madrid, 1863 

541. sa Biographic et le Catalogue de I'CEuvre, par Ch. Yriarte, por- 
trait and 50 plates, folio, wrappers Paris, 1867 

542. GRAESSE (Dr. J. G. T.) Guide de 1' Amateur de Porcelaines et de 

Poteries, hundreds of marks, post 8vo, wrappers Dresden, 1873 

543. GR.\FFIGNY (Francoise d'Happoncourt, Madame de) Lettres d' une 

Peruvienne, portrait and plates, 2 vols., 16mo, marone morocco extra, 
edges gilt, by Pouillet Paris, Didot, 1797 

544. GRAHAM (G. Cunninghame) Santa Teresa, an Account of Her Life and 

Times, portraits, 2 vols., 8vo, cloth 1894 

545. GRAND-CARTERET (J.) Les Almanachs Fran^ais, Bibliographie-Icono- 

graphie, 1600-1895, 5 coloured plates and 306 vignettes, stout imp. 
8vo, wrappers Paris, 1896 

546. GRAVE LOT ET COCHIN. Iconologie par Figures ou Traite complet 

des Allegories, Emblemes, etc., ouvrage utile aux Artistes, aux Amateui's, 
et pouvant servir a 1' Education des Jeunes Personnes, par Gravelot et 
Cochin, plates engraved by Choffard and others, 4 vols., 12mo, old 
calf gilt, edges gilt Paris, chez Le Pan, n. d. 

547. GREEN (J.) Poetical Sketches of Scarborough, 21 coloured plates by 

Rowlandson, 8vo, calf extra by Riviere, gilt edges 1813 

548. GRIMALDI (J.) Memoirs, edited by " Boz," portrait and illustrations by 

G. Cruikshank, first edition, 2 vols, in 1, cr. 8vo, hf. calf 1838 

549. GRONOW (Capt.) Recollections and Anecdotes of Camp, Court and 

Club, at the Close of the; Last War with France, illustrations (2 series 
in 1 vol.), cr. 8vo, cloth gilt 1864 

550. GUIDE Comique dans Paris pendant I'Exposition, par A. Huart, cuts by 

Draner, 12mo, wrappers Paris, 1878 

( 43 ) 

551. GUIGARD (Jean) Nouvel Armorial du Bibliophile, guide de 1" Amateur 

des Livres Armories, hundreds of illustrations, second and best edition, 
2 vols., imp. 8vo, three-quarter blue levant morocco gilt extra, tops gilt 

Paris, 1890 

552. GUIGNOL. Theatre Lyonnais de Guignol, frontispiece and vignettes, 

8 vols.,marone morocco extra by Hollovvay Lyon, 1865 

553. GUILEVILLE (Guillaume de) Pylgrimage of Man, a modern prose 

translation, with illustrations, 4to, cloth Pickering, 1859 

554. GUILHERMY (M. F. de) Itineraire Archaeologique de Paris, plates, etc., 

cr. 8vo, hf. brown morocco gilt Paris, 1855 

555. GULLAND (W. G.) Chinese Porcelain, with Notes by T. J. Larkin, 485 

illustrations, 8vo, cloth extra 1898 

556. GUILLEMEAU ( — Jeune) Histoire Naturelle de la Rose, folding 

plate, etc., post 8vo, calf gilt Paris, 1800 

557. GUMPPENBERG (Guilielmo) Atlas Marianus, sive de Imaginibus 

Deiparas per Orbem Christianum Miraculosis, 25 curious plates of 
different forms of the Madonna and Child, Ingolstadii, 1657 ; Evangelia 
et Epistolae quae Dominicis et Festis Totius Anni diebus in Ecclesia 
legi Solent, Tridenti, 1635 ; 2 vols, in 1, 18mo, sprinkled calf gilt, by 
Zaehnsdorf 1657-1635 

558. HAL WAX (Chr.) Navigatio Mariana sive Synoptica Relatio Sacrae Bcatis- 

simae Mariae Virginis, crude plates, 16mo, vellum Siraubinga; 1680 

559. Another copy, modern vellum 1680 

560. HAMILTON (Count Anthony) Fairy Tales and Romances, portrait, 

cr. 8vo, hf. marone morocco gilt Bohn's Extra Vols., 1849 

561. (H.) et LEGROS (E.) Dictionnaire International Frangais-Anglais, 

stout imp. 8vo, hf. brown morocco 1868 

562. HAMILTON PALACE COLLECTION, illustrated Priced Catalogue, 

4to, cloth extra 1882 

563. Illustrated Sale Catalogue of Pictures, Works of Art and Deco- 
rative Objects, numerous photographs, roy. 8vo, cloth gilt Christie, 1882 

564. HARE (A. J. C.) Wanderings in Spain, woodcuts, cr. 8vo, cloth extra 1873 

565. HAYDN (J.) Dictionary of Dates and Universal Reference, edited by 

B. Vincent, 8vo, tree-calf extra 1855 

-566. HAZARD (Le) du Coin du Feu, Etrennes Chantantes, ornees de Figures 
avec Tablettes Economiques, Perte et Gain, engraved throughout, the 
text within borders, engraved title and 12 most charming Uttle plates, 
with costume figures in interior and pastoral scenes, thin 16mo, red 
levant morocco extra, edges gilt, by Riviere 

Paris, chez le S. Desnos, circa 1760 

( 44 ) 

567. HEGGE (Robert) Legend of St. Cuthbert, with the Antiquities of the 

Church of Durham, by B — R — , frontispiece, 18mo, morocco 1663 

568. HEIDELOFF (N.) Gallery of Fashion, 1794.5-6-7 (vols. I to IV), four 

engraved titles and 95 plates containing 173 figures, all executed in 
coloured aquatint, 4 vols,, 4to, contemporary hf. morocco 1794-7 

569. HEINSIUS (D.) [Emblemata] Dan. Heinsii Lof-Sanck van Jesus Christus 

ende zyne andere Nederduytze Poemata — Ambacht van Cupido, etc., 
in several parts, numerous copper-plates, thick oblong 16mo, original 
vellum, red edges Amsterdam, W. I. Blaewis:, 1622 

570. HENDERSON (A.) History of Ancient and Modern Wines, vignettes, 

roy. 4to, calf gilt 1824 

571. Another copy, old calf, rebacked 1824 

572. HENRI II. La Magnifica et Triumphale Entrata del Christianiss. Re 

di Francia Henrico Secondo de questo nome fatta nella Nobile et 
Antique Citta di Lyone, 1548, woodcuts, small 4to, red morocco gilt 
extra, by Belz-Niedree Lyon, 1549 

573. HENRI III. Ordonnance du Roy Henri Troisieme, sur le faict de ses 

Monnoyes, 24 pp., 12mo, red morocco, by Trautz-Bauzonnet Paris, 1574 

574. HENTZNER (P.) Journey into England in the Year 1598 (edited by 

Horace Walpole, and first printed 1757), extra illustrated with a number 
of portraits and views, cr. 8vo, old diced calf gilt Strawberry Hill, 1757 
*^* Only 200 copies printed. 

575. HERBERT (George) Jacula Prudentum, or Outlandish Proverbs, Sen- 

tences, etc., 18mo, old hf. calf 1631 

576. (Lady Lucy, of Powis) Several Excellent Methods of Hearing Mass, 

12mo, mottled calf gilt Bruges, J. de Cock, 1732 

577. (Lady) Impressions of Spain in 1866, 15 illustrations, imp. 8vo, 

hf. morocco 1867 

578. HERODOTUS (History of), by G. and H. Ravvlinson and Sir J. E. 

Wilkinson, maps and illustrations, 4 vols., 8vo, full vellum gilt, red 
edges 1862 

579. HEURES a 1' Usage de Rome (Hore Secundum Usum Romanum), at 

end " Ces Presentes heures a lusaige de Romme furent acheuees le 
V jour de Janvier I'an MCCCCC par Thielman Kerver pour Gillet 
remade libraire demourat sur Pont St. Michiel (Paris)," printed on 
VKLLUM, within borders (Calendar, 1487 to 1520), A-o, 22 Unes to a full 
page, 12 large figures, sm. 8vo, modern stamped brown morocco, by 
J. Clarke {Brtinet, no. 166) 1500 

SSO. a r Usage de Rome. Hor« dive Virginis Marie secundum 

verum usum Romanum cum aliis multis folio sequenti notatis, una cum 
figuris apocalypsis, ... (at end] Parisius impressum anno Domini 1511 ; 

( 45 ) 

Heures — continued. 

die vero quinta mensis Aprilus, opera Thielmann Kerver, printed 
ox VELLUM, within borders (Calendar, 1506-30), A-o, 26 lines to a full 
page, in red and black, 18 (only) large figures, wanting inset (6 pp.) of 
sheet L, sm. 8vo, stamped morocco 1511 

*^* Probably a second reprint of the Usage of 1505 {Bruit et, 181;. 

581. a rUsage de Rome. [At end] "Ces Presentes Heures a lusaige de 

Rome tout au long sans requirer avec les Figures de I'apocalypse et 
plusieurs autres belles Hystoires faictes a la Mode d' Italic, Imprimees a 
Paris par Guillaume Anabat . . . pour Gillet Hardouyn . . . et pour Ger- 
main Hardouyn," printed on vellum, within borders (Calendar, 1500- 
1520), A-N in eights, 29 lines to a full page, in red and black, 17 large 
figures, sm. 8vo, contemporary olive morocco gilt, centre and corner 
devices, edges gilt 15 — 

*^* Brunei, 215. — " Ex Bibliotheca Nicolai Joseph Foucault Comitis Con- 
sistoriani " (armorial book-plate), also (at end) " Ex Biblioth. M. Ant. 
Oudinet Antiquarii Reg." 

582. a r usage de Rome. Hore Beatc Marie Virginis secundum Usum 

Romanum absque requisitione aliqua cum pluribus orationibus in Gallico 
et Latine, printed on vellum, within borders (Calendar, 1507-1527), 
13911. (collation not quite regular), 21 lines to a full page, 18 large full- 
page figures, sm, 8vo, modern stamped morocco {Brunei, 69) 

Paris, Simon Vostre (1507) 

583. de Nostre Dame a I'Usage de Rome, nouvellement imprimees en 

Latin et Frangois, avec le Kalendrier historial par M. Rene Benoist 
(avec Suffrages et Vespres), woodcuts, 12mo, contemporary brown 
morocco, full gilt and tooled back and sides, with "St. Croix" centre 
ornaments, corners of fleurs-de-lys, and leafy sprays entwined, deco- 
rative borders, gilt edges (Le Gascon ?) Paris, cliez G. de la None, 1597 

584. du Moyen Age, beautifully produced in chromolithography with 

large and small miniatures and figured borders, sm. 4to, crimson 
morocco extra, with centre figure in gilt of the Crucifixion with atten- 
dant saints and the Sacred Heart, edges gilt, gothic metal clasps, by 
Gruel Paris, GrucI-Engelman-n, 1862 

585. Livre d' Heures d'apres les Manuscrits de la Bibliotheque Royale, 

chromolithographed throughout, with miniatures and borders, sm. 4to, 
full citron morocco gilt extra, panelled back with border and centre 
inlays of different colour, the sides gorgeously decorated with red 
border and centre panel, diced tooling in 123 compartments, each con- 
taining alternate red and green inlays, decorated with gilt leaf and 
rosette, gilt gauffred and burnished edges, metal clasps with leather 
hinges, by Gruel Paris, Engehnann et Graf, 1846 

See also HoR^. 

( 46 ) 

586. HILLESSEMIUS (LuDOVici) Sacrarum Antiquitatum Monumenta, Inia- 

ginibus et Elogiis apparata atque inscripta, plates of biblical characters, 
12nio, parchment boards Antverpicc, C. Planiin, 1577 

587. HISTOIRE Secrete de la Duchesse d' Hanover Epouse de Georges I 

roi de la Grande Bretagne, 18mo, red morocco Londres, 1732 

588. HOFFER (Johannis) Icones Catecheseos et Virtutumacvitiorum illustratae 

numeris, item Historia Passionis J. C, many woodcuts, 16mo, polished 
calf gilt Vitebergcc, 1560 

589. HOKUSAI, by C. J. Holmes, plates, sm. 4to, boards, cloth back 

Unicorn Press, 1899 

590. HOLBEIN (Jean) Dance of Death — Imagines Mortis, his accesserunt 

Epigrammata in Latinum translata a Georgio .^mylio, 53 woodcuts, 
16mo, purple morocco extra by Holloway Colonicv, 1572 

591. Montaiglon (Anatole) The Celebrated Hans Holbein's Alphabet 

of Death, with Latin Sentences and English Quatrains, old style woodcut 
border with small figures of the Dance, sm. 8vo, hf . morocco by Bedford 

Paris, E. Tross, 1856 

592. Another copy, printed on india paper, red morocco extra 

E. Tross, 1856 

593. Le Triomphe de la Mort grave d'apres les dessins originaux de 

Holbein par Chr. de Mechel, 47 plates, sq. 12mo, red morocco extra, by 
Cape (Paris) 1780 

594. HOLLAR (W.) Amoenissimae Aliquot Locorum in Diversis Provinciis 

iacentium Effigies, title and 23 little etchings of German and Flemish 
Towns, etc. (Parthy 695-718), mounted in an 8vo vol., mottled calf gilt, 
by Zaehnsdorf Hogenberg, Colonice, 1635 

595. Aula Veneris sive Varietas Foeminini Sexus, diversarum Europae 

Nationum, title and 84 etchings of full-length costumes (Parthy 1805 
et seqq.), hinged in 8vo album, dark green morocco by Holloway 1644 

596. Life of Abraham, set of 32 plates (Parthy 20 ei seqq.), mounted in 

an album, calf gilt, oblong 12mo 16 — 

597. Ornatus Muliebris Anglicanus, or Severall Habits of E^ngUsh 

Women as they are in these times, title and 26 plates of full-length 
figures (some inlaid), 4to, calf gilt 1640 

598. Another edition, 12mo, hf. calf R. Sayer, n. d. (17 — ) 

599. Passion of Christ, 16 plates, after the designs of H. Holbein 

(Parthy 116-131), fine early impressions, mounted to square 12mo, 
morocco gilt extra, edges gilt 16 — 

( 47 ) 

600. HOLLAR, Theatrum Mulierum, sive Varietas atque Differentia Habitum 

Foeminei Sexus, diversarum Europae Natioiium, title and 39 figures 
only ; (Parthy 1804 eiseqq.), early impressions, hinged in 8vo album, full 
brown morocco gilt extra, back and sides, edges gilt, by Zachnsdorf, 
13 other etchings by Hollar loose at end 1643 

601. HOMER, Les XXIHI Livres d'Homere, reduict en tables demonstratives, 

figurees par Crespin de Passe, avec argumens Poetiques par le Sieur 
J. Hillaire, 2 portraits and 24 very choice plates, 4to, old vellum 

Baiavortim, 1613 

602. Works. Iliads, Odyssey and Poems and Epigrams, by George 

Chapman, with Introduction and Notes by Rev. R. Hooper, 5 vols. sq. 
post Bvo, green morocco extra, edges gilt, by Hammond 

Lib. of Old Authors, nbS 

603. the Iliad of, rendered into English Blank Verse by Edward, Earl 

of Derby, 2 vols., Svo, orange morocco extra by Hollovvay 1864 

604. HONE (Wm.) Works. Every-Day Book, Year Book and Table Book, 

436 woodcuts, 4 vols., Svo, hf. calf gilt 1838 

605. HOOD (Thomas) The Epping Hunt, 6 plates by G. Cruikshank, 12mo, 

hf. morocco gilt 1829 

606. HOOK (Theodore E.) Gilbert Gurney, frontispiece, cr. Svo, full calf gilt 

Bentlcy, 1841 

607. HORACE, Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera, ISmo, red morocco (? Derome) 

Brindley, Londini, 1744 

608. Q. Horatii Flacci Opera, with an Ordo and Verbal translation by 

J. Stirling, revised by P. A. Nuttall, 4 vols. 12mo, gi-een morocco extra, 
edges gilt, by Holloway T. Ward, 1827 

609. HOR.(E (Rouen Us.\ge) Les Presentes heures a lusaige de Rouan aulong 

sans requirer ; avec les Miracles Nostre Dame et les Figures de 
l' Apocalypse et de la Bible et des TnioMPHEsde Cesar, et plusieurs 
aultres Hystoires faictes a I'antique. Ont este imprimees pour Simon 
VosTRE Libraire demourant a Paris, printed on vellum [Almanac for 
21 years from 1508 to 1528], 84 11. woodcut borders throughout, 25 
magnificent painted and illuminated large figures including the Printer's 
Device and the Anatomical Figure, and upwards of 350 smaller painted 
figures in the text and in the borders, the whole of which are beautifully 
painted in red, blue, green and gold, with hundreds of initial letters 
similarly treated, in wonderful state, very large Svo, old stamped rough 
calf, with leather inlay on either side of oval device of the Crucifixion, 
with sun, moon and stars, the two Marys attending [Bnmet, 76) 15 — 

*^* Arms of Jehan de Clisson painted in centre of Printer's Device 
add suspended from the tree. 

( 48 ) 

610. HOR^, Hore Bte Marie Scdm Usum Komanu expliciut felicit. Parisius 

impressc per Plgidium Hardouyn : comorantem in confinio potis 
nre Dtle in itersignio Rose. Venale habet ante Palaciu in intersignio 
sancte Margarcte. [Almanac 1514-1522], printed on vellum, gotljic 
letters, 26 lines to a full page, a to N 4 in eights, + 8 preliminary 11., 

15 large and 2 smaller painted figures within gold borders, capitals 
throughout in red, blue and gold, narrow 12mo, brown morocco extra, 
edges marble-gilt, by Lortic Paris, 15 — 

611. in Laudem Beatissimae Virginis Marie ad usum Romanun (Kalendar 

1556-1563), woodcut borders composed of floral designs with birds, 
animals and insects, to every page, and 18 small woodcuts in the text 
(Geoffrey Tory), post 8vo, brown morocco extra, edges gilt by Cham- 
bolle-Duru {Bninet, 334) Parisiis apud Thielmanum Keri'er. 1556 

612. Officium Beatce Mariae Virginis cum Indulgentiis et Orationibus 

aClemente VIII ordinatis, stout 16mo, contemporary red morocco, back 
and sides covered with rich gilt tooHng, original metal clasps with 
leather hinges Paris, apud Eusi. FoucauU, 1620 

613. Beatae Marie Virginis, cum Calendario, illuminated MS. on 

VELLUM [Flemish], 134 11., 17 lines to a page, many painted borders, 

16 large painted miniatures and 73 smaller (a few rather damaged or 
restored), thick 8vo, full red morocco gilt, gilt scroll border on sides 
[French 17th century] Sere. XV 

614. B. M. v., cum Calendario, illuminated MS. on vellum [Flemish 

circa 1480], 199 11., ruled margins in i-ed throughout, 8 beautiful illumi- 
nated miniatures, 7 within elaborate painted borders, designed in 
compartments and decorated with flowers, birds, fruit, snakes, etc., and 
many hundreds of large and small painted and illuminated initial letters, 
stout small 8vo, stamped red velvet, gilt and gauffred edges Sccc. XV 

615. B. M. v., cum Calendario, illuminated MS, on vellum, 252 11. 

[Flemish 15th century], 7 full-page illuminated miniatures with designed 
and floriated borders, decorated with angels, birds, fruit, and grotesque 
figures, over 250 of the pages having beautiful painted leafy borders 
heightened with gold, with many hundreds of illuminated initial letters, 
stout small 8vo, modern black morocco extra, with metal clasps, gauffred 
gilt edges Sa:c. XV 

616. Illuminated MS. on vellum [Flemish 15th century], 76 11., about 

50 pp. having illuminated borders on 3 or 4 sides, of typical elaborate 
Flemish design, with flowers, birds, and fruit, 7 full-page illuminated 
miniatures ; 33 smaller ditto, and very numerous rubricated and illu- 
minated initials, 18mo, contemporary blind stamped leather over 
bevelled oak boards with clasps, binding restored Scec. XV 

617. B. M. V. (no Calendar), MS. on stout vellum, large gatljij: Utters 

[French, early 15th century], 185 U., each page having most elaborate 

( 49 ) 

HoR^ — continued. 

decorative borders of floreated scroll design in blue, red and gold, 28 
painted miniatures (much restored and the work throughout injured by 
damp), sq. 8vo, old French red morocco, designed sides and gilt, also 
much restored, with modern clasps, edges gilt Scec. XV 

618. B. M, v., cum Kalendario, MS. ON VELLUM [Flemish, 15th century], 

174 11., 7 large and 15 smaller miniatures, and about 40 (whole or part) 
painted borders, also hundreds of small initials, beautifully coloured and 
illuminated, size 7^ in. by 5 in., modern vellum, with clasp Scec. XV 

619. B. M. v., cum Kalendario, illuminated MS. on vellum, 227 II. 

[French, 15th century], collation : 6 preliminary 11. Rosa Beatae ; 
Calendar, 12 11., 4 full-page miniatures, then beginning " Incipit Officium 
beate Marie Scdin usum et consuetudinem Romane Ecclesiae ad matu- 
tinas " ; 7 full-page painted and illuminated miniatures, with round or 
dome tops, each miniature having full elaborate decorative borders of 

I floral design, the first four with small inset miniatures illustrating inci- 

dents in the lives of Saints, the opening page similarly decorated, with 
5 small miniature insets in the border, making in all 17 smaller minia- 
tures, a beautiful large initial " D," and 31 other pages having exquisite 
leafy three-sided borders, with large painted initials and hundreds of 
small initials painted and illuminated, thick sm. 8vo, modern black 

( stamped morocco, edges gilt Scec. XV 

*:f* Formerly in the Valicon Family. An old MS. note on September 
Calendar : " Le troisieme de Septembre a este baptsee Charlote VaUcon 
ma filse nee la Vingthuit d'aoust jour du lundy sur les trois heurs de 
Matin de I'annee mil six Cents dixsept ..." 

620. B. M. v., cum Kalendario, illuminated MS. on fine vellum, 

160 11. [French, 16th century], 15 painted miniatures with gold borders 
of structural design, and 26 smaller miniatures of Saints, and many 
hundreds of initial letters in gold with black and white designs, 16mo, 
parchment covers with gilt borders of fleurs-de-lys and strawberry-leaf 
design, edges gilt Scec. XVI 

*^* Kalendar lacks Jan. and part of Feb. 

621. B. M. v., cum Kalendario, small illuminated MS. on very fine 

vellum, 186 11. [French, early 15th century (Renaissance)], 14 minia- 
tures, with borders of gold, decorated with flowers, insects, fruits and 
" panneaux," also very numerous painted and illuminated initial letters 
and designed end-lines in colours and in gold, 16mo, old brown morocco 
gilt Scec. XVI 

See also Heures. 

622. HOUWAERT (J. B.) Sommare Beschryvinghe vade triumphelycke 
Incomst vanden voorluchtighen ende hooghghebosen Aerts-hertoge 
Matthias Binnen die Princelycke Stadt van Brussele in t'iaer ons 
Heeren 1578 den 18 dach Januarii, woodcuts, sm. 4to, red morocco, by 
Bedford Plantin, Antwerp, 1579 

s ' 

( 60 ) 

623. HUET (Monsieuh) Treatise of Romances and their Original, translated 

out of the French, 18mo, mottled calf gilt 1672 

624. HUGHES (T.) Scouring of the White Horse, or Long Vacation Ramble 

of a London Clerk, first edition, illustrations by Richard Doyle, sm. 
4to, original blue cloth gilt 1859 

625. HUGO (V.) Hunchback of Notre Dame, translated by F. Shoberl, frontis- 

piece, cr. Svo, tree-calf gilt Bentley, 1849 

626. Notre Dame de Paris, translated by A. L. Alger, illustrations, 

2 vols., cr. Svo, cloth 1895 

627. HUISH (M. B.) Japan and its Art, numerous illustrations, cr. Svo, cloth 

extra (1892) 

628. HULSE (L.) XII Primorum Caesarum et LXIHI Ipsorum Uxorum et 

Parentum ex Antiquis Numismatibus, sm. 4to, old calf 

Spiro!, B. Albini, 1599 

629. HUMPHREYS (H. Noel) Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages, 

executed by a series of examples printed in colours by Owen Jones, 
plates in gold and colours, imp. folio, hf. red morocco, edges gilt 1849 

630. HYGINIUS. Clarissimi Viri Hyginii Poeticon Astronomicon, opus utilis- 

simum Foeliciter Incipit, very curious woodcuts, emblematical of the 
planets, etc., and woodcut initials, sm. 4to, red morocco extra, by Duru 

Venetiis, Ratdolt, 1485 

631. HYMNI et Collectae item Evangelia, Epistote, Introitus, Gradualia, etc., 

woodcuts (623 pp.), thick 18mo, brown morocco extra, by Bedford 

Colonice, 1585 

632. IDEE de la Religion Chretienne, 65 plates by F. Ertlinger, 12mo, parch- 

ment Paris, n.d., circa 1700 

633. IGNATIUS DE LOYALA. Vita Beati Ignatii Loiolae Soc. Jes. Fund., 

title, portrait and 76 plates, sm. 4to, russia, gilt edges Roma;, 1609 

*^* Sunderland copy. 

634. Another copy, 75 plates only, 4to, hf. calf Roma;, 1622 

635. ISRAELS (Jozef) Spain : the Story of a Journey, translated by A. Teixeira 

de Mattos, portrait and 39 reproductions, imp. Svo, cloth extra 

Nimmo, 1900 

636. ITALIAN ENGRAVERS of the Fifteenth Century, with Introduction by 

G. W. Reid, facsimiles, folio, roxburghe Quaritch, 1884 

637. ITALIAN TALES of Humour, Gallantry and Romance, selected and"^^ 

translated from the Italian, illustrated by G. Cruikshank, cr. Svo, calf, 
gilt tops London, 1824 

638. JACQUEMART (Albert) Histoire de la Ceramique, 12 original etchings 

and 200 woodcuts, and 1000 marks, imp. Svo, hf. morocco, full gilt 
extra 1873 

( 51 ) 

639. JACQUEMART (Albert) and LE BLANT (E.) Histoire Artistique, 

Industrielle et Commerciale de la Porcelaine, 26 etchings by J, Jacque- 
mart, stout folio, hf. green morocco extra Paris, 1862 

640. JAMESON (Mrs. A. B.) Early Italian Painters, from Ciraabue to Bassano, 

illustrations, or. 8vo, full brown morocco extra, edges gilt 1859 

641. Works, viz. Legends of the Madonna, Monastic Orders, Sacred 

and Legendary Art, 2 vols.. History of Our Lord, 2 vols. ; in all 6 vols., 
sq. 8vo, uniform bevelled calf extra (monastic style), edges gilt 


642. JAPANESE. (Hokusai). Series of Japanese Colour Prints with native 

text, illustrating the Town and Rural Life of Japan, with views and 
figures, printed on 40 blocks, in 2 sections, roy. 8vo, sewn, native 
figured yellow paper covers 18 — 

643. (KoRiUSAi). Volume with native text, illustrated with a line series 

of colour prints illustrating phases of Domestic Life, showing Interiors, 
with musical instruments, etc., 8vo, sewn, original native covers 17 — 

644. (A MiCROCOSMOs). Series of Illustrations (some in tints), by a 

native artist, with descriptions, consisting of some hundreds of figures, 
many on a page, depicting mountains and tempests, bridges, flowers, 
fish, birds, with groups of figures in all sorts of attitudes and occupa- 
tions, and many fantastic scenes, probably illustrating Folk and Fairy 
Tales, in 6 vols., 8vo, native stitched paper covers of different colours 


645. DRAWINGS. (HoKio Tsukioka Sessai). 12 beautiful Japanese 

Drawings in colours, on fine silk, depicting Domestic Scenes and 
Amusements, mounted on cards, with gold paper borders and end- 
leaves, in folding album, 4to, native figured silk 18/A century 

646. ROMANCE. Chiushingura, or the Loyal League, translated by 

Frederick V. Dickins, with a Metrical Version of the Ballad of Taka- 
sago, numerous engravings by Japanese artists, roy. 8vo, cloth extra 

Allen & Co., 1880 

647. JEUX DE LA PETITE THALIE (Les) Ou les Amusemens de la 

Jeunesse, nouvelles varietes Amusantes dC I'Ambigu-Comique, frontis- 
piece and 90 charming plates in the Watteau style, narrow 16mo, blue 
morocco extra, edges gilt over marble, by Lortic 

Paris, chez Desiios, n. d. (circa 1770) 

648. JOACHIM (Abbas) Vaticinae sive prophetiae Abbatis Joachimi et Anselmi, 

cum prefatione et adnotationibus Paschalini Regiselmi, copper cuts, 
sm. 4to, yellow morocco extra, by Bedford Venetiis, 1589 

649. JODE (P. de) Female Saints, 69 figures cut-out and mounted in 8vo vol., 

old green morocco gilt 16 — 

E 2 

( 52 ) 

650. JOHNSON (A. H.) History of the Worshipful Company of Drapers of 

London with an Introduction on London and her Guilds up to the close 
of the XVth Century, reproductions, 2 vols., imp. 8vo, cloth gilt 1914 

651. JOHNSON (S.) Life, by J. Boswell, edited by Cooper and Wright, 40 

illustrations, 10 vols., post 8vo, hf. morocco Bohn, 1859 

652. JOUJOU (Les) Des Demoiselles, avec des Nouvelles Gravures, text en- 

graved throughout, with vignettes by Eisen, large 8vo, hf. green 
morocco gilt, by Hardy, all edges uncut Paris, n. d. (1752) 

\* J. D. Lewis copy. 

653. JOVIUS (Paulus) Dialogo dell' Imprese Militari et Amorose di Giovis 

Vescovo di Nocera et S. Gabriel Symeoni Fiorentino con ragionamento 
di Lodovico Domenichi, woodcuts of emblems, post 8vo, red morocco 
extra Lyone, 1574 

654. JULIAN (J.) Dictionary of Hymnology, stout roy. 8vo, etc. 1892 

655. JUNIUS MEDICUS (Hadrianus) Emblemata, ejusdem iEnigmatum 

Libellus, quaint woodcuts, in 1 vol., post 8vo, blue morocco extra, by 
Hardy Antwerpioe, Chr. Plantin, 1565 

656. JUVENAL. Junii Juvenalis et auli Persii Flacci Satyras, 32mo, old red 

morocco gilt, panelled line sides, with monogramme couronnee, com- 
posed of two A's and two M's Amsterdam, Janssoninm, 1626 
*^* Companion volume to Ausonius, q. v. 

657. KAEMPFER (Eug.) History of Japan, an Account of the antient and 

present State and Government of that Empire, its Temples, Palaces^ 
Castles, etc., translated by J. G. Scheuchzer, plates, 2 vols., folio, old 
calf, rebacked 1728 

658. KALENDAR. Illuminated MS., 12 U. [French 14th Century], con- 

taining Calendar of Saints, beautifully written in alternate red and blue, 
the particular saints in gold, each month having designed and painted 
heading, and each page having two side borders of simple leafy design, 
heightened with gold, and the Sabbath initials illuminated, thin 4to, 
crimson levant morocco extra, by Riviere Sa:c. XIV 

659. KEMPIS (Thomas a) Dell' Imitatione di Christi, copper-cuts, narrow 

24mo, old stamped brown morocco Parigi, n. d. (16 — ) 

660. De r Imitation de J. C, trad. nouv. par le Sieur C. I. E. A. A. P., 

plates, 24mo, old red morocco gilt (Derome) Paris, 1714 

661. L' Imitation de Jesus Christ, traduction nouvelle avec des Reflexions 

a la fin de chaque chapitre par I'Abbe F. de Lamennais, plates, 24mo, 
yellow morocco gilt extra, centre back panels inlaid red, the sides inlaid 
blue borders, covered with fleurs-de-lys, corner panels inlaid red with 
the crowned L, edges gilt Paris, Ambroisc Bray, 1861 

( 53 ) 

662. KEMPIS. Of the Following of Christ (translated), reviewed, and in divers 

things corrected by M. C, Confessor to English Nuns at Paris, 24mo, 
old French brown morocco gilt, back and sides covered with fleurs-de- 
lys Printed at Paris by Mistress Blageart, 1636 

663. KERR (Robt.) The Gentleman's House, or How to Plan English Resi- 

dences, illustrations, 8vo, cloth 1864 

664. KILIAN (Luca) Newes A. B. C. Biiechlein, title and 24 designed letters, 

beautifully decorated, sm. 4to inlaid to 4to, mottled calf gilt 

Augsburg, 1627 

665. KLEINER (S.) L' Hotel Superbe de la Ville d'Augsbourg, represente en 

XVI differentes Vues, exterieures et principalement interieures, descrip- 
tions in French and German, plates by J. C, Pinz, after Kleiner, oblong 
folio, paper covers Augsburg, 1732 

666. KONIG (Peter) Rosetum Seraphicum Fragrans Flosculis, Figuris sera- 

phici Patris S. Francisci, cum Elogiis, 45 plates, ISmo, brown morocco 
extra, by Zaehnsdorf Monachii, 1622 

667. KOSTKA (Stanislai) Phiiosophia Sacra sive Vita, 40 plates, 4to, stamped 

morocco, by Zaehnsdorf Dilingce, 1715 

668. KRILOF and his Fables, by W. R. S. Ralston, illustrations, cr. 8vo, cloth 

extra 1869 

669. LABARTE (M. Jules) Handbook of the Arts of the Middle Ages and 

Renaissance, woodcuts, 8vo, blue calf extra 1855 

670. LABORDE (Alex, de) Versailles, Ancien et Moderne, plates and wood- 

cuts, imp, 8vo, hf. green morocco extra, by Riviere Paris, 1841 

671. LA BORDE (B. de) Choix de Chansons, mises en Musique, ornees d'Es- 

tampes par J. M. Moreau, original edition', 4 vols., roy. 8vo, contem- 
porary French marbled calf, gilt back and sides Paris, 1773 

672. LA BORDERIE (Le Seigneur de) L'Amie de Court inventee par le 

Seigneur de Borderie, 12mo, red morocco extra, gilt device on sides, 
by Trautz-Bauzonnet s.p. n. d., circa 1680 

673. LACE. Das Neue Modclbuch von Schonen Nidereyen Ladengewurck 

und Paterleinsarbeit, engraved title and 50 plates, sm. oblong 4to, red 
morocco extra, by Hardy Nurnberg, Paulus Fursten, 1666 

674. Ein New Modelbuch auff aussnehen von porten wircke in Laden 

imd langen gestell, gemert von gepessert mitt new andern Modeln, 
woodcut title, and 29 plates, mainly in several compartments, of floral 
designs, sm. 4to, new parchment boards 

Bedruckt in der Furstliche Siadt Zwickau, dutch Hanns Schonsperger, 

ann 22 Oct., Anno XXII II [l/24] 

( 54 ) 

675. LACE. Esemplario di lauori dove le tenere fanciulle e altre donne nobile 

potranno facilmcnte imparare il modo orditie di lauorare (title in fac- 
simile), 36 plates of designs for lace, etc., sm. 4to, modern boards with 
leather back {Venezia), 1528 

676. Another copy, woodcut title, and 45 plates of lace and needle- 
work designs, sm. 4to, modern boards, leather back, edges entirely 

[At end] Finesse il Libro intitulato Esemplaris di loiiori. Stampato 
in Veitegia per Nicolo d'Aristoiile deito Zoppino, MDXXX 

677. II Monte : Opera Nova de Recami, ncUaquale si ritrova, varic, 

e diverse sorti di mostre, di punti in aiere, a fogliami, 21 plates of bold 
lace designs, sm. 4to, red morocco extra, by Chambolle-Duru 

Vendia, n. d. (1557 ?) 

678. Esempalrio di Lauori : che Insegna alle donne il modo e ordine 

lavorare, woodcut border to title with 6 small illustrations of industry, 
and 47 separate designs including one folding plate, large 8vo, crimson 
morocco extra, edges gilt, by Hammond 

In Vineggia per Giovanni Andita Vavassore detto Gnadagnino Nelli, 1546 

679. La Gloria et I'Honore di Ponti Tagliati, e Ponti in Aere : Opera 

Nova, & con somma diligentia posta in luce, woodcut title, and 29 
pages of lace designs, woodcut device verso of last design, sm. 4to, 
full modern olive morocco gilt extra, with charming lace-work tooling 
on sides In Vcnezia, perMatUio Pagan, 1556 

680. Modelbuch AUer art Nehens und Stickens. Als Venedigsche 

Stern und Gewirck, auff der Laden, der Lai, die Welisch, Glattstich, 
etc., woodcut title, and 22 plates of designs for lace-work, etc., -f- 4 pp. 
containing 60 figures of birds, fish, insects and animals suitable for the 
needle, sm. 4to, new parchment boards 

Francfurt, bei Christian Egenolff, 1535 

681. The Needles Excellency, a New Booke wherein are diuers Ad- 
mirable Workes wrought with the Needle. Newly invented and cut 
in copper for the pleasure and profit of the Industrious, 10th edition 
inlarged wth. divers newe workes as needleworkes, purles and others, 
never before printed, engraved title of an old garden with figures of 
Wisdomc, Industrie, and FolUe, " Prayse of the Needle," a Poem by 
John Taylor, and 31 (only) plates of designs (some damaged), oblong 
4to, old panelled calf 

Printed for James Baler, and are to be sold at the signe of the 

Marigold in Patties Churchyard, 1636 

682. Another copy, not quite so perfect, small oblong 4to, old panelled 


( 55 ) 

683. LACE. New Modelbuch, alien Nagerin und Sydenstickern, sehr nutz- 

lich zu branche vor nye in Druck aussgangen durch Hans Hoffman, 
Burger und form-schneider zu Strassburg, woodcut title, woodcut 
verso, and 48 pages of designs, mostly of several compartments, 
tradesman's sign at end, on verso, printer's device, and woodcut on 
last leaf, vers6 blank, sm. 4to, new parchment boards 

(at end) Zu Strassburg Gedruckt am Kornmarckt durch Jacob 

Frolich, MDLVI 

684. New Modelbuch Darinnen allerleij Gattung schonen Modeln, der 

Newen aussgeschnitnen arbeit, auff Kragen, Hempter, etc., 28 plates of 
designs (one blank), oblong 4to, new vellum, edges entirely uncut 

Gedruckt zu Lindaw ant Bodensee, bey Hans Ludwig Brem, in 

verlegung Georg. Straub, n, d. (16 — ) 

685. New Modelbuch von allerhandsonderbarn schonen Modeln von 

der jetzt gebreuchliche durchgeschnittener arbeit, etc., title within 
designed border, and 47 elaborate designs for lace-work, sm. oblong 
4to, vellum Strassburg bey B. Jobius Erben, 1596 

68(). Newer Modelbuch in Kupffer gemacht Darinen allerhand Arth 

Newer Model von Diin Mittel und Dick aussgeschnidener arbeit auch 
andern Kunstlichen Nehwerck zu gebrauchen, mit vleiss Inn Druck 
vefertigt, frontispiece, engraved title, and 58 plates of lace and 
needlework patterns, small oblong 4to, new vellum, gilt edges 

Nurnberg, fohan Sibmacher, 1604 

687. Parasole (I. C.) Pretiosa Gemma delle Virtuose Donne. Dove si 

vedouo bellissimi lauori di punto in aria, reticella, etc., e nuovo dati in 
luce da Lucchino Gargano, first edition, 33 designs, sm. oblong 4to, 
crimson morocco extra, by Hardy-Mennil 

Venetia, ad instantia di L. Gargano, 1600 

688. Gemma Pretiosa delle Virtuose donne. Dove si vedano bellisimi 

lauori di Pont' in Aria, nuovo ristampato da Guglielmo Facciotti, con 
alcuni altri bellissimi lauori nuovamente inventati, title and 38 plates, 
sm, oblong 4to, red morocco extra, by Holloway Roma G. Facciotti, 1625 

689. Teatro delle Nobili et Virtuose Donne Dove si rappresentano 

varii Disegni di Lauori novamenti Inventati, et designati da Elizabetta 
Catanea Parasole Romana, title (engraved on copper), and 46 woodcut 
designs, also the rare large folding woodcut at end, oblong 4to, ori- 
ginal vellum with leather ties, leaves entirely uncut 

Mauritio Bona in Piazza Nauona, Rome, 1620 

690. Schon newer Modelbuch : Von Zweyhundert und Achtzig schonen 

kunstreichen und gerechten Modeln, Teutsche und Welsche, woodcut 
title and 59 plates, sm. oblong 4to, vellum 

Frankfurt a. M. Sigismundi Latorni S. Erben, 1629 

( 56 ) 

691 . LACE. [Vecellio (Cesarc)] Corona delle Nobili et Virtuose Donne nel quale 

si dimostra in varii dissegni tutte le sorti de Mostre di Punti tagliati, 
etc., 2 books in 1, 42 pattern designs, woodcut device at end, sm. 
oblong 4to, crimson morocco extra, edges gilt, by Trautz-Bauzonnct 

Venetia, G. Angdieri, a instatttia di Cesare Vecellio (1591) 

692. LACROIX (P.; XVIIle Siecle Institutions, Usages et Costumes, 21 

chromos and 350 other illustrations, super imp. 8vo, original hf . morocco 
extra Paris, 1875 

693. and SERE (F.) Histoire de rOrfevreric-Joaillerie et des anciennes 

communautes d'Orfevres-Joailliers, illustrations, imp. 8vo, hf. morocco 

Paris, 1850 

694. LA FONTAINE (J. de) Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, plates by Eisen, 
■ FIRST ISSUE of the celebrated " Fermiers Generaux " edition, 2 vols., 

sm. 8vo, contemporary French red morocco Amsterdam, 1762 

695. Fables Choisies, mis en vers, vignettes, 12mo, red morocco, edges 

gilt (? Roger Payne) Paris, 1719 

*^* Syston Park copy. 

696. Fables Choisies, mis en vers, fine plates designed by Oudry, 

4 vols., contemporary mottled calf gilt extra, edges gilt Paris, 1755-9 

697. Another copy, large paper, first issue before the inscription on 

the plate " Singe et le Leopard," full contemporary red morocco full gilt 
backs, chain pattern border on sides, edges gilt over red, by Bisiaux, 
with his ticket affixed beneath title imprint 1755-9 

698. Fables de, avec figures gravees par MM. Simon et Coiny, 6 vols. 

in 3, 12mo, half green morocco, gilt tops Paris, 1796 

699. Suite des Gravures, set of Oudry's illustrations, in reduced size, 

etched by various artists, in 2 vols., thin sm. 4to, crimson morocco 
extra Paris, circa 1880 

700. LAING (Malcolm) Disputatio Juridica. — See Binding (Scottish). 

701. LAMB (Charles) Works, portrait, 4 vols., post 8vo, cloth Moxon, 1855 

702. LAMBRANZI (Greg.) Neue und Curicuse Theatralische Tantz-Schul, 

Gezeichnet und in Kupffer gestochen von J. G. Pulchner, 101 curious 
plates of all kind of dances with crude stage-settings, with music, 
folio, calf gilt, edges gilt Nurnberg, 1716 

703. LA MORLIERE (C. J. L. A. Rochette de) Angola, Histoire Indiennc, 

ouvrage sans vraisemblance, charming plates by Eisen, 2 parts in 1 vol., 
12mo, blue morocco extra, edges gilt over marble, by Cuzin 

Agra, avec Privilege du Grand-Mogol. Paris (1751) 

704. LA MOTTE (M. de) Fables Nouvelles, avec discerns sur la Fable, 

numerous plates, 12mo, orange morocco extra Amsterdam, 1727 

( 57 ) 

705. LAMPSON (D.) Pictorum Aliquot Celebrium Germanae Inferiores Effigies, 

21 engraved portraits by CoUaert, etc., sm. folio, old vellum 

Antwerp. (16 — ) 

*^* Bound up with De Jode's Emblems and J. de Bosscher's Diversorum 

706. LANE (E. W.) Arabian Society in the Middle Ages, Studies from the 

Thousand-and-one Nights, edited by S. Lane- Poole, cr. 8vo, cloth 1883 

707. LA PERRIERE TOLOSAN (Guillaume de) Les Considerations des 

Quatre Mondes, a. savoir est : Divin, Angelique, Celeste, et Sensible, 
en quatre Centuries de quatrains, woodcut frontispiece, and woodcut 
borders throughout, sm. Svo, red morocco gilt extra, arms on sides, 
fleur-de-lys shield couronnee, with crossed banners 

Lyon, M. Bonhomme, 1552 

708. LARPENT (Sir G.) Private Journal of Judge-Advocate Larpent attached 

to H.Q. of Dk. of WeUington during the Peninsular War, 1812 to its 
close, Svo, calf gilt 1854 

709. LA PLACE (M. de) Suite d'Estampes (pour Collection des Romans et 

Contes imites de I'Anglois), 24 charming plates (premieres epreuves), 
after A. Borel, Svo, old mottled calf gilt Paris, 1788 

710. LAS CASES (Count de) Memoirs of the Life, Exile and Conversations 

of the Emperor Napoleon, portrait, 4 vols., cr. Svo, hf. morocco gilt, 
edges gilt Colburn, 1836 

711. LASSUS (Orlandi de) Modulorum (quinta pars), woodcut initials, 

2 vols, in 1, sm. oblong 4to, old vellum Paris, 1565 

*^* Much mutilated, 16 pp. of part I and 8 pp. of part II (of vol. I) torn out, 
the second vol. only being intact. 

712. LANSPERGUS (Joannes, Charter-House Monk) An Epistle of Jesus 

Christ to the Faithful Soul, written in Latin and translated by Lord 
Phihp, 19th Earl of Arundel, post Svo, green morocco gilt extra, deco- 
rated sides, gilt centre ornament "au pointille," escalloped corners 
with inlay of red, tooled to match, edges gilt, by Zaehnsdorf 

(1610), reprinted J. Philp, 1867 

713. LAWRENCE (Sir Trevor) Catalogue of the Collection of Japanese 

Works of Art, formed between 1869 and 1894, edited by M. B. Huish, 
numerous plates, 4to, cloth extra Privately printed, 1895 

714. LAZARILLE DE TORMES. Aventures et Espiegleries de, 14 plates 

by and after N. Ransonnette, 2 vols, in 1, hf. brown morocco extra, 
edges gilt Paris, 1801 

715. LE CLERC (Sebastien) La Passion de N. S. Jesus Christ et Ics Actions 

du Pretre, small engravings, ISmo, old calf Paris, 1729 

( 53 ) 

716. LE CLERC. Collection of Thirty-one Figures, illustrating the Celebration 

of the Mass, each with a visionary vignette of scenes from the Life of 
Christ, cut out and mounted (contemporary), in 12mo vol., old paper 
boards 16 — 

717. LEE (Rev. F. G.) Dircctorium Anglicanum, a Manual of Directions for 

Celebrating the Holy Communion, etc., plates of vestments, etc., 4to, 
cloth 1865 

718. LEMPRIERE (J.) Classical Dictionary, 8vo, vellum gilt extra 1820 

719. LE SAGE (A. R.) Histoire de Gil Bias de Santillane, etched plates, 

4 vols., 12mo, red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hardy- Mennil 

Paris, 1747 

720. Histoire de Gil Bias de Santillane (Edition Cazin), 4 vols., 18mo, 

French mottled calf gilt, edges gilt over red Londrcs {Paris), 1783 

721. Histoire de Gil Bias de Santillane, Edition ornee de Figures en 

Taille Douce, gravees par les meilleurs Artistes, 100 plates, 4 vols., 
or. 8vo, marone morocco gilt, edges gilt 

Iniprimerie de Didot Jetine, an III^ (1795) 

722. Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillane, translated by T. Smollett, 

24 plates after Smirke, and 10 etchings by G. Cruikshank, cr. 8vo, hf. 
calf gilt Bohn, 1861 

723. Le Bachelier de Salamanque, ou Les Memoires de D. Cherubin 

de la Ronda, tires d'un Manuscrit Espanol, 2 vols., post 8vo, red 
morocco extra, b)' Bedford Paris, 1741 

724. Diable Boiteux (edition Classiques Frangais), 2 vols, in 1, 12mo, 

calf gilt Paris, n. d. 

725. Diable Boiteux, or Devil upon Two Sticks, translated from the 

last Paris edition, curious plates, 2 vols., 12mo, old calf gilt Tonson, 1729 

726. La Valise Trouvee, plates by Tardieu, 12mo, new calf gilt 

Maesiricht, 1779 

727. L'ESCOLE Parfaite des Ofliciers de Bouche, 12mo, full red morocco gilt, 

edges gilt, by Hardy Paris, 1666 

728. LEVER (Charles) Davenport Dunn, a Man of Our Day, plates by 

H. K. Browne, first edition, 2 vols., 8vo, hf. calf 1859 

729. LEWES (F. de Granada) Of Prayer and Meditation, contayningfoureteene 

Meditations, for the seaven daies of the Weeke ; both for Mornings 
and Evenings, (at end) an Excellent Treatise of Consideration and 
Prayer, 2 vols, in 1, thick 18mo, old stamped gilt calf, gauffred edges, 
back very ornamental (Lyonese style) 

London, P. Short for W. Wood, at the West Ende of Patties, at the 

signe of Tyme, 1599 

( 59 ) 

730. LEYSER (Polycarpi) Historia Poetarum et Pocmatum Medii ^vi decern, 

thick 12mo, old vellum Magdeb. 1721 

731. LIBRI (Guill.aume) Monuments Inedits ou peu Connus, reproductions 

of bindings, drawings, MS., etc., imp. folio, hf. bound 1862 

732. LICHTENBERGER (Johaxnis) Die Weissagunge, woodcut title and 

fine woodcuts, by Melchior Sachsen, 18mo, blue morocco extra, by 
Cape {Wittcmberg), 1527 

733. LIEVRE (Ed.) Les Collections Celcbres d'CEuvres d'Art, dessinees et 

gravees d'apres les Originaux, numerous fine plates, 2 vols., roy. folio, 
half green morocco extra Paris, 1866 

734. Works of Art in the Collections of England, many fine plates, 

imp. folio, in original board portfolio, unbound Holloway, n. d. 

735. LINGARD (J.) History and Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church, 

2 vols., 8vo, hf. green morocco gilt 1845 

736. History of England from the Invasion of the Romans to 1688, 

plates, 10 vols, in 5, post 8vo, polished calf extra 1854 

737. LINGENDES (Claude de) Quelques Advis pour bien Vivre selon Dieu, 

12mo, old red morocco, elaborately tooled and gilt back and sides, star 
centre with monogram DC and four small s's, gauffred edges deco- 
rated with coloured flowers and gilt, by Le Gascon 

Paris, chez Fr. Mugtiet, 1660 

738. LINDLEY (G. and J.) Guide to the Orchard and Kitchen Garden, 8vo, 

calf gilt 1831 

739. LITANY. Exercitium Hebdomadarium cum Litaniis Variis novo ordine 

dispositum (opera felicis memoriae D. Antonii dc Munde), plates by 
T. de Leu, 18mo, brown morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf Duaci, 1639 

740. Les Litanies de la Vierge, en Vers, par M. Boursault, sm. 8vo, 

old red morocco gilt extra, with the arms of CI. Bose (or Dubois), 
" prevot des Marchandes de la Yille de Paris" a Paris, 1667 

741. LIVRE ARTIFICIEUX, et tresprouffitable pour Pointres, tailleurs des 

imaiges, et Dantiques, Orfeubures et plusieurs aultres gens ingenieuses, 
Nouvellement Imprimes, 28 11. (including title), engraved in wood on 
both sides, some margins and corners repaired, sm. 4to, green morocco 

Anvers, Jehan Richard, 1540 

742. LOCH ER (Jacobus) Libri Philomusi. Panegyrici ad Rege Tragedia de 

Thurcis et Suldano Dyalog de heresiarchis, 2 large and 17 smaller 
woodcuts (»6 has a blank space for a woodcut), sm. 4to, crimson 
morocco extra, by Lortic 

[At end] Argentine per Maj. Johanue Gruninger, 1497 

743. LOCKER (Fr.) Poems, frontispiece by G. Cruikshank, i<'irst edition, 

post 8vo, roxburghe London, J. Wilson {not published), 1868 

( 60 ) 

744. LOGAN (W. H.) A Pedlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs, illustrations, cr. 

8vo, morocco extra Edinburgh, 1869 

745. LONDON ALMANACK for 1791, view of Windsor Castle, 64mo, original 

red morocco, with morocco thumb-case, both similarly tooled in gilt to 
" grille " pattern 1791 

746. for 1792, view of Guildhall, 64mo, original red morocco, with 

morocco thumb-case, both similarly tooled with "romantic" design 1792 

747. LONGUS. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe, plates and vig- 

nettes, by Audran, after Philippe d'Orleans, large paper, 4to, red 
morocco gilt extra, handsomely tooled borders on sides, by Derome, 
gilt starred end-leaves 1745 

748. LOSSIUS (Luca) Historia Passionis, Mortis, sepulturie et Resurrectionis 

Jesu Christi, n. p., n. d. [1551] ; Biblia Veteris Testamenti et Historic, 
cum Apocalypsis S. Joannis, choice little woodcuts, unsigned (by 
Beham ?), 3 parts, Francfnrt, 1557-8 ; bound in 1 vol., thick 12mo, con- 
temporary stamped armorial pigskin, bordered sides with large centre 
panel of the arms and quarterings, with motto on either cover, the 
front cover having letters A. H.Z. S. C. [Augustus Herzog zu Saxen 
und Churfuest], and the date 1581, a very fine specimen 1551-58 

749. LOTI (Pierre) Madame Chrysantheme, dessins et aquarelles de Rossi et 

Myrbach, roy. 8vo, hf. purple morocco Paris, 1888 

750. LOTTINI (Gio. Angiolo) Scelta d' alcuni miracoli e Grazie della Santis- 

sima Nunziata di Firenze, many plates, chiefly by J. Callot, 8vo, old 
calf gilt n.p. 11. d. (16 — ) 

751. LOUIS XI n. La Sortie du Roy de la Ville de Bordeaux, pour retourner 

a Paris. Ensemble le nombre des Seigneurs, Chefs, Capitaines et gens 
de guerre, qui I'assistent an retour de son voyage de Gu3'enne, 8 pp. 
numbered, post 8vo, red morocco extra, gilt device on sides, by Masson- 
Debonnelle Paris, Imprimerie d'Anthoine du Brueil, 1615 

752. Vazilephanie et Raport des Ceremonies qui out este observees en 

la Declaration de la Majorite du Roy Louys XIII, 2nd Oct. 1614, pre- 
scnte au Roy par M. P. de Bernard, 16 pp., 12mo, modern crimson 
morocco extra (armorial device of Louis XIII on sides), by Masson- 
Dcbonelle Paris, chez J. Brunei, 1614 

753. LUCAS VAN LEYDEN. Figuris Passionis, 14 plates, very late impres- 

sions, sm. 4to, hf. morocco 1521 

754. MACKENZIE (Colin) Tavern Anecdotes and Reminiscences of the 

Origin of Signs, Clubs, Coffee Houses, Streets, City Companies, etc., by 
one of the Old School, portrait and folding plate of figures, etched by 
Heath, post 8vo, hf. green morocco 1825 

755. MAISON (La) Academique des Jeux, 18mo, red morocco Paris, 1659 

( 61 ) 

756. MALINGRE (Claude) Entree Magnifiquc du Roy, Faicte en sa Ville 

d'Orleans (16th March, 1614) avec I'Ordre ct Ceremonies observees en 
icelle, portrait, 15 pp., 12mo, red morocco extra, by Trautz-Bauzonnet 

Paris, 1614 

757. MANELOT (C.) Nouveau Livre dc differens Cartouches, Couronnes, 

Casques, Supports et Tcnans, 43 fine plates designed as arms (four 
missing), oblong 12mo, old calf Paris (1685) 

758. MANNE (E. D. de) Galerie Historique des Comediens de la Troupe de 

Talma, Notices sur les Principaux Societaires de la Comedie Frangoise 
depuis 1789 jusqu'aux trente premieres annees de ce siecle, etched 
portraits by F. Hillemacher, 8vo, full morocco gilt, silk ends, by 
Zaehnsdorf Lyon, 1866 

759. Galerie Historique des Portraits des Comediens de la Troupe de 

Voltaire, graves a I'eau forte, sur des documents authentiques par F. 
Hillemacher, 8vo, morocco gilt, by Holloway Lyon, 1861 

760. ct MENETRIER (C.) Galerie Historique des Comediens de la 

Troupe de Nicolet, Notices sur Certains Acteurs et Mimes dans les 
Annales des Scenes Secondaires depuis 1760 jusqu'a nos jours, etched 
portraits by F. Hillemacher, 8vo, brown morocco Lyon, 1869 

761. [MANNING (E.)] Ashrea : or, the Grove of Beatitudes, represented in 

Emblemes : and, by the Art of Memory, to be read on our Blessed 
Saviour Crucifi'd, curious copper-cuts of trees, 12mo, dark blue morocco 
extra, edges gilt, by Pratt 

London, for W. P. at Graycs-Inn Gate in Holborne, 1665 

762. MANNING (H. E., Cardinal) Life, by E. S. Purcell, 2 vols., 8vo, cloth 1895 

763. Eight other copies 

764. MANUSCRIPT. (Beginning) Philosophic Morale-Preface, and ending 

" Fin De La Moralle composee en 1643," neatly written in a large hand 
on 197 11., 8vo, contemporary French red morocco gilt extra, wreath 
centre, enclosing diamond with a tree, the four corners having the 
monogram of Jules, Cardinal Mazarin, metal clasps (one missing) 1643 

765. MARECHAL (Sylvain) Tableaux de la Fables, ou Nouvelle Histoire 

Poetique des Dieux, Demi-Dieux, etc., 8 classical fables, each with a 
charming plate printed im colours, by Mixelle Jne., sm. 12mo, 
old French calf gilt 

On Souscrit a Paris, chez I'Editeur M. Pavard, 1787 

766. MARGUERITE DE VALOIS (Reine de Navarre) Les Nouvelles dc 

(Heptameron Fran?ais), plates by Freudenberg, 3 vols., 8vo, full red 
morocco gilt extra, tops gilt, other edges uncut 

Berne, chez B. L. WaWiare, 1789 {vol. I), Nouv. Soc. Typog. 1781 

767. Heptameron of, translated, with Memoir, by Walter K. Kelly 

(Bohn's Extra Volumes), cr. 8vo, hf. morocco neat, gilt top Bolm, 1855 

( 62 ) 

768. MARIE ELIZABETH (Arch iduch esse d'Autriche) Recueil des Devo- 

tions et Divertissemens dans sa Residence a Bruxelles, 10 plates, oblong 
4to, hf. calf Brussels, 1736 

*^* From the Hamilton Palace Library. 

769. MARMONTEL (J. F.) Contes Moraiix, plates, 3 vols., 18mo, red morocco, 

by Derome Londres, 1780 

770. MAROT (Clement de Cahors) Les CEuvres de, 2 vols., ISmo, red 

morocco, by Derome La Haye, 1700 

771. MAROLLES (M. de) Catalogue de Livres d'Estampes et de Figures en 

Taille-Douce (engravers' marks), old hf. calf Paris, 1672 

772. MAROTTES A VENDRES, ou Triboulet Tabletier, 12mo, calf gilt 

Au Panuisse Burlesque Van Premiere de la Nouvellc ire (1812) 

773. MARRY AT (J.) History of Pottery and Porcelain, Mediaeval and Modern, 

second edition, coloured and other illustrations, 8vo, full mottled calf 
gilt, edges gilt, by Zaehnsdorf 1857 

774. MASS. La Sainte Messe, representes par les Actions du Pretre, Misteres 

du Passion, avecOraisons appliques a. chacun Mistere, engraved through- 
out, plates by Pierre Landry, 12mo, modern red morocco extra 

Paris, n. d. 

775. MAXIMES ET PENSEES. Maximes du Due de la Rochefoucauld avec 

Notice sur sa Vie par Suard ; Pensees Diverses de Montesquieu.; 
CEuvres Choisies de Vauvenargues, post 8vo, hf. blue morocco gilt, by 
Zaehnsdorf Paris, 1855 

776. MAZE-SENCIER (Alph.) Le Livre des Collectionneurs, illustrations, 

stout roy. 8vo, hf. red morocco gilt Paris, Renouard, 1885 

777. Les Fournisseurs de Napoleon et des deux Imperatrices d'apres 

des Documents Inedits, roy. 8vo, original wrappers Paris, 1893 

778. MAZOT (F.) Tableau de la Croix, presente dans les ceremonies de la 

S*^' Messe, engraved throughout, full-page plates and borders with 
figures of saints and emblems, 12mo, old calf gilt Paris, 1651 

779. Mediaeval Towns Series, by various authors, numerous illustrations through- 

out, 27 vols, foolscap 8vo, cloth gilt 1901, etc. 

*^* Assisi ; Bruges ; Brussels ; Cairo ; Cambridge ; Chartres ; Constan- 
tinople ; Dublin ; Edinburgh ; Ferrara ; Florence ; London ; Milan ; 
Moscow ; Nuremberg ; Oxford ; Padua ; Perugia ; Pisa ; Prague ; 
Rome ; Rouen ; Seville ; Sienna ; Toledo ; Venice ; Verona. 

780. MEDUSA (Order of) Les Agreables Divertissemens de la Table, ou les 

Reglemens de I'lllustre Societe des Freres et Soeurs de I'Ordre de 
Meduse, 12mo (64 pp.), orange morocco by Duru 

Marseille, de V Imprimerie de I'Ordre n. d. 

( 63 ) 

781. MEGISERO (Hier.) Icones et Vitae Paparum, bordered pages throughout, 

woodcuts of portraits and arms, stout 12mo, crimson morocco extra, 

gilt edges Francofurti, 1602 

*^* Beckford copy. 

782. MEICHSNER (Dan.) Thesaurus Sapientia; Civilis, sive Vitas Humanae ac 

Virtutum et Vitiorum Theatrum, symbolical vignettes, 12mo, blue 
morocco Frankfurt, 1626 

783. MELLO (G. De) Les Divines Operations de Jesus dans le Coeur d'une amc 

Fidclle, quaint emblems of the Heart, by A. Van Meulen, 16mo, old 
morocco Paris, 1673 

784. MERYON (Charles) Etchings of, reproductions, roy. 4to, boards 

Newnes, «. d. 

785. METHODUS Primum Olympiade ; et postea Tyri civitatum episcopus, 

sub diocleciano Imperatore In Calcide civitate ... [at end] Finit Basilee 
per Michahalem Furter opera et vigilentia Sebastian! Brant anno 1504, 
die XII Martii, 61 large woodcuts in the text, sm. 4to, brown morocco 
extra by Cape 1504 

786. MEYERN (Rudolph and Coxrad) [Todtendantz]. Sterbenspiegel das ist 

sonnerklare Vorstellung menschlicher Wichtigkeit durch alle Stand und 
Geschlechter (mit Achten Gesangen nach Melodenj, many plates of the 
Dance of Death, sm. 4to, red morocco extra, edges gilt Zurich, 1650 

787. MEYRICK (Rev. F.) Practical Working of the Church of Spain, 12mo, 

calf gilt 1851 

788. MICHAEL (Episcopum Sidoniensem) Brevis Institutio ad Christianum 

Pietatem, woodcuts, 16mo, calf antique Mognntice, 1550 

789. MICHEL Angelus Bonarotus Pinxit Adam Sculptor Mantuanus Incidit 

[complete title], 73 etchings from works of Michel Angelo, fine old 
impressions with good margins, 4to, morocco extra by Bedford 

H. p,, n. d. (15—) 

790. MICHELET (J.) Therese et Marianne, souvenirs de Jeunesse, 11 etchings 

by Foulquier, 12mo, hf. brown morocco extra (only 400 copies) 

Couqiiet, Paris, 1891 

791. MILLER AICHHOLZ (Eugene de) Catalogue des Objets d'Art et 

Tableaux Anciens (Vente), plates, sm. folio, hf, morocco Paris, 1900 

792. MINIATURES. Catalogue of a (loan) collection of Portrait Miniatures 

by a variety of Artists, reproduced in photography without title or 
letterpress, mounted in 4to album, lif. brown morocco extra, lettered 
"Portraits" n.d. 

793. MISSALE ad consuetudinem fratrum Predicatorum ordinis Sancti 

Dominici, printed in red and black, 4 large and 85 small woodcuts, and 
hundreds of woodcut initials, sm. 8vo, brown morocco extra by Bedford 

Parisiis Th.Kerver, 1529 

( 64 ) 

794. MISSALE ROMANUM, illuminated MS. on 141 leaves of thin vellum 
[French early 16th century], 13 full-page painted miniatures within 
floriated borders and 13 other pages with similar borders decorated with 
figures of angels, etc, and many small initials carefully illuminated, 
square 12mo, rebound calf antique Saec XVI 

795. ex Decreto Sacrosancti ConciHi Tridentini restitutum Pii V, (cum 

figuris) copperplates and woodcut initials, stout sm. 8vo, original stamped 
vellum, with initials T. P. P, and date 1586, metal clasps and bosses 
intact, gilt gauffred edges Antwerp. C. Planiin. 1577 

796. MITFORD (A. B.) Talcs of Old Japan, illustrations, cr. 8vo, cloth gilt 1874 

797. MOLIERE (J. B. P.) CEuvres, nouvelle edition, ornee des tres belles 

Figures (de J. Punt), 4 vols., 12mo, contemporary red morocco gilt, 
edges gilt (Derome) Amsterdam, 1744 

798. CEuvres, etc., illustrated by Boucher, 8 vols., 18mo, contemporary 

calf Paris, 1770 

799. CEuvres, avec sa Vie, par M. Sainte Beuve, vignettes par Tony 

Johannot, 2 vols., imp. 8vo, calf extra Paris, 1835 

800. Theatre, ornees de Gravures a I'eau-forte par F. Hillemacher, avec 

Galerie Historique des Portraits des Comediens de la Troupe de Moliere, 
together 9 vols., 8vo, wrappers, Umited to 400 copies 

Lyon, Scheuring, 1864-9 

801. Works (English edition by John Ozell), portrait, 6 vols, in 3, 12mo, 

hf. red morocco gilt, edges gilt Lintoit, 1714 

802. Illustrations pour le Theatre de Moliere, dessinees et gravees a 

I'eau-forte par E. Hedouin, portrait and 34 plates, roy 4to, red morocco 
extra by Riviere Paris, Morgand, 1888 

803. Suite de Gravures a I'eau-forte, portrait and 165 charming etched 

vignettes, epreuves tirages a part sur papier Chinois par F. Hillemacher, 
sm. 4to, crimson morocco by Riviere (1863-7) 

804. MOLINIER(Emile) Le MobiUer au XVIle Siecle, etpendant les premieres 

Annees du I^' Empire, plates and illustrations in the text, roy. folio, hf. 
morocco Paris, n. d. 

805. MONCORNET (B.) [Grotesques] Livre de Termes d'Animaux et leurs 

Antipaties, fort utile pour toutes sortes de personnes se meslants du 
dessein, engraved throughout, 51 plates of animals in most grotesque 
forms, in the style of pedestals, sm. 8vo, red morocco (Roger Payne ?) 

Paris, chez B. Moncornet, n. d. 
•»^* " Ex Libris Monasterii S. Sauveur Ebrucensis, etc., 1748." 

806. Livre Nouveau de Fleurs tres-utile pour I'Art d'Orfevrerie, et 

autres, original edition, engraved title and 12 charming plates (un- 
numbered), with small margins, lightly mounted to oblong 4to, crimson 
morocco extra by Riviere a Paris, a. p. d. r. 1645 

( 65 ) 

807. MONTAGU (H. W.) Monsieur Mallet, or My Daughter's Letter, a random 

record, woodcut illustrations by R, Cruikshank, post 8vo, wrappers 

r. Griffiths, 1830 

808. MONTANI (Benedicto Aria) Humanae Salutis Monumenta, fine plates 

in borders engraved with animals, plants, fruit, etc, by Wierx, de Passe 
and others, 8vo, red plush Antverp. C. Planiin. 1571 

809. MONTESQUIEU (Ch. dr S.) Temple de Guide, frontispiece, title and 7 

vignettes, sm. 8vo, paper wrappers, uncut (Londres) n. d. (1742) 

810. Le Temple de Guide, nouvelle edition avec figures, le Texte 

Grave par Drouet, plates after Eisen, large paper, large 8vo, full 
crimson morocco gilt extra, edges gilt by Heymann Paris, 1772 

811. Le Temple de Guide, suivi d'Arsace et Ismenie, plates after 

Regnault, 18mo, citron morocco gilt extra, edges gilt, by Thibaron 

Paris, Didot, an F/=1796 

812. Another copy, calf 1796 

813. MOREAU (P.) Les Sainctes Prieres de I'ame Chrestienne, Escrits et 

gravees de la Plume, engraved throughout with charming borders and 
plates, 16mo, contemporary red morocco gilt extra, lace-pattern borders 
on sid^s, edges gilt Paris, 1631 

814. Another copy, red morocco gilt extra, panelled sides, metal 

clasps Paris, 1649 

815. MORIER (James) Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan in England, 

FIRST edition, 2 vols., cr, 8vo, original boards, paper labels, uncut 1828 

816. Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan, portrait, 2 vols., cr. 8vo, 

buckram Henley's English Classics, 1895 

817. MORIGI (Paolo) Giardino Spirituale, many copper-plates within borders, 

thick 24mo, red morocco gilt Venetia, 1606 

818. MORLAND (S.) Description and Use of Two Arithmetick Instruments, 

with Perpetual Almanack and Several Useful Tables, portrait and 
curious plates, 12mo, old red morocco extra, tooled sides and gilt 1673 

819. MOYEN (Le) de Parvenir, nouvelle edition, 2 vols., 18mo, red morocco, 

by Derome a Chinon {edition d'Ehevir) 

820. MOZELLANUS (N. C. T.) Austrasiae Reges et Duces Epigrammatis, 

circular portraits, sm. 4to, green morocco extra, by Niedree 

Cohnice, 1591 

821. MULLER (Eugene) La Mionette, 28 compiositions by O. Cortazzo, 

etched by Abot and Clapes, post 8vo, hf. morocco extra (only 1000 
copies) Paris, 1885 

822. MUNTZ (E.) Guide de I'Ecole Nationale des Beaux- Arts, illustrations, 

8vo, wrappers Paris, n. d. 


( 66 ) 

823. MURNER (Th.) Chartiludium Logicae seu Logica Poetica, cum Notis 

Joan. Balesdens, woodcuts of cards, etc., 12mo, old calf Paris, 1629 

824. MUSIC. Novi Thesauri Musici quo Selectissime Planeq. (sic) (quas vulgo 

moteta vocat) : Petri Joannelli de Gandius, summo studio ac labore 
collectae, ejusq. expensis impressae, 5 vols. (Altus, Cantus, Bassus, 
Quintus, Sextus), 4to, dedication copy, old stamped calf with arms of 
Salentino, Archbishop of Cologne and impress of his book-stamp, 
dated 1570, on each of the covers, gilt gauffred edges Venice, 1568 

825. [Pres, Josquin de] Le Sixiesme (et le Septiesme) Livre Contenant 

Trente-une (et Vingt-Quatre) Chansons Nouvelles a cinq et six Parties, 
convenables de tous Instrumentz (Tenor), 2 parts in 1 vol., oblong 8vo, 
modern boards Anvers, par Tylman Susato, 1545 

826. NASH (Richard, Beau) The Jests of, Humorous Sallies of Wit, etc., 

which passed between him and Personages of First Distinction, 
portrait, 12mo, mottled calf extra, by De Coverly 1763 

827. NESLE. Genealogy of the Comtes de Nesle, Manuscript on parchment, 

33 11., 3 11. preface, then commencing "Ce sont les Armes du Roy Charles 
le Simple," and finishing " Ce sont les Armes Madame Anne de Hum- 
yeres Contesse de Neelle," each notice, to the number of 39, being 
preceded by a painted miniature in gold and colours of the person 
represented, with their respective arms, sm. 8vo, blue morocco gilt 
extra, the sides covered with diced trellis pattern, with monogram 
repeated, red morocco doublures gilt, by Chambolle-Duru Scec.XV-XVI 
*^* From Baron Pichon's sale, with Memoir Ticket. 

828. NEWMAN (J. W.) Apologia Pro Vita Sua, first edition, 8vq, hf. 

morocco 1864 

829. Letters and Correspondence, edited by A. Mozley, 2 vols., 8vo, 

cloth 1891 

830. Lives of the English Saints, 8 vols., 12mo, morocco, blind tooled 

(antique) Toovey, 1845 

831. Verses on Various Occasions, first edition, 12mo, hf. morocco 


832. NIELLL Alvin (M. L.) Les Nielles de la Bibliotheque Royale de Belgique, 

photographs, thin 8vo, hf. calf Bruxelles, 1857 

833. Reproduction of the Salamanca Collection of Prints from Nielli, 

about 50 unique and hitherto undescribcd, with descriptions by G. W. 
Reid, 59 photographic reproductions, sm. 4to, buckram 1869 

834. NOGARET (Felix) Le Fond du Sac, Ou Restant des Babioles de M. 

X***, Membre eveille de I'Academie des Dormans, frontispiece and 9 
plates, 2 vols., 18mo, old calf, edges gilt Venise (Paris), 1780 

( 67 ) 

835. NOMBRP: (Le) des Chevaliers qui sont Morts au Siege de Malte, 1565, 

tant au Bourg, Sainct Elme que Sainct Michel, 4 11., post 8vo, crimson 
morocco, by Trautz-Bauzonnet a Lyon, par Benoist Rigaud, 1566 

836. NORBLIN DE LA GOURDAINE (Jean-Pierre) [CEuvre Complette], 

collection of 77 etchings in the manner of Rembrandt, some large 
folding plates, mounted in a vol., folio, hf. bound [1775-81] 

837. NURNBERG. Geschlecht Buch des Heiligen ReichsStat Nurnbergvon 

300 Jaren hero erwolthwordn hierin zusam gebracht, 71 full-length 
portraits in full dress with armorial shields, sm. folio, hf . morocco 

n. p., 1610 

838. Sieben und dreysig Kupffer-Tabellen Sehens-und Werckwur- 

diger Sachen in des Stadt Nurnberg (not perfect), plates of views, 
costumes, fountains, vestments, etc., some folding, folio, hf. bound 

Nurnberg, P. C. Menath, n. d. (16 — ) 

839. OFFICIO de la Gloriosa Vergine Maria ordinato con litre Officiis secondo 

la Corte Romana, woodcuts, 12mo, contemporary red morocco, richly 
tooled and gilt sides, edges gilt 

[At end] /« Venetia, appresso di Agostino Bindoni, 1555 

840. OFFICIUM, B. M. V. Offin btissime virginis marie cu li officii ordinati 

de cia schu tepo cioe del adveto de la Nativita, cum multe rubrice e 
devotione de novo poste, 216 numbered 11. -I- calendar, etc., 16 11. 
(p. 95 blank), printed in red and black, bordered pages with hundreds 
of figures, large and small woodcuts and initials in the text, sm. Bvo, 
red morocco extra, edges gilt 

Venetiis, impesis nobilis viri Lucanionii de giunia Florentini, 1517 

841. Pii V. Pont. Max, iussu editum, nunc mandato seren. Belgii 

Principum hac augustiori forma excusum, large type, very stout 4to, thick 
boarded red morocco extra, gilt gauffred edges Plantin. Antwerp. 1600 

842. OPPER (F.) Our Antediluvian Ancestors, 50 illustrations, 4to, cloth 

extra 1903 

843. ORDONNANCES (Police) Ordonnances Nouvelles faictes par la Court, 

tant sur le faict de la Pollice, que des poures mendicans, . . . autre ordo- 
nance sur la deffense de ne porter barbes, avec la deffense de ne faire, 
ne vendre ne aussi porter masques, black letter, 8 pp. (ynnumbered), 
fine large ornamental woodcut initials, post 8vo, dark green morocco 
extra (Duru, 1854) 

[At end] Imprime a Paris le secddjour de decetnbre, Mil cinq cens 

trentecinq pour Jehan Andre (1535) 

844. ORTELIUS (Ab.) Deorum Dearumque Capita, ex Vetustis numismatibus 

studiorum, 54 portraits in decorative panels, Antverpice, P. Galle, 1573; 
XII Caesarum Romanorum Imagines e numismatibus expressae ex Museo 
F. Sweertius, title and 12 portraits in decorative panels, Antverpice, 
1603 ; 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to, calf extra, by Bedford 1573-1603 

F 2 

( 68 ) 

845. OVID. P. Ovidii Nasonis Metamorphoses, Argumentis Brevioribus ex 

Luctatio Grammatico coUectis expositae, title and 178 plates, stout 
oblong 12mo, red morocco gilt extra, by Cape 

Antwerpiae, ex Officitia Plantiniana (1591) 

846. — .— — Another copy, cinnamon morocco extra, edges gilt, by Bedford 


847. Metamorphoses Ovidii, argumentis quidem soluta oratione, illus- 

tratae per J. Sprengium Augustan., woodcuts by Virgil Solis, Frankfurt, 
1563 — Fabularum Ovidii Interpretatio tradita a G. Sabino, Witenberg, 
1555; 2 works in 1 vol., 12mo, old vellum 1563-1555 

848. Trois premiers livres de la Metamorphose. Traduits en vers 

Francois, par C. L. Marot et B. Aneau, each page has an ornamental 
woodcut border, 12mo, French red morocco (? Derome) Lyon, 1554 

849. Johan. Posthii Germerbhemii Tetrasticha in Ovidii metam. 

Lib. XV, woodcuts by Virgil Solis, oblong 12mo, calf Franckfurih, 1563 

850. Metamorphoses d'Ovide en Rondeaux (par M. Isaac de Benserade), 

enrichis de Figures, et Dediez a Monseigneur le Dauphin, numerous 
demi-page copper-cuts, 2 vols., 12mo, red morocco gilt extra, edges 
gilt, by Bedford Amsterdam^ 1697 

851. Metamorphosewn, 75 plates by Crispin de Passe, fine impres- 
sions, oblong 8vo, calf, gilt edges 1602 

852. La Vita et Metamorphoseo d'Ovidio, figurata et abbreviato in 

forma d'Epigrammi da M. Gabriello Symeoni, e Apologia Generale 
nella fine del libro, numerous woodcuts, each page with charming 
designed woodcut borders, sm. 8vo, brown morocco gilt extra, with 
blind panel on sides, edges gilt, by Belz-Niedree 

Lione, per Giovanni di Tomes, 1559 

853, Another edition, brown morocco extra, elaborately tooled in 

Grolieresque style, by Riviere Lione, per Giovanni di Tornes, 1584 

854. PALAIS-ROYAL. Tableau du Nouveau Palais Royal, 2 folding plates, 

2 parts in 1 vol., 18mo, hf. red morocco gilt Londres, 1788 

855. PALLADIO (P.) Enarrationes Lectionum Evangelicarum, fine woodcuts, 

12mo, blind tooled brown morocco, edges gilt, by F. Bedford 

Vitebergce, 1560 

856. PALLISER (Mrs. B.) History of Lace, numerous illustrations, Svo, full 

red morocco extra, edges gilt, by Holloway 1865 

857. PARADIN (Claude) Devises Heroiques et Emblemes, very curious cuts, 

post Svo, green morocco gilt Paris (1614) 

858. PARADOXE Que le Plaider est chose tresutile, et necessaire a la Vie des 

Hommes, 16 U., un-numbered, 16mo, dark green moroceo extra, by 
Trautz-Bauzonnet Paris, par Charlfs EUenne, ISS'\ 

( 69 ) 

859. PARIS and its Environs, 200 Picturesque Views, engraved by Heath, 

after Pugin, proofs on india paper, 2 vols, in 1, large 4to, red morocco 
gilt extra Jennings, 1831 

860. PASSE (Crispin van de) Ornatissimo viro Joanni Radermacheras ut 

Bonarum artium Doctissimo ita celoeturae admiratori, title and 11 plates 

*^* Bound at end of P. Galle's " Imagines." 

861. ^ P. T. L. Thronus Cupidinis [Emblemata Amatoria], charming 

copper-plates of sportive ctlpids, etc., oblong 16mo, old green morocco 
gilt extra, edges gilt Amsierodami, W. Jansonium, 1618 

862. Series of 19 charming Circles (about 5 in. each) illustrating Ten 

Ages of Mankind, and Nine Muses, in picturesque settings, with descrip- 
tions written round each piece, cut close and mounted to sm. 4to, 
mottled calf gilt 16 — 

863. Collection of 42 Engravings, comprising Costumes, Portraits, 

Sporting Scenes, Gardens, Emblems, New Testament Illustrations, 
Caricatures, Interiors with Musical and Convivial Parties, etc., fine 
early impressions, oblong 12mo, morocco gilt, by Holloway (1621) 

864. and DE BRY (T.) Collection of 11 Engravings (symbols, etc.), 

by Crispin de Passe, and 4 very clever pieces (circles), full of figures 
and detail, by Theodore de Bry, lightly mounted in sm. 4to album, 
green morocco extra, with red leather inlays n. d. 

865. PASSIO Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, ex Evangelistarum textu quam 

accuratissime deprompta additis sanctissimis exquisitissimisque figuris 
(studio Rigmannus Philesius), 25 large bold woodcuts by V. G. (Ursc 
Graf, vide Barlsch, VII, 456-66), sm. folio, stamped calf, uncut 
[At end] Joannes Knoblouchus iniprimebal, Argen. Anno MDVIII (1508) 

866. Iconibus aeneis et precatiunculis illustrata, copper-plates within 

borders, 12mo, blue morocco Colonicc, 1627 

867. PASSION. Ofificium Passionis Jesu Christi, ex oraculis Prophetarum 
desumptum, 11 copper-plate vignettes, 16mo, old calf Parisiis, 1779 

868. ^ Vitas Passionis et Mortis Jesu Christi Domini Nostri Mysteria, piis 

Meditationibus per Joannem Bourghesium, 76 plates by A. Bolswert, 
12mo, old vellum Antverpice, 1622 

869. Series of 14 Plates, including frontispiece, finely engraved by 

Z. Dolendo, after K. Mandere, lightly mounted in sm. 4to, mottled calf 
extra 15 — 

870. (Anon.) Collection of 18 curious and clever Copper-plates, with 

decorative borders, about 2^ in. by 1^ in. each, in the style of Nielli, 
representing scenes in the Passion of Christ, neatly inlaid to pott 4to, 
red morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf (?) Italian, XVI Cent. 

( 70 ) 

871. PASSION. [Sujets Pieux.] Ck)llection of 22 copper Engravings, illustrating 

the Passion, etc., by various engravers, including Crispin de Passe, 
Wierx, L. dc Mallery and CoUaert, lightly mounted in sm. 4to, sprinkled 
calf extra l(t— 

872. PASSIONIS Jesu Christi, Officium, ex oraculis Prophetarum desumptum, 

copper-cuts, 12mo, old vellum Antverpicc, Flantin Moreti, 1630 

873. PATRICK (Svmon) The Christian Sacrifice, frontispiece, 12mo, morocco 

extra, with inlayed sides from a very choice old specimen of orna- 
mental binding, gilt and designed in different coloured leathers, pro- 
bably the remains of the contemporary binding for the book 1670[1] 

874. PATTON (Mrs. E. S.) Japanese Topsyturvydom (sidelights on Life in 

Japan), printed in English, with coloured illustrations in Japanese style, 
sm. 4to, silk ties Hasegawa, Tokyo, n. d. 

875. PAUWELS (J. A. F.) Pessimorum Pessimum et Optimorum Optimum, 

sive Linguae Incompositas Vitia et Ordinata Remedia, cuts of emblems, 
12mo, old calf Antverpiae (177'\) 

876. PAWELS (Joannes) De Fackel van het waer gcloof, ofte het Groot- 

daedig Leven van den Heyligen Norbertus, 35 plates by C. and J. Galle, 
bordered text, 4to, calf gilt, by Zaehnsdorf Antwerp (1776) 

877. PENMANSHIP. Curieuse und deutliche Anweisung zu zierlisher Teuts- 

cher Schreib-Art, wie auch Zeichnungund Reiss-Kunst, 24 plates, small 
4to, contemporary calf Franckfurth, 1714 

878. PEQUEGNOT (— ) Meubles de tout Style d'apres les Maitres, graves en 

fac-simile, 250 plates, 2 vols., folio, hf. morocco Paris, Ducher n. d. 

879. PERRAULT (Charles) Histoire du Temps Passe, ou les Contes de ma 

Mere I'Oye, avec des Moralites, crude plates, 12mo, red morocco gilt, 
by Riviere Londres, 1786 

880. PERRET (P.) |^e Pays Basque et la Basse-Navarre, illustrations, imp. 8vo, 

cloth gilt 1882 

881. PERSIAN TALES. Baar Danesh, or Garden of Knowledge, translated 

from the Persian of Inatula of Delhi, 2 vols., 12mo, tree-calf gilt 
(Beckford copy) 1768 

882. PESCATORE (Giovambattista) La Morte di Ruggiero, continuata a la 

materia de 1' Ariosto, woodcuts, post 8vo, old brown morocco (rebacked), 
gauffred edges, stamp of former owner " Elena Fioriana " in circle on 
back cover Vinegia, 1549 

883. PETIUM (Laurent.) Vinea Domini, cum brevi descriptione sacramentor 

et Paradisi, Limbi, Purgatorii atq. Inferni, many plates, sm. 8vo, old 
half vellum, paper sides with floral coloured design Venetiis, 1588 

( 71 ) 

884. PFANN (Johann) Biblische Emblemat^f und figuren welche in den 

Zweyen Verneurten Stuben, 20 plates of curious emblems, and large 
folding armorial table at end, sm. 4to, old vellum gilt «. p., 1626 

885. PFEFFEL (J. A.) Subsidium Oculorum, seu Elenchus Symbolorum, 

plates of emblems, 12mo, old calf gilt «. />., 1738 

PHYSIOLOGIES AUBERT, all 12mo, original wrappers 

Paris, circa 1840-50 

887. — du Provincial a Paris, par Pierre Durand, cuts by Gavarni 

888. — de la Parisienne, par Taxile Delord, cuts by Menut-Alophe 

889. — de la Grisette, par Louis Huart, cuts by Gavarni 

890. — du Debardeur, par Maurice Alhoy, cuts by Gavarni 

891. ■ — de I'Etudiant, par Louis Huart, cuts by Trimolet and Maurissct 

892. — du Garde National, par L. Huart, cuts by Trimolet and 


893. — de L'Ecolier, par Ed. Ourliac, cuts by Gavarni 

894. — du Musicien, par Albert Cler, cuts by Daumier, Gavarni, etc. 

895. — du Troupier, par Emile Marco-Saint- Hilaire, cuts by Vernier 

896. — du Bourgeois, texte et dessins par Henry Monnier 

897. — du Poetc, par Sylvius, cuts by Daumier 

898. — du Gamin de Paris, Galopin Industrie], par E. Bourget, cuts 

by Markl 

899. — du Robert Macaire, par James Rousseau, cuts by Daumier 

PHYSIONOMIES Parisiennes, 12mo, wrappers Paris, Chevalier 

901. — Commis et Demoiselles de Magazin, pat Mdlle. X, cuts by 

Hadol 1868 

902. — Acteurs et Actrices, par Ch. Monselet, cuts by E. Lorsay 1867 

903. — Le Journal et le Journaliste, par E. Texier, cuts by Bertall 1868 

904. — Restaurateurs et Restaures, par Eug. Charette, cuts by Cham 


905. — Le Boheme, par Gab. Guillemot, cuts by Hadol 1868 

906. PICART (Bernard) Diverses Modes, dessinees d'apres Nature, 30 full- 

length figures of costume, male and female, 8vo, polished calf gilt 

Paris, n. d. 

907. PICHON (Barox J.) Catalogue de la Bibliothcque, I" Partie : Livres 

Rare^ et Prccieux, reproductions, imp. 8vo, wrappers 1897 

908. PICTA Poesis ut Pictura Poesis Erit (title margined), curious woodcuts, 

post 8vo, red morocco extra Lugduni, afud Mathiam Bonhotnme, 1552 

( 72 ) 

909. PUS (M. de) Chansons Nouvelles, engraved title (proof before letters), 

dedication and 12 charming plates by Gaucher after Le Barbier, and 
21 pp. of music, 16mo, contemporary French red morocco gilt extra, 
tooled sides (Derome) Paris, 1785 

910. PINELLI (Luca) Libretto d'Imagini e di Brcvi Meditationi sopra quindici 

Misterii del Rosario della S. Vergine Maria, 33 copper-cuts of emblems, 
16mo, crimson morocco extra, by Hammond Napoli, 1594 

911. PLAYING CARDS. April-Kaart of Kaart Spel van Momus naar de 

Nieuwste Mode, title and 53 cards complete, caricaturing Law and 
the Mississippi Scheme, each card split and carefully mounted in 12mo 
album, red morocco extra, back and sides, by Riviere (1720) 

912. PCENITENCE delinee del'Evangelique David ; L'Immaculee Communion 

delinee, chant des Viurges Illustres, Hymne, Plates by J. van 
Mechelen, text in Latin and Dutch, two works in 1 vol., 16mo, old 
Dutch calf, red morocco dressed back and gilt 7 Antwerpen, 1629 

913. POETRY. Gaudia Poetica, Latina, Anglica, et Gallica Lingua composita, 

Ao. 1769, fine plates and vignettes with borders (anonymous) in the 
style of Gravelot, 4to, contemporary English red morocco gilt extra, 
designed borders on sides Augustae, Liiteris Spiiihianus, 1770 

914. (French) La Dance aux Aveugles, et autres Poesies du XV Siecle, 

extraites de la Bibliotheque des Dues de Bourgogne, 12mo, red morocco 
^, extra, by Cape Lille, chez Panckoucke, 1748 

915. POLIPHILUS. Hypnerotomachie, ou Discours du Songe de Poliphile, 

nouvellement traduict, woodcut title and many line woodcuts in the 
text, folio, calf gilt Paris, pour J. Kerver, 1561 

916. PONTIFICALE Romanum dementis VIII et Urban VIII, cura Annibalis 

S. dementis, tres partes divisum, cum Figuris agri incisis Rich, van 
Horly, very numerous vignettes, stout post 8vo, old green morocco 
extra, edges gilt Bruxelles (1733) 

917. POPES. Two Hundred and Forty-eight Portraits of Popes, from Peter 

to Benedict XIV, with their arms, and particulars of their tenure, 2 on 
a page (no title), oblong 8vo, old vellum 

Romae ex Chalc. R.C.A. apud P. Marmorcum, n. d. (1740) 

918. PORTRAITS. Catalogus Roraanorum et Germanicorum Imperatorum ac 

Julia Caesare usquas ad Divum Ferdinandum, woodcut portraits, 18nio, 
morocco extra n. p., 1561 

919. Collection dc Portraits des Hommes Illustres de Port Royal 

et autres, graves par des Celebres Artistes (avec Vues), 45 portraits (en 
busies) and 4 views, ISmo, old green morocco Paris, circa 1700 

( 73 ) 

920. POUSSIN (N., designaU) Nuova Raccolta di 24 Rami che rapprcsentano 

La Vita di Maria SSn« 24 plates engraved by A. Mochetti, 4to, hf. 
bound Roma, n. d. 

921. PRAYER. The Booke of Common Prayer and Administration of the 

Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England, 
Mark Utter, woodcut title, thick sm. 4to, modern morocco extra, by 
Zaehnsdorf R. Barker, 1630 

922. Book of Common Prayer, with Sacraments and Psalms, 18mo, 

contemporary morocco gilt exti-a, designed sides, bowl and snakes, 
flowers and festoons in gilt (Scottish) Edinburgh, 1770 

923. Book of Common Prayer (Elizabethan), figured borders through- 
out, 8r. 8vo, green morocco extra Bickers reprint, 1863 

924. Sturt (J.) Book of Common Prayer with Psalter, engraved 

throughout on silver plates, vignettes and ornamental initials, sm. 8vo, 
old red morocco gilt extra, panelled sides 1717 

925. Cathohcum Prccationum Selectissimarum Enchiridion ex Sanc- 
torum Patruni, per M. Simonem Verepaeum, very fine copper vignettes, 
18mo, brown morocco gilt extra, line panelled back and sides, arms in 
centre, edges gilt Antwerp. J, Belleri, 1603 

926. Manual Devoto para assistir a Missa ; com varias Ora96es, quaint 

woodcuts, 48mo, old Spanish calf Lisboa, 1819 

927. Mois de Marie, compose et orne dans le Style des Manuscrits, 

avec Prieres par F. Lepelle de Bois-Callais, chromolithographic repro- 
ductions of miniatures and borders, sm. 4to, cream morocco gilt extra, 
backs and sides covered with fleurs-de-lys, gilt edges and metal clasps, 
by Gruel Paris, Gruel-Engelmann, 1856 

928. L'Ordinaire de la Messe selon le Rite Romain, narrow 12mo, 

papier-mache binding, front cover with embossed figures of Madonna 
and Child, a church and arms, the reverse a blind stamp, by Gruel (?) 

Paris, Gruel-Engelmann, 1887 

929. Paroissien de la Renaissance, direction artistique J. Engelmann, 

ornamentation E. Moreau, dessein sur pierre Ch. Walter, texte A. Driou, 
chromolithograph plates and lithographed ornamental borders through- 
out, crimson morocco extra, handsomely gilt and tooled (facsimile Marie 
Antoinette), gauffred edges, with clasps, by Gruel 

Paris, Gruel-Engelmann, 18 — 

930. Paroissien Romain, d'apres les Imprimes Frangais du XV* Siecle, 

bordered pages throughout with hundreds of " petites figures," sm. 4to, 
brown morocco extra, with blind tooled sides, grape-vine border, with 
centre panel of the Holy Tree, red edges and metal clasps, by Gruel 

Paris, Gruel-Engelmann, 1858 

( 74 ) 

931. PRAYERS. Priercs Chrestiennes, a Madame Charlotte de Villefs, par son 
tres humble serviteur Gilbert, 1694, MS. very neatly written on fine 
VELLUM, 32 11, with gilt Hne borders, initials and headings in different 
coloured inks, two initials decorated, 24mo, blue morocco gilt extra, red 
morocco doublures, gilt, by ChamboUe-Duru 1694 

*^* Exemplaire de Baron J. Pichon, with memoir tablet. 

932. Private Devotions for Several Occasions, ordinary and extra- 
ordinary, post 8vo, contemporary black morocco extra, gilt back and 
sides (corner and centre diamond au pointille) 

J. H. for G. & R. Pawld, 1707 

933. Rosarium sive Psalterium Beatae Virginis Mariae, plates by M. de 

Vos, stout 12mo, old red morocco, with clasps Antverpiae, 1602 

934. Rosarium Animae Fidelis (atq. Mystici ad Beatiss. Virg. Mariam), 

fine plates by F. U. L. (? Lanspergius), 16mo, old vellum Lovanii, 1587 

935. Rosario della Gloriosa Virgine Mariae (opera Alberto da Castello), 

bordered pages throughout, a large number of woodcuts, 12mo, blind 
stamped brown morocco, by Petit [At end] Venetia, 1522 

936. Sacrae Litaniae Variae, cum brevi piaque quotidiana cxercitatione, 

copper-cuts, 12mo, old morocco Antverpiae, Planiin Moreii, 1636 

937!, Les Sainctes Prieres de I'ame Chrestienne, escrites et gravees 

apres la Nature de la Plume, par P. Moreau, engraved on copper 
throughout with charming borders and figures, sm. 8vo, old red 
morocco gilt extra, elaborate lace-pattern gilt sides, edges gilt over 
marble, by De Seuil a Paris, chez I'Autheur, 1644 

938. (Danish). Den Trygge Himmel-Veg, Ellcr en kort Bonne-Bog 

hvor i indeholdis suck og Bonner um Bod og Bedring Striftemaal og 
Maderens Sacramente, stout sm. 8vo, old tortoiseshell binding, with 
embossed silver ornaments and clasps 

Kiobenhafn, J. .P. Bockenhoffer, 1687 

939. PREVOST (L'Abbe Ant. Fr.) Histoire de Manon Lescaut et du Chevalier 

des Grieux, 2 vols., 18mo, calf Paris, 1797 

940. Histoire de Manon Lescaut, plates after Desenne, 16mo, calf 

gilt Paris, 1818 

941. PROCESSIONARIUM scdin ritu et more frum predicator: novissime 

litera et cantum recognitum ; atque regulis quibusda pro cognitione 
cantus ejusdem ad auctum. [At end] ... p. venerabile patre fratre 
Albertum Castellanum Venetium iadiu ordinatum, et impressum et niic 
F. L. S. venuo revisum ... ad auctii tempore Rev, patris magistri 
Alberti de Lafau, printed in red and black with notations, figure on title, 

( 75 ) 

Processionarium — continued. 

large and small woodcuts and initial letters, sm. 8vo, old bladk morocco 

gilt extra, gauffred edges, metal clasps with leather hinges (Venetian) 

per Heredes Luccantonii jtinte floretini in . . . Venefiarum urbe, Anno 

domini mcccccxlv, iiii id. No7'. accuraiissime impressum 

feliciter explicit [printer's mark L. A."] 

942, PROCESSIONARIUM Juxta Ritum sacri ordinis Praedicatorum S. P. N. 

Dominicit sub Rev. P. F. Aug. Galliminio Brasichellensi, totius praefati 
Ordinis Generali Magistro recognitum et emendatum, et auctoritate 
Apostolica approbatum et confirmatum, printed in red and black with 
notations, 8vo, old red morocco gilt extra, in centre the figure of St. 
Domenic, with eight circular scroll compartments with angels and 
trumpets, chain-pattern border and the letters S. C. M. C. in either 
centre (Italian) Romae, Typo. A. Ciacconi, apud S. Paulinum, 1610 

943. PROVERBES (Les) de Salomon, traduit en Fran9ois, et reduit par 

versets, 16mo, old dark brown morocco gilt and tooled extra, the back 
ornamented with continuous leafy spray design, the sides with entwined 
leafy ornamental corners enclosing two monograms MM and BE, 
wreath centre ornament (Clovis Eve) ParischezJ, de Heuquenille, 1584 

944. Les Tablettes Sacreez, Proverbes ou Diets Notables de Salomon, 

traduicts par Quatrains, dedies au Roy, woodcut portrait of Louis XIII 
on verso of title, oblong 16mo, crimson morocco extra, edges gilt over 
marble, by Trautz-Bauzonnet Rouen, P. Valentin (1613) 

945. PSALTERIO overo Rosario del la Gloriosa Vergine Maria, con li suoi 

mysterii, 22 11., un-numbered, including title, woodcuts, 12mo, old 
vellum Venetia, per G. di Rusconi, 1522 

946. PUGIN (A. W.) Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume, en- 

larged and revised by Rev. B. Smith, coloured plates, roy. 4to, original 
hf. red morocco gilt Bohn, 1846 

947. Ornamental Timber Gables, from Existing Examples in England 

and France of the 16th Century, plates, roy. 4to, cloth gilt 1839 

948. PUTEANUS (Erycius) Bruma. Chimonopaegnion de Laudibus Hiemis, 

ut ea Potissimum apud Besgas, accedunt A. Valeri breves notas, plates of 
emblems by Sadeler, 12mo, full morocco, by Hammond Monad, 1619 

949. Another copy, modern smooth calf, " Bibliotheca Colbertianas " 

on title 1619 

950. QUARITCH (B.) Collection of Facsimiles from Examples of Historic or 

Artistic Book-binding, 103 plates, reproduced in colours by Griggs, 
imp. 8vo, hf. roxburghe Quaritch, 1889 

951. QUIZ. Sketches of Young Gentlemen ; Sketches of Young Ladies ; 

2 books in 1 vol., both illustrated by Phiz, 18mo, hf. calf London, 1838 

( 76 ) 

952. RABELAIS (F.) La Plaisantc et Joycuse histoyre du grand Geant Gar- 

gantua, prochainement reveve et de beaucoup augmentee par I'auheur 
(sic) mesme, woodcut on title, numerous woodcuts in the text, 3 parts 
in 1 vol., stout 24mo, crimson morocco extra, edges gilt, by Trautz- 
Bauzonnct a Valence, chcz Claude la Ville, 1547 

953. Les Songes Drolatiques dc Pantagruel ou sont contenues plusieurs 

figures de I'invention de Maistre Francois Rabelais, 120 quaint wood- 
cuts, post 8vo, green morocco Paris, 1565 

954. Works, translated by Urquhart and Motteux, portrait, 2 vols., 

cr. 8vo, hf. marone morocco neat, by Zaehnsdorf 

Bohn's Extra Vols., 1849 

955. RECOEUIL de quelques Pieces Curieuses, tant en prose qu'en vers, 

dont on peut voir les titres dans la page suivante, narrow 12mo, blue 
morocco extra, edges gilt, by Trautz-Bauzonnet 

Cologne, chez P. Marteau, 1670 

956. RECUEIL General de Coiffures des Differents Gouts, a commcncer en 

1589 jusqu'en 1778, avec des Vers analogues a chaque costume, suivi 
d'une Collection de Modes Fran(;oises, beautiful engraved figures with- 
out name of artist, roy. 8vo, hf. calf gilt, edges uncut Paris, 1778 

957. REFLECTIONS sur quelques paroUes de Jesus Christ, particulierement 

sur les sept derniers qu"il a prononcees sur la Croix (dedicated to Mad. 
de Maintenon, by N. D. T.), engraved throughout by N. Bonnart, 
12mo, calf extra Paris, Bonnart, n, d. 

958. REGNIER (Mathurin) CEuvrcs de, frontispiece by Marillier, 2 vols., 

18mo, red morocco gilt, edges gilt (Derome) Geneve, 1778 

959. REIN (J. J.) Industries of Japan, with an Account of its Agriculture, 

Forestry, Arts and Commerce, maps and illustrations, imp. 8vo, cloth 
extra 1889 

960. REISENBERG (Justus) Emblemata Politica, 34 plates, 24mo, sprinkled 

calf gilt, by Zaehnsdorf Amstelod., 1632 

961. RELIGIOUS ORDERS. Courte et Solide Histoire de la Fondation des 

Ordres Religieux, avec figures de leurs Habits, numerous plates by 
A. Schoonebeek, 12mo, old vellum Amsterdam, 1688 

962. RENARD (Le Roman du) — Les Intrigues du Cabinet des Rats, Apologue 

National, destine a 1' Instruction de la Jeunesse, et a Tamusemeht des 
Veillards, curious copperplate vignettes, sm. 8vo, contemporary red 
morocco extra, gilt back and border on sides, with arms in centre 

Paris, 1787 

963. RENOUVIER (J.) Des Gravurcs en Bois dans les Livres d'Anthoine 

Verard, 1485-1512, edition printed on vellum, 8vo, brown morocco 
gilt, by Cape Paris, 1859 

( 77 ) 

964. RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE (Nic. E.) Les Fran?ais, ou XXXIV 

Exemples choisis dans les Moeurs actuelles, proprcs a diriger les Filles, 
Femmes, Epouses, ct les Meres, 34 numbered plates, not signed (by 
Giraud, after Binet), 4 vols,, 12nio, new mottled calf extra, by Pratt, 
edges gilt a Neufchatel, ct se trouve a Paris, 1786 

965. —. Les Parisiennes, ou XL Caracteres generaux pris dans les Moeurs 

actuelles, propres a servir a I'instruction des Personnes-du-Sexe, line 
impressions of the plates, 4 vols., post 8vo, full blue morocco extra, by 
Zaehnsdorf Neufchatel, 1787 

966. Monument du Costume Physique et Moral de la fm du dix- 

huitieme siecle, ou Tableaux de la Vie, 26 fine large engravings after 
the designs of Moreau-le-Jeune, and one extra plate inserted, larger 
size, " I'Heureuse Union," engraved by Bosse, after Freudenberg, imp. 
folio, red morocco gilt extra, edges gilt 

a Neuwied sur la Rhin, chez la SociHe Typographique, 1789 

967. Paysan Perverti, ou les Dangers de la Ville ; Histoired'Ursuleet 

d'Edmond ; with supplementary volume, "Figures du Paysan," 114 
charming plates, together 5 vols., 12mo, old calf La Haye, 1784 

968. Tableaux de la Bonne Compagnie, ou Traits Caracteristiques, 

Anecdotes, etc., recueillies dans les Societes du Bon Ton pendant 
1786-7, 17 charming plates, designed and engraved by Moreau-le-Jeune, 
FIRST EDITION, 2 vols., 12mo, crimson morocco gilt extra, by Chambolle- 
Duru Paris, 1787 

969. Tableaux de la Vie ou les Moeurs du Dix-Huitieme Siecle, plates 

after Moreau-le-Jeune, 2 vols., 12mo, crimson morocco gilt extra, edges 
gilt over marble, by Chambolle-Duru 

Neuwied sur le Rhin, chez la SociHe Typographique, n. d. 

970. — La Vie de Mon Pere, par I'Auteur du Paysan Perverti, frontis- 
piece, portrait on title, and numerous plates, 2 vols., 12mo, hf. red 
straight-grain morocco gilt, edges gilt 

a Neufchatel, et se trouve a Paris, 1779 

971. RICCIUS (Bartholomew) Triumphus Jesu Christi Crucifixi, 70 plates 

of various manners of crucifixion, by A. Collaert, 8vo, old calf 

Antwerp, Plantin Moretus, 1608 

972. RIPA (Cesare) Iconologia of Uitbeeldinge des Verstands, 203 woodcuts 

of emblems, 18mo, polished calf extra Amsterdam, 1699 

973. RIS-PAQUOT (O. E.) Histoire des Faiences de Rouen, 60 coloured plates, 

4to, hf. green morocco extra, by Riviere, limited to 500 copies 

Amiens, chez I'Auteur, 1870 

974. RITSON (Joseph) Collection of English Songs, with Original Airs, edited 

with notes and additions by T. Park, 3 vols., cr. 8vo, calf gilt 1813 

( 78 ) 

975. ROBIN HOOD'S GARLAND, being a Complete History of all the Notable 

and Merry Exploits performed by him and his men on many occasions, 
woodcuts, post 8vo, green morocco R. Marshall, n. d. 

976. ROCHEFOUCAULT (Due de la) Maxims and Moral Reflections, por- 

trait, 12mo, full calf 1819 

977. ROEMER (Anna) Roemer Visschers, Zini-Poppen met Rijmen en met 

Froze, door zijn Dochter Anna Roemer s, plates of emblems, thick 
ISmo, red morocco gilt extra, g. e., by Bedford Amsterdam (16 — ) 

978. ROGERS (S.) Italy, a Poem, first edition, proofs of the numerous vigr 

nettes, 8vo, red morocco extra, edges gilt, by Riviere 1830 

979. Poems, first edition, vignettes after Turner, etc., green morocco 

extra, edges gilt 1834 

980. Italy and Poems, vignettes aftei: Turner and others, 2 vols., 8vo, 

red morocco extra, edges gilt 1859-60 

981. ROGG (Gottfried) Encyclopaedia, oder Sehan Buhne, curieuser Vors- 

tellungen von vielerlen art aussgebildeter Kupfer-figuren, numerous 
plates of emblems, 3 parts in 1, sm. oblong 4to, mottled calf extra, by 
Zaehnsdorf Augsburg, 1726 

982. ROMAN BREVIARY <The), published by Order of Pius V, and revised 

by Clement VIII and Urban VIII, translated by John, Marquis of Bute, 
2 vols., very thick 8vo, cloth 1879 

983. ROMANISM, Essays on, from various sources, by various contributors, 

2 vols., roy. 8vo, hf . crimson morocco extra v. y. 

984. RONSARD (P. de) Premier (2^ et 3^) Livre des Amours, mis en Musique 

a 4 parties par Anth. deBertrand (La Partie Superieure), sm. oblong 4to, 
fine old stamped calf and gilt (Lyonese style), with original owner's 
name on sides, " Andreve de Pelletier," rough gilt edges Paris, 1578 

985. ROSA (Salvator) Has Ludentis otii Carolo Rubeo, 60 fine bold etchings, 

original impressions, sm. 4to, old vellum gilt n. p. n. d. 

*^* From the Sunderland Library. 

986. ROSARIUM sive Psalterium Beatae Virginis Marias, a T. W. A. editum, 

plates by A. CoUaert, after M. de Vos, 18mo, brown morocco extra by 
Bedford Aniverpiae, 1600 

987. ROS-WEYDUS (Heribert) Het Leven dande Heylighe Maghet ende 

MoCder Gots Maria, Princesse der Maeghden, met een Cort Tractaet 
vanden Maeghdelijcken Staet, quaint woodcuts, iSmo, calf gilt 

Totloven, 1629 

988. ROUYER (E.) et DARCEL (A.) L'Art Architectural en France depuis 

Francois I" jusqu'a Louis XVI, Motifs de Decoration des Principales 
Epoques de la Renaissance, very numerous plates, 2 vols., imp. 4to, 
hf. morocco A, »• JParis, 1867 

( 79 ) 

989. ROWLANDSON (T.) Cries of London, 54 coloured plates, square 12mo, 
brown morocco circa 1800 

990. Miseries of Human Life, 50 coloured plates designed and etched 

by T. Rowlandson, 4to, hf. morocco gilt 1808 

991. Twelfth Night Characters, 24 small coloured etchings, with 

quotations, mounted in 18njo volume, full red morocco gilt extra by 
Riviere (1811) 

992. ROYAUMOND(SiEUR DE)L'Histoire duVieux et du Nouveau Testament, 

avec Explications edifiantes, many copper cuts, 12mo, modern brown 
morocco, neat Paris, 1680 

993. ROYS DE FRANCE. La Biographic et Prosopographie des Roys de 

France, plus y sont figurez et pourtraits tous iceux qu'il nous a este 
possible Ics representer en leurs ornemens Royaux, numerous portraits 
(en buste) within woodcut borders, post 8vo, red morocco extra, gilt 
edges (Duru 18S1) a Paris, Imprimerie de Leon Cauellat, 1583 

994. Cronique abregee des Faits, Gestes, et Vies lUustres des Roys de 

France ; Pharamond jusques a Charles neufieme de ce nom present 
regnant, woodcut portraits, post 8vo, red morocco extra, by Rapelier 

Paris, par Guillaume le Noir (1561) 

995. RUSKIN (J.) The King of the Golden River, or the Black Brothers, 
illustrations by R. Doyle, square cr. 8vo, cloth extra 1856 

996. Lectures on Architecture and Painting (Edinburgh 1853), illus- 
trations, cr. 8vo, cloth 1855 

997. " Poetry of Architecture, illustrations, 4to, cloth 1893 

998. Selections from the Writings of, portrait, thick cr. Svo, cloth 1861 

999. Seven Lamps of Architecture, plates, imp, Svo, cloth 1886 

1000. St. Mark's Rest, post 8vo, cloth 1884 

1001. Stones of Venice, illustrations, 2 vols., post Svo, cloth 1890 

1002. The Two Paths, illustrations, cr. Svo, cloth 1859 

1003. Verona and other Lectures, illustrations, toy., Svo, cloth 1894 

1004. SACRAMENT. Saluts du S. Sacrement, a I'usage des Paroissiens de 

Saint Nicolas des Champs, post 8vo, contemporary red morocco gilt 
extra, tooled sides (Derome) arms of Beauvilliers, Due de St. Aignam 
on sides Paris, 1777 

1005. SADLER (P.) Nouveau Dictionnaire Portatif Anglais- Fran?ais et Frantais- 

Anglais, 2 vols., post 8vo, full calf gilt Paris, 1844 

1006. ST. ANNE. Dis ist eim hupsche legende von der heilige frawen sant 

Anna und auch von irem schlecht, . . . item auch wiirt hie nach in 
disem Buchlin begriffen das leben der heiligen Bischoff Eucharii Valerii, 
U woodcuts, sm, 4to, polished calf gilt Strassburg, 1509 

( 80 ) 

1007. ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA. Compendium Vitae S. Antonii a Padua 
ordinis minorum praeconsis verbi dei cximii, plates by Mart, vanden 
Emden, 18mo, red morocco extra by Zaehnsdorf Anlverpiae, 1647 

1008. Effigies S. Antonii Paduani, prout in Sollheimb prope Salis- 

burgum, text in Latin and German, 53 plates by A. M. Wolffgang, 4to, 
old vellum Augsburg, 1699 

1009. ST. AUGUSTINE. The Kernell, or Extract of the Historicall Part of 

St. Augustin's Confessions, with all most affectuous passages, etc., ISmo, 
calf, gilt edges Printed at Paris, 1638 

1010. ST. AUGUSTINE'S MANUELL, or a little booke of the Contemplation 

of Christ, black \tVitx, woodcut borders with figures of saints through- 
out, 16mo, old calf 

Printed by John Daye, dwelling over Aldersgate, 1577 

1011. ST. BARTHOLOMEW. Favyer (Nic, Conseiller de Monnoyes) Figure 

de Exposition des Pourtraictz et Dictons contenuz es medailles de la 
Conspiration des Rebelles en France, opprimee et estaincte par le Roy 
Tres-Chrestien, Charles IX, le 24 jour d'Aoust 1572,611. un-numbered, 
woodcuts of medals, post 8vo, red morocco gilt extra, with arms of 
Charles IX on sides (facsimile) by Chambolle-Duru 1864 - 

a Paris, par Jean Dallier, avec Privelege, 1572 
%* " Exemplaire de Baron Pichon," with memorial tablet. 

1012. ST. BERNARD. Sancti Bernardi, doctoris melliflui, Vitae Medulla, 

54 plates, sm. 4to, calf Gandavensi, 1653 

1013. ST. CATHERINE OF SIENNA. D. Catherinas Senensis Virginis SSn»» 

Ord. Praedicatorum Vita ac Miracula Selectiora, title, portrait and 32 
plates, sm. 4to, hf. bound Antverpiae, J. Galle, n. d. 

1014. ST. CLARA. Acta et Vita Sanctas Clarae, a series of 10 small plates by 

Domenic Custos, mounted to sm. 4to, modern vellum [1593] 

1015. ST. DOMENIC. Vita et Miracula S. P. Dominici, praedicatorii Ordinis 

Primi Institutores, 33 large plates, by Joanne Galle, 4to, hf. bound 

Antverpiae, n.d, (16—) 

1016. Another copy, old vellum Antverpiae, n. d. 

1017. ST. FRANCIS. Epitome Vitae et Miraculorum S. Francisci Emblematis, 

locis sacrae Scripturas, 23 plates of emblems, 16mo, old Dutch calf, red 
morocco dressed back and gilt (Antwerp), 1630 

1018. Prototypon Paupertatis ac Humilitatis B. P. Francisci Seraphicae 

Religionis Primi Institutores, text in Latin and German, 20 copper- 
plates, 23 pp. contemporary German MS. at end, 16mo, red morocco 
gilt extra Augustae Vindelicorum, 1608 

( 81 ) 

1019. ST. GABRIEL. Theatrum Vitam, virtutes, miracula Rmi. P. Gabrielis 

Maria Orel. Miiiorum Re^. Obs., title and 25 plates, by J, B. Barbe, 
sni. 4to, old calf gilt «./>, 1642 

1020. ST. GELAIS (Mellin de) GEuvres Poetiques, 16mo, old French red 

morocco gilt (Derome) Paris, 1719 

1021. ST. JOHN EVANGELIST. Vita S. Joannis Apostoli et Evangelistce, 

16 plates by A. Collaert, with quotations, 16mo, vellum n.p., n.d. 16 — 

1022. ST. JOSEPH. Vita S. Joseph Sponsi Patriarchum Maximi, title and 28 

choice plates by Joannes Galle, 16mo, old red morocco gilt 

Antwerpen (1689) 

1023. ST. LOUIS (Order of) Edict du Roy, portant Establissement d'une 

Communaute en Ordre de Chevalerie, sous le nom et tiltre de Com- 
manderie de S. Louis, 14 pp. numbered, post 8vo, red morocco extra, 
by Trautz-Bauzonnet a Paris, par P. Mettayer etc., 1634 

1024. ST. MARGARET. La Vie de Madame Saincte Marguerite Vierge et 

Martyre, avec son antienne et oraison, blark letter, 12 pp. in large 
gothic type, 12mo, red morocco, by Bauzonnet-Trautz, edges gilt 

«. p., n. d. 

1025. ST. MARTIN. Le Mystere de la Vie et Hystoire de Monseigneur Sainct 

Martin lequel fut Archevesque de Tours (facsimile reprint of a very rare 
work found at Chartres), sq. 12mo, red morocco gilt (only 20 copies 
printed) Paris, 1841 

1026. ST. NON (J, C. R. Abbe de) Voyage Pittoresque ou Description des 

Royaumes de Naples et de Sicile, very numerous fine plates, 4 vols, in 5, 
imp. folio, contemporary calf gilt Paris, 1781-6 

1027. ST. PAUL. Epistolaa B. PauU(cum Apocalypsis B. Joannis), woodcuts, 

18mo, old red morocco extra n.p., n. d. (15 — ) 

1028. ST. PHILIPPUS Nerius, Fund. P. P. Oratory, title and 35 plates by 

G. Collaert, in interleaved volume, sm. 4to, old hf. calf n. p., n. d. (16 — ) 

1029. ST. VICTOR (Adam de) CEuvres Poetiques, precedees d'un Essai sur 

la Vie et ses Ouvrages, par L. Gautier, 2 vols., thick 12mo, hf. brown 
morocco extra Paris, 1858 

1030. SAINTS. (Emblems). Evangeliorum DominicaHum summaria, sanct- 

orumq. Historias paveissimis verbis expressae juxta Kalendarium 
Romanum, cum Iconibus in aere excusis, 230 emblems of saints, 24mo, 
old vellum Antverpiae, C. Plantini, 1584 

1031. Icunculae Beatae Joannae Francorum Regina2, ordinis B. Mariae 

fundatricis, Vita, Sanctitatem, miracula mortem, 12~plates by Car. de 
Mallerij, sm. 4to, hf. bound Antverpiae, J. Galle, 16 — 


( 82 ) 

1032. SAINTS, (Emblems). L* Invocation ct 1' Imitation des Saints pour tous 
Ics jours de I'annee, woodcut vignette to each day, 4 vols., 24nio, old 
calf gilt Paris, 1721 

1033. Miracula et Beneficia SS. Rosario Virginis Matris Devotis, title 

and 15 plates, sm. 4to, sprinkled calf gilt, by Riviere 

Antverpiae, J. Galle, n. d. 

1034. Sanctorum Kalendarii Romani, juxta Concilium Tridentinum 

restituti. Imagines in aere Excisae, numerous copper-cuts, 24mo, brown 
morocco gilt extra, edges gilt, by Hardy-Mennil Antwerp, Plantin. 1580 

1035. Speculum Pudicitiae, engraved title and 17 copper-plates, repi-e- 

senting the female saints with episode backgrounds, by Sadler (sc. et 
excud.) M. de Vos (figuravit), large margins, roy. 4to, modern calf extra 

n.p., n. d. 
1036. Collection of Thirty-six numbered Plates by J. A. Pfeffel, with- 
out title, illustrating Lives of Cistercian Saints, 18mo, old calf 

n./>., n. d. (16 — ) 

1037. SAINTS AND EMBLEMS. Collection of Portraits of Saints, engraved 

by Wierx, Barbe, etc., and emblems of the Sacred Heart, by C. de 
Mallerij, in all 42 plates, some inlaid to size, sm. 4to, calf gilt, by 
Riviere 16 — 

1038. SALSMANN (GuiL.) Liber Genesis, aereis formis a Crispin Passaeo, fine 

impressions of the 60 plates, sm. 4to, calf Arnhemii, 1616 

1039 SAN DONATO COLLECTIONS. Objets d'Art, Tableaux, Marbres, 
illustrated sale catalogue, 2 vols., imp. 8vo, roxburghe Paris, 1870 

1040. SAUSSAYE (L. de la) Blois et ses Environs, Guide Historique dans le 

Blesois, 38 illustrations, 8vo, light brown morocco extra, black inlay 
centres on back, black inlay "grillon" design on sides, corners deco- 
rated with interlaced D's, edges gilt, Diane de Poitiers facsimile by 
Cape ^ Blois, 1862 

1041. SAVIGNY DE MONCORPS (VicoMTE de) Coqp d'CEil sur les Al- 

manachs Illustres du XVIII* Siecle, 8vo, wrappers Paris, 1891 

1042. S.WONAROLA. Tractato o vero Sermone della Oratione composto da 

Frate Hieronimo da Ferrara, 14 pp., woodcut title and end, 8vo, 
boards, leather back «./>., «. d. 

1043. SAYER (R. publisher) Dramatic Characters, or Different Portraits of 

the English Stage ; Metamorphosis of Melpomene and Thalia, or 
Dramatic Characters of the French and Italian Comedies, 68 charming 
little portraits (some folding plates), in -the style of Darly, 2 vols, in 1, 
sq. 12mo, old hf. calf R. Saycr, 1720 

1044. SCALA (Bartholomeo) Meditationi del Rosario della Gloriosa Maria 

Virgine, designed borders throughout and very many woodcuts, 16mo, 
brown morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf Venetia, 1583 

( 83 ) 

1045. SCEVE (Maurice, Lyonnais) Delie, Objet de plus haulte vertu (treating 

of Love and Emblems), 18mo, calf, by Dupland Lyon, 1544 

1045* Delie, Objet de Plus Haute Vertu, Poesies Amoureuses, vignettes, 

post 8vo, full green morocco, handsomely tooled back and sides, by 
Zaehnsdorf Lyon, 1862 

1046. SCHEYT (Caspar) Wol gerissnen und geschnidten figuren ausz der 

Bibel, cuts after Holbein, ISmo, old calf Lyon, H. Torneshts, 1554 

1047. SCHOLL (Aurelirn) Denise, Historiette Bourgeoise, one of 20 copies, 

"sur papier chine," 32 "aquarelles en couleurs," by A. Renot, thin 16mo, 
yellow morocco extra, blue inlay centres to back panels, and leafy spray 
of forget-me-nots in blue and green leather on sides, by Chambolle- 
Duru 1878 

1048. SCHOPPER (Hartmann) De Omnibus Illiberalis sive Mechanicis 

Artibus, Humani Ingenii fagacitate atque industria, quaint woodcuts 
concerning all arts, trades, and professions, 12mo, full red morocco 
extra, by H. Duru Frankfurt, 1574 

1049. SCOTT (Sir W.) Demonology and Witchcraft, Twelve Sketches illus. 

trative of, by George Cruikshank, 12mo, hf. morocco gilt 1830 

1050. SCUPOLI (Laurent.) Le Combat Spirituel, traduit en Francois par 

J. Brignon du Fond de M. le Mercier, narrow 12mo, contemporary red 
morocco extra, gilt back and sides, edges gilt over red TDerome) 

Paris, 1773 

1051. SENSUYVET Plusieurs Getillesses pour f aire en toute bone copaignie, 

et aussi plusieurs receptes bonnes et veiles, esprouvees par Maistre 
Simon de Millan (woodcut device), woodcut verso of title and at end, 
black letter, 8 11., post 8vo, red morocco extra, by Thibaron 

n. p., n. d. {circa 1500) 

1052. SERAIL (Le) a L'Encan Petite, Piece Turque en 1 Acte, Representee 

au Theatre de I'Ambigu Comique, 4 plates, each with double covering 
pieces, with very quaint coloured figures and scenes, sq. 12mo, in 
original green paper covers, inserted in the original thumb case, gilt 
boards {circa 1780) 

1053. SEVIGNE (Madame de) Lettres de Madame Rabutin Chantal, Marquise 

de Sevigne, a Madame la Comtesse de Grignan sa Fille, 2 vols., 12mo, 
full blue morocco gilt, edges gilt, by Bedford La Haye, 1726 

1054. Lettres, avec les Notes de Tous les Commentateurs, portrait, 

6 vols., full red morocco gilt extra, back and sides, edges gilt 

Paris, 1843 
1055. SHAFTESBURY (Anthony, Earl of) Characteristicks of Men, Man- 
ners, Opinions, Times, portrait and vignettes, 3 vols., imp. 8vo, old 
mottled calf gilt Birmingham, Baskerville, 1773 

G 2 

( 84 ) 

1056. SHAKESPEARE (W.) Dramatic Works, with Notes by S. W. Singer, 
and Life, etc., by W. W. Lloyd, portrait, etc., 10 vols., cr. 8vo, hf. calf 
(antique) Bell & Daldy, 1856 

SIMSON (G.) Disputatio Juridica. See Binding (Scottish) 

1058. SLUPER (JoANNis) Omnium Fere Gentium, nostraeque ; aetatis Nationum 

Habitus et Effigies, in eosdem J. Sluperii Herzelensis Epigrammata, 
Adiecta ad singulas Icones Gallica Tetrasticha, 121 woodcuts of full- 
length costume figures, woodcut borders throughout, 12mo, crimson 
morocco extra, by Trautz-Bauzonnet 

Antverpiae, apud Joannem BelUrum, 1572 

1059. SMITH (Albert) Natural History of the Gent., woodcuts, 12mo, 

wrappers Bogue, 1847 

1060. Natural History of The Flirt, cuts by Gavarni, Gilbert and 

Hemming, 12mo, wrappers Bogue, 1848 

1061. (T. Assheton) Reminiscences by Sir J. E. E. Wilmot, cr. 8vo, 

cloth extra 1862 

1062. SOLIS (Virgil) Ornamental Alphabet, complete set of 24 letters, orna- 
mented with flowers, birds, animals, butterflies, fruit, etc., beautiful 
original impressions, carefully "let in" to small 4to, brown morocco, 
by Riviere «. d' 

1063. and AMMAN (J.) Iconographia Regum Francorum, copper- 
plate portraits, sm. 4to, red morocco Cologne, 1598 

1064. SOMETHING concerning Nobody, edited by Somebody, 4 coloured 

etchings, cr. Bvo, calf gilt tops London, 1814 

1065. SOROCOLD (Thomas) Supplications of Saints, a Book of Prayers and 

Px-aises, woodcut portrait of Queen Elizabeth, 24mo, contemporary 
English red morocco, full gilt back and sides, the latter in ^ 
escalloped compartments, each bordered with inlaid dark green leather, 
with leafy sprays, acorns and roses 

London, printed for Peter Parker, 1693 

1066. SOULIE (Frederic) Le Lion Amoureux, 19 vignettes by Sahib, etched 

by Nargeot, limited to 350 copies, 12mo, crimson morocco extra, tops 
gilt, by Petit Paris, 1882 

1067. SPANISH COSTUME. Coleccion General de los Trages que en la 

actualidad se usan en Espaiia, principiada en el ano 1801, 112 plates of 
full-length figures, male and female, partly coloured, 8vo, old hf. 
Spanish morocco gilt Madrid (1801) 

1068. SPIEGEL der Alderschoonste Cortisanen deses tijds, portraits engraved 

in the style of Hollar, 12mo, red French morocco (Derome ?) 

Gedrukt voor den Uitgever, 1701 

1069. SPINNIKER (Adrian) Leerzaame Zinnebeelden, 50 copper vignettes 

of illustrations to Parables, etc., 4to, old vellum Haarlem, 1714 

( 85 ) 

1070. SPITZER COLLECTION. Catalogue des Objets d'Art et de Haute 

Curiosite, Antiques, du Moyen Age ct de la Renaissance, atlas of plates 
folded and inserted, 2 vols., stout folio, hf. morocco Paris, 1893 

1071. SPORTASCRAPIANA, by celebrated Sportsmen, edited by C.A.Wheeler, 

cr, 8vo, hf. red morocco gilt 1867 

1072. STAFFORD (Axth.) Femall Glory, or the Life and Death of Our 

Blessed Lady the Holy Virgin Mary, frontispiece, 16mo, morocco extra, 
by Hollo way 1635 

1073. STENGEL (F. C.) Admodum Reverendo et Amplissimo in Christo 

Patri ac Domino, D. Benedicto (title wanting), 49 little plates, 24mo, 
green morocco extra Augtistac Vindelicorum, 1621 

1074. Christianas Pietatis Idea in VII, decorative title and numerous 

plates, 18mo, red morocco extra Augustae Vindelicorum, 1622 

1075. Imagines Sanctorum ord. S. Benedicti, numerous plates by 

Kilian and others, sm. 4to, calf gilt, by Zaehnsdorf Aug^^. Vittd. 1625 

1076. Joacimus et Anna, id est Mariae deiparae Virginis, Vitas Historia, 

plates, 16mo, half vellum Aug. 1621 

1077. Josephus, hoc est sanctissimi Educatoris Christi Dom. Deig. 

nostri in Terris apparentis, Vitaj Historia, plates by R. and J. ^Sadeler. 
18mo, original stamped pigskin, with clasps intact Monad, 1616 

1078. STEPHANUS (Hen.) Anthologia Gnomica. Illustres Veterum Graeca; 
Comediae Scriptorum, nunc duplici insuper interpretatione metrica a 
Chr. Egenolpho, Greek and Latin parallel texts, fine woodcuts with 
armorial devices, 2 MS. pp. of painted arms (contemporary) at end, 
16mo, old vellum Francofurti, 1579 

1079. — (RoBT.) De Latinis et Graecis nominibus Arborum, Fruticum, 

Herbarum, Piscium et Avium liber, cum Gallica eorum nominum appel- 
latione, post 8vo, morocco extra, edges gilt, by Trautz-Bauzonnet 

Lutetiae, Rob. Stephani, 1547 

1080. STERNE (L.) Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, 

FIRST EDITIONS throughout, with rare advertisement leaf at end of 
vol. IV, 9 vols., 12mo, mottled calf gilt, edges gilt, by Riviere 1760-67 

1081. STERRE (J. C. Vander) Vita S. Norbert Canonicorum Prcemonstraten- 

sium Patriarchae Antverpiae, 34 plates, sm. 4to, old calf gilt 

Antwerp. Th. GalU (1622) 

1082. STETTEN (Paul) Lettres d'une Femme du quatorzieme Siecle, traduites 

de Tallemand, ornees de tres belles figures gravees en taille-douce, 
frontispiece and 10 plates, ISmo, old calf gilt, gilt edges Paris, 1788 

1083. STORY (W. W.) Roba di Roma, cr. Bvo, hf. green morocco extra 1864 

( 86 ) 

1084. STRUTT (J.) Sports and Pastimes of the People of England, numerous 

coloured illustrations from Ancient Paintings, roy. 4to, russia extra, 
rebacked 1810 

1085. STURT (J.) Orthodox Communicant, by way of Meditation of the Order 

for Administration of the Lord's Supper, engraved throughout, mezzo- 
tint portrait by Faithorne inserted, vignettes and borders to each page, 
fine impressions, sm. 8vo, old green morocco extra, arms on side (1721) 

1086. SUBLEYRA (L.) Nella Venuta in Roma di Madama le Comte e dei 

Signori Watelet, engraved throughout, plates and bordered text, en- 
graved by Weirotter after S. D. V. Poussin, sm. 8vo, hf. bound 

{Rome), 1764 

1087. Another copy, old calf 

1088. SUCQUET (Ant.) Lc Chemin de la Vie Eternel, traduit par Pierre 

Morin, 32 plates by A. Bolswert, post 8vo, old calf Anvcrs, 1623 

1089. SWEDISH PORTRAITS. Collection de Portraits des Suedois Celebres, 

graves en Taille-Douce, publiee par M. Swederus, s<j. 12mo, original 
wrappers Stockholm, 1774 

1090. [SYMBOLA DIVINA.] Series of 23 plates, without title, illustrating 

Saints and Bible episodes, by G. Galle (after Raphael ?), oblong 8vo, 
sprinkled calf, by Riviere 16 — 

1091. SYMEON (Gabriel) Les Devises ou Emblemes Hcroiques et Morales, 

woodcut designs, 8vo, blue morocco, by Duru Lyon, 1559 

1092. lUustratione de gli Epitafifi et Medaglie Antiche, many wood- 
cuts, 4to, brown morocco extra, by Bedford Lione, 1558 

1093. TABARIN. Recueil General des CEuvres et Fantaisies de Tabarin, 

diviseen Deux Par ties — Rencontres, Questions et Demandes Facetieuses, 
avec leurs reponses, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo, full crimson morocco gilt exft-a, 
the sides and back beautifully tooled with delicate interlaced design, 
edges gilt, by Cape, a handsome specimen Paris, 1624 

1094. TABLE TALK (The Book of), by several contributors, woodcuts 

2 vols, in 1, 12mo, calf gilt 1847 

1095. TABLEAUX Historiques de la Revolution Frangaise, ou Analyse des 

Principaux Evcnemens qui ont eu lieu en France depuis la Premiere 
Assemblee des Notables tenue a Versailles en 1787, 160 plates of 
events of the Revolution, and 66 portraits in circles of the leading 
characters, with biographical notice and vignette to each engraved by 
Duplessis-Bertaux, 2 vols., large folio, hf. red morocco gilt extra, tops 
gilt 1817 

1096. TALON (Nicolas) Les Peintures Chrestiennes, divisees en deux Parties, 

plates, stout post 8vo, morocco Paris, 1647 

( 87 ) 

1097. TAUNTON (E. L.) History of Jesuits in England, 1580-1773, 12 plates, 

8vo, cloth 1901 

1098. TAYLOR (Jeremy) Works, with Life and Summary by Rev. T. S. 

Hughes, 5 vols., cr. 8vo, calf gilt 1831 

1099. (John) Monsieur Tonson, woodcut illustrations by Robt. 

Cruikshank, post 8vo, original wrappers Marsh & Miller, 1830 

1100. TELL-TALE (The), or Anecdotes Expressive of Characters of Persons 

eminent for Rank, Learning, Wit or Humour, 2 vols., 16mo, mottled 
calf gilt 1756 

1101. TEMPESTA (Antonio) Collection of Eleven Engravings to illustrate 

sports, customs, etc., mounted, oblong 8vo, calf Just. Sadder 

1102. TERENCE. Pub. Terentii Comoediae Sex, ex recensione Heinsiana, 

engraved title, ISmo, old red morocco extra, monogram in back panels, 
arms on sides Amsterdam, Elzevir, 1661 

1103. TESTAMENT (Le) de la Guerre, qui a regne sur la Terre, compose et 

recorrige de nouveau (woodcut figures), 4 leaves un-numbered, fleurs- 
de-lys woodcut verso of last page, 12mo, crimson morocco extra, by 
Trautz-Bauzonnet a Paris, chez la veufue N. Buffet, 1559 

1104. TESTAMENTI Novi, editio vulgata, woodcuts, 24mo, old red morocco 

extra, bordered sides Lugduni, Seb. Gryphium, 1544 

1105. THYARD (Pontus de) Douze Fables de Flevves ou Fontaines, avec la 

description pour la Peinture, et les Epigrammes, par P. D. T., 24 
numbered leaves (48 pp.), 12mo, green morocco extra, by Cape 

a Paris, chez Jean Richer, 1585 

1106. TORRIANO (Gio.) Select Italian Proverbs, the most significant, very 

useful for Travellers, and such as desire that Language, 24mo, old calf 


1107. TRACTS for the Times, by members of the University of Oxford, 5 vols,, 

8vo, half morocco neat 1838 

1108. TRADES. Afbeelding der Menschelyke Bezigheden, bestaande in 

Hondert onderscheiden Printverbeedingen, vertonende allerhande 
Stantspersonen, 100 plates, sm. 4to, hf. morocco Amsterdam (17 — ) 

1109. — Another copy, green morocco extra, by Simier ib. 

1110. TRESSAN (M. de) Histoire du petit Jehan de Saintre et de la Dame des 

Belles-Cousincs, plates by Moreau, 18mo, red morocco, by Derome 

Paris, 1791 

1111. TRUSLER (Rev. Dr.) Progress of Man and Society, first edition 

with woodcuts by Bewick, 12mo, mottled calf gilt, by Riviere 

For the Use of Schools, n. d. 

( 88 ) 

1112. TRYON (Thomas) Some Memoirs of the Life of Mr. Tho. Tryon, late 

of London, Merchant, written by Himself, with rules for training 

, Families or Societies, in Cleanness, Temperance and Innocency, 16mo, 

Old English red morocco gilt extra (cottage pattern) 1705 

1113. TUER (Andre;w W.) Pages and Pictures from Forgotten Children's 

Books, 400 illustrations, cr. 8vo, cloth extra 1898-9 

1114. TURKISH Fairy Tales and Folk Talcs, collected by Dr. J. Kunos, trans- 

lated by R, Nisbct Bain, illustrations, 8vo, cloth gilt 1896 

1115. TUSSER (Thos.) Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, with a Book 

of Housewifery, edited by W. Mavor, 4to, calf gilt 1812 

1116. TYPUS MUNDI in quo ejus Calamitates et Pcricula nee non Divini, 

humanique Amoris Antipathia, emblems engraved by P. de Mallery, 
24mo, green morocco Aniverpiac, J. Gnobbacrt, 1627 

1117. VADE (J. J.) CEuvres Poissardes, 4 plates, by Monsiau, printed in colours, 

large paper proofs before letters, only 100 copies so issued, roy. 4to, 
original boards, uncut Paris, 1796 

ll'l8. ViENI (O.) Emblcmata sive Symbohi (Latin and French), 4to, hf. 
morocco Brussels, 1624 

1119. VAN VLIET (J. G.) Collection of 11 (one dupHcate) small Etchings of 

full-length Costume Figures, lightly mounted to roy. 8vo, full morocco 
extra, by Holloway J. G. Van Vlid fecit, 1632 

1120. VECELLIO (Cesare) Habiti Antichi, ovcro Raccoltadi Figure dehneate 

dal Gran Titiano, post 8vo, calf gilt Venetia, 1664 

1121. VENICE. Viaggio da Venetia al Santo Sepolcro et al Monte Sinai, very 

many quaint woodcuts of towns, buildings and curiosities, 12mo, green 
morocco extra, by Lortic Venetia, 1604 

1122. Collection of 17 large Photographs of the Decorative Capitals 

from Famous Buildings, mounted on thick cards, with guards, in album, 
oblong 4to, hf. red morocco extra n. d. 

1123. VERDIER (Aymar) and CATTOIS (Dr. F.) Architecture Civile et 

Domestique au Moyen Age et a la Renaissance, many plates, 2 vols., 
4to, hf. morocco Paris, 1858 

1124. VEREPEUS (Simon) Catholicum Proecationum Selectissimarum Enchiri- 

dion, ex Sanctorum Patrum et Illustrium turn veterum Auctorum 
scriptus, numerous copper-plate vignettes, 16mo, old green morocco 
extra, edges gilt Antwerp, 1603 

1125. Another copy, old olive morocco gilt extra, panelled sides, 

edges gilt Antwerp, 1603 

( 89 ) 

1126. VERNAGE ( — de) Nouvelles Reflexions ou Sentences et Maximes 

Morales et Politiques, 12mo, old calf Paris, 1691 

*^* " Arms of Prondre de Guermante, Pres. de la Chambre des Comptes, 
Lyon, 1713-1722." 

1127. VERON (Dr. L.) Memoires d'un Bourgeois de Paris, 5 vols., 12mo, hf. 

morocco gilt Pam, 1856 

1128. VERSAILLES (Labyrinthe de) 't Doolhof te Versailles, 39 plates of the 

fountains, with Fables applied to the various figures, text in Dutch, 
French, German and English (Dutch title only), 4to, hf. morocco 

Amsterdam, 1722 

1129. Etc. (1) Views of the Several Parts of the Palace, or Castle, as 

of all the Fountains, Basins, Groves, Parterres, and other beautiful 
Parts of the Gardens ; (2) Prospects of Palaces and other Publick 
Buildings in France, Italy, Spain, etc. ; 2 series in 1 vol., in all 55 plates, 
oblong 4to, mottled calf gilt H. Overton & J. Hool, 1725 

1130. VERSTEGAN (R.) Theatrum Crudelitatum Haereticorum Nostri Tem- 

poris, copper cuts of the most horrible tortures and massacres, sm. 4to, 
hf. bound Antverpiae, Hubertt, 1592 

1131. VICO (^mea) Augustarum Imagines aereis formis expresse, plates of 

coins in decorative entablatures, large paper, 4to, morocco extra 

Venice, 1558 
%* Beckford copy. 

1132. VINCELII (Georgii) Evangelia et Epistolae Dominicales, ac festivales 

totius anni, small woodcuts, sq. 24mo, brown morocco extra 

n.p. (1547) 

1133. VIOLIN. The Art of Playing on the, with a Collection of finest Riga- 

doons, Almands, . . . and Opera Airs extant, frontispiece, engraved by 
J. Smith, engraved throughout, with folding instruction sheet, 8vo, 
mottled calf gilt, by Bedford 

Engraved, Printed and Sold at the Printing Office in Bow Church- 
Yard, n. d. {circa 1720) 

1134. VIOLLET-LE-DUC (E. E.) Dictionnaire Raisonne de 1' Architecture 

Fran(;aise du XI® au XVI^ Siecle, woodcuts, 10 vols., roy. 8vo, full 
marone morocco extra, edges gilt, by HoUoway Paris, Bance, 1858 

1135. Dictionnaire Raisonne du Mobiher Frangaise, de I'Epoque 

Carlovingienne a la Renaissance (1 vol.), coloured plates and woodcuts, 
roy. Svo, hf, red morocco gilt Paris, Bance, 1858 

1136. VIRGIL. Compendium Operum Virgilianorum, asre ac Studio Chrispiani 
Passaei Chalcographi, choice impressions of the plates, sm. 4to, modern 
boards Batavorum, 1612 

( 90 ) 

1137. VIRGIL. Les Georgiques, traduction en Vers Francois par M. Delille, 

plates by Eisen, etc., stout 8vo, contemporary French calf extra, edges 
gilt Paris, 1770 

1138. VIRGIN MARY. Le Vray Pourtrait des Douleurs de la Vierge, compa- 

tissante a son fils crucifie, mise en lumiere par Messire R. Gregory, 
copper-plates, 12mo, green morocco extra, full gilt sides, edges gilt 
(Padeloup ?) Brussels, 1670 

1139. VOLTAIRE (F. M. A. de) La Pucelle d'Orleans, Poeme Heroi-Comique 

en dix-huit Chants, frontispiece, by De Launay, after Marillier, series 
of 23 anonymous plates, including extra frontispiece, impressions on 
stout vellum, inserted, 12mo, red morocco gilt extra, lace-pattern 
borders on sides, gilt edges over marble, by Gaillard Geneve, 1777 

1140, La Pucelle d'Orleans, Poeme en vingt-un Chants, avec des 

Notes, frontispiece and vignettes, 2 vols, in 1, ISmo, crimson morocco 
extra, by Bedford Londres (Paris), 1780 

1141. VOYAGE Autour de ma Chambre, par M. le C. X*<»»«, frontispiece, 

16mo, old calf, curious designed sides diced with black lines, and 
decorated with the globe and two owls " appose," six times repeated 
on each cover Paris, An. VII (1798) 

1142. WALKER (Thomas) The Original, vol. I (? all published), 8vo, calf gilt 

Renshaw, 1835 

1143. WALLACE COLLECTION. Meubles et Objets d'Art Fran^ais des 

XVII et XVIII Siecles, par E, Molinier, many fine reproductions, in 4 
parts, imp. 4to, wrappers, as issued Paris, n. d. 

1144. .WALPOLE (H.) Description of the Villa at Strawberry- Hill, with 

Inventory of Furniture, Pictures, Curiosities, etc., plates, 4to, red 
morocco extra, only 200 copies printed 

Strawberry Hill, T. Kirkgate, 1784 

1145. Fugitive Pieces in Verse and Prose, Pereunt et Imputantur, 

post 8vo, morocco extra, by Riviere Printed at Strawberry Hill, 1758 

1146. WALSH (W.) Secret History of the Oxford Movement, 8vo, cloth 1899 

1147. Another copy 

1148. WALTHOE (J.) Secret Instructions. of the Jesuits, 12mo, russia 1796 

1149. WALTON (Izaac) Lives of Donne, Wootton, Hooker, Herbert, and 

Sanderson, Major's edition, plates, etc., cr. 8vo, hf. calf neat 

Major, 1825 

1150. and COTTON (Charles) Complete Angler, with Introductory 

Essay and Notes, Major's edition, plates, thick cr. 8vo, full brown 
morocco extra, edges gilt, by Riviere J. Major, 1835 

1151. Facsimile reprint of first edition, by Bagster, sq. 12mo, boards, 

uncut (1653) rep. 1810 

( 91 ) 

1152. WARD (W. G.) and the Oxford Movement, by Wilfrid Ward, 8vo, cloth 


1153. WATTEAU (Antoine) par P. Mantz, many illustrations, limited to 500 

copies, 4to, wrappers, unbound Paris, 1892 

1154. WEDGWOOD (J.) Life, from Private Correspondence, etc., by E. Mete- 

yard, portrait and illustrations, 2 vols., Svo, full morocco extra, edges 
gilt, by HoUoway 1865 

1155. WEDMORE (Frederick) Masters of Genre Painting, an Introductory 

Handbook, cr.Svo, cloth gih 1880 

1156. WEIGEL (Chr.) La Passione del Nostro Signore Giesu Christo con 

Meditationi, copper-cuts, 16mo, old calf, red edges, metal clasps 

Augusta, 1694 

1157. WEISS (Thomas) Diva Virgo Cellensis, plates, 18mo, brown morocco 

Vienna, 1637 

1158. WEIXER (M.) Diadema Octo Beatitudinum B. Erminoldo viro sacris 

virtutibus in vita et morte (cum sermonibi de S. Othone Bambergensi), 
8 plates, sm. 4to, old vellum n. p., 1623 

1159. WENING (Michael, Kupfferstecher) Seelen Ehren Thron, das ist Ein 

Wahrhafftes Formular, etc., engraved throughout with figures of saints, 
ceremonials, and borders of Biblical subjects, sm, 4to, morocco extra 

Munchen, 1683 

1160. WESLEY (Sam.) History of the New Testament, 152 copper-cuts, by 

J. Sturt, 16mo, calf, by Zaehnsdorf 1717 

1161. WHITNEY (John) Genteel Recreation, or the Pleasure of Angling, a 

Poem, with a Dialogue between Piscator and Corydon, 18mo, morocco 
gilt extra, bordered sides, gilt edges 1700 

1162. WIEL (A.) Venice, illustrations (Story of Nations Series), Svo, cloth 1894 

1163. WIERIX (H. and A.) [Opera] Collection of small engravings, many 

in two or more states, illustrating Lives of Saints, Passion; New Testa- 
ment, Emblems and other subjects, including the little Virtues and Vices, 
in all 147 pieces, mounted or inlaid to size where necessary, sm. 4to, 
old calf 16— 

*^* Inscription on fly-leaf in contemporary writing (? the artist's own) : 
" All 111. Monsig. Giovan. Zamoystri, H, Wierx." 

1164. Jesu Christi Dei Domini Salvatoris N.R.I, Infantia, title and 12 

plates — Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, title and 25 plates, in all 
39 plates, fine original impressions with large margins, sq, post 8vo, 
full calf n. p., n. d. 

1165. Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, 18 copper-plates (not num- 
bered), very fine impressions with large margins, sq. post 8vo, red 
morocco extra, by HoUoway n. p., n. d. 

( 92 ) 

1166. WIP2RIX, Collection of 32 small copper-plate engravings, illustrating 
New Testament, Emblems, Saints, etc., original impressions, carefully 
inlaid to roy. 8vo, blue morocco extra, by Riviere 16 — 

1167. Another Collection of 32 pieces, inlaid to sm. 4to, crimson 

morocco extra 16 — 

1168. Another Collection, 89 plates, including some fine portraits, 

lightly mounted in contemporary album, sm. 4to, black morocco gilt, 
blind tooled sides, with lettering of the period, " Wierx et Aliorum 
Opuscula" 16 — 

1169. (JOHANNis) Const-Toonneel, inhoudende de beschrijvinge, ende 

XL heerlijcke Afbeeldindinghen, onser Heeren Jesu Christi, met sijne 
Apostelen, etc., ende ten laetsten de seven planeten, very fine impres- 
sions of the little coppers by Wierix, 16mo, light brown morocco extra 

Tot Delff, 1609 

1170. Another copy, blue morocco extra, by Trautz-Bauzonnet 

Tot Delff, 1609 

1171. WIGHT (John) Sunday in London, 14 woodcuts by G. Cruikshank, 

post 8vo, hf. bound 1833 

1172. Another copy, hf. morocco 1833 

1173. WILLIAMSON (E.) Les Meubles d'Art du Mobilier National, numerous 

reproductions, 2 vols., imp. folio, in cloth portfolios Paris, 1883 

1174. WOLFE (Rev. Charles) Remains, with Memoir of his Life by Rev. 

J. A. Russell, post 8vo, full calf gilt 1838 

1175. WORLIDGE (T.) Gems, a Specimen of a Select Collection of Drawings 

from Curious Antique Gems, with the Art of Engraving on Gems, 
numerous plates, 3 vols., 4to, contemporary red morocco extra, lace- 
pattern borders on sides, edges gilt 1766 
*^* Beckford copy, with original receipt, " Bohn to Beckford." 

1176. YEMINEZ LIBRARY. Catalogue de la Bibliotheque de M. N. Yeminez, 

avec Notice par Le Roux de Lincy (Table des Prix d' Adjudication at 
end), roy. 8vo, hf. morocco neat Paris, 1867 

1177. ZODIACUS CHRISTIANUS, seu signa 12 Divinse Prredestinationis, 

emblematic title, and copper-cuts by R. Sadeler, 12mo, old stamped 
morocco gilt extia Monad, 1618 

%* "Ex BibHoteca Terzi," with library label. 

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J. Davy & Sons, 8-9, Frith-street, Soh<)-squarc,W. i. 


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